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posted a comment on Family (19) - Family. 2 months ago
Some Anglophiledly minded Jesus Dudes. The mellower jams are not too bad. You might have to get over some pretense to hear the hook machine at work.
submitted Aaron Neville - Hercules / Going Home. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Grandaddy - Under The Western Freeway. 4 months ago
We got a copy that plays fine side A...... side B pressed slightly off center and sound increasingly warbles toward the center. Bummer.
submitted It's Me: Ross - C'est La Vie. 4 months ago
submitted Joe Brackenridge and The Kascades - Sometime Baby/Girl For Me. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Acetone (3) - 1992-2001. 6 months ago
Hey, this is suddenly for sale on Light in the Attic's website for more than reasonable prices. Don't pay the collector prices while you can!
posted a comment on Acetone (3) - 1992-2001. 6 months ago
Light in the Attic suddenly put this back for sale on their website for reasonable prices. Get yours while the getting is good.
posted a comment on Various - One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found. 6 months ago
Pretty Pretty Please put this out in a box set.
posted a comment on The Lonesome Rhodes - Sandy & Donna. 8 months ago
Stone cold jammer from these pioneering ladies. Highly enjoyable harmonies with Skeeter Davis milling around and better yet, eight original songs from Sandy Rhodes in a climate where woman did not have those sort of liberties. The folky hooks of Fully ... See full review
posted a comment on Edmondson (2) - Strange Durations. 9 months ago
A modern classic by some smile era Brian Wilson scholars, much like the High Llamas. No diss, they Ace it. Escalation and Lens are amazing. Truly great music by some talented family. Find this LP.
posted a comment on Legs (5) - Pass The Ringo. 9 months ago
very satisfying pop record, a real sleeping classic. flying nunish
posted a comment on Les Thatcher - The Many Guitars Of Les Thatcher. 11 months ago
If you're a fan of easy listening with a good heavy backbeat and killer production then look no further. Gold.
submitted Syndrum Of Soul - Lost And Found / Do You Care. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Hagood Hardy & The Montage* - Hagood Hardy & The Montage. about 1 year ago
The"Soft-Pop Holy-Grail" status this album gets tagged with is 100% pure hype. If you never find a copy it won't be a big deal.
posted a comment on Blue Cheer - Just A Little Bit. about 1 year ago
Just A Little Bit is a face melter on this 45.
posted a comment on Johnny Lee (3) - Party Time. about 1 year ago
Is it really party time or is he fighting back tears? How about that gold chain to beard trim job?
submitted Prisoner (20) - Prisoner. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Beatles - The Beatles. about 1 year ago
We acquired # A0000084 thinking it was the real deal. Regardless, it sounds INCREDIBLE with many sonic details that pop out in a way we've never heard before. If you love the album get one of these pressings.
posted a comment on Staple Singers* - City In The Sky. about 1 year ago
Awesome album with a positive message to a funky backbeat. Soul, Funk, RnB and Gospel fans can all find something to like here. The production is top notch.
posted a comment on Ruth White - Flowers Of Evil. over 2 years ago
Never heard an original, but this sounds quite good to me. I've sold three copies and never had any complaints about the fidelity. One of the darkest, moodiest and beautiful records ever made. Good for late night dim light freak outs.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - New TTS: Disc 3253. over 2 years ago
Pretty freakin' awesome. disco funk/country funk/sappy ballads and more. usually the song with the tag followed by the instro. Devilishly catchy for how short it is. Totally 70's. A jewel. Makes we want to get an oil change pronto.
posted a comment on Lynn Blessing. over 2 years ago
Where is Lynn Blessing? I wanna see a live performance. Hopefully he is alive.
submitted Jerusalem And The Starbaskets - L.A. Freeze. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Medical Mission Sisters* - Seasons. over 2 years ago
Get this album while it's cheap. Great moody folk originals and not too preachy. Their is some overkill on the unison singing, but overall you'll like it more than you think.
posted a comment on Buddy Merrill - Land Of A Thousand Guitars. over 2 years ago
Brilliant LP once you get over the schmaltzy covers. "Crack Up" sounds like a lost Stereo Lab jam and "Ode to Billy Joe" has some brilliant shredding going on. Overall no sonic detail is lost, it's engineered amaze balls and slays anything coming out ... See full review
posted a comment on Josie And The Pussycats (2) - From The Hanna-Barbera TV Show. over 2 years ago
Not that awesome of an album. A few good tacks in the Jackson 5 vein but otherwise it's mid-range chud.
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posted a review of Charley D. And Milo - Charley D. And Milo. over 3 years ago
Excellent stoner country with terrific harmony and hooks galore. Many highlights to be found on this easily obtainable gem. Get it while the getting's good, you won't be disappointed.
submitted Jeff Lux - Howl All Night. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Nelson Angelo E Joyce - Nelson Angelo E Joyce. over 3 years ago
In retrospect I should of sprung for the original. The high frequency in this release is distorted and the pressing is cheap sounding. Be advised.
submitted Teri Crispino & Century 21 - Teri Crispino & Century 21. over 4 years ago
submitted Swamp Zombies - Chicken Vulture Crow. over 6 years ago
submitted The Offspring - They Were Born To Kill. over 6 years ago