Scissor Tail hobohemia

January 17, 2019
Please, if you have an issue with these particular releases contact me at the label and I can replace your records or refund you. There's no need to publicly comment on the main page for the label. Always happy to replace or refund a customer if they aren't happy with their copies. Not every record is perfect and we received zero negative feedback from any other customers about those two titles.

Erik Kramer (2) - A House, Floating In The Middle Of A Lake as reviewed by hobohemia

November 11, 2017
This is such a good tape. Feels like a collage of tracks but everything flows and fits together really well.

Jon Collin - Early Music as reviewed by hobohemia

August 10, 2016
This is my favorite Jon Collin album. I've never written a review on discogs before but I'm spinning the record right now after not having my record player in operation for awhile and I can tell that this album would be easy to return to at any time. It's timeless and minimal. The songs are full of emotion maybe not of the player but create a space for emotion which is the best way to facilitate self reflection. Albums like this and Bronze Horse are so mystifying to me and also very important. This is more American Primitive than the majority of what John Fahey recorded and Jon isn't even American. I believe this is the essence of what he meant when he coined that term but John Fahey wasn't quite bold enough to record something this minimal until his later years when he was too angry and jaded to evoke beauty with minimalism. Jon Collin and also the other guy I mentioned Zach Hay (Bronze Horse, The Dove Azima, Green Glass) are able to bring beauty and optimism through their playing. All I have to say is I'm glad this record exists.

M. Mucci - Under The Tulip Tree hobohemia

May 5, 2015
This is one of the best albums of it's kind out there. I return to it every year and it never ages.