Mensah (2) - Untitled Future Funk EP hodderian

November 18, 2017
'Acid Dub' samples the 1992 hardcore track 'You And Me' by Ruff Riders, which was an alias of the hardcore producer Wishdokta, who went on to be one of the key figures in UK Garage under his real name Grant Nelson.


Various - In Order To Dance 6 hodderian

October 9, 2017
This version contains Dillinja's 'City of Lights' - an absolutely slamming techstep tune in the classic Blue Note style. This was exclusive to the Japanese release and was never released anywhere else, which is a great shame because it is one of his greatest tunes (in my opinion at least).

Anetha - Leftover Love hodderian

February 9, 2017
Nice use of the 'Are Am Eye?' hoover on Stranger's remix

Double Clapperz - Say Your Prayers VIP as reviewed by hodderian

September 26, 2016
Two absolutely wicked tracks from these Japanese grime producers - only 100 copies pressed, so this is extremely limited and extremely in demand.

Ruff Sqwad - Cuckoo hodderian

September 11, 2016
Quality release, unfortunately due to a pressing error the B2 track 'Fusion' has lots of little clips in it, rendering it useless for dj use.

Ha-Lo - The House That Ha-Lo Built as reviewed by hodderian

May 3, 2016
Jellyhead is a fantastic acid electro tune ... highly under-rated and worth buying the whole EP just for that one.

Amino - Life hodderian

February 24, 2016
Fuck that one guy who paid 75 EUR for it. That one fucking dickhead has meant that every greedy seller was given a green light to charge an insane price for this one. Fuck that guy. If you are out there and reading this and you paid 75 EUR for this, fuck you, I hope your home gets burgled.

Fixation - Aileron hodderian

January 3, 2016
The melody from 'M25' is ripped from 'Chime' by Orbital. 'M25' is a reference to the motorway that rings London (and hence orbits it).

Addison Groove - Transistor Rhythm hodderian

October 6, 2015
Yep, my copy is also mislabeled, exactly as yours is.

DJ Gollum - Pagemaster hodderian

June 30, 2014
I think this is just after the first break, mix after the second break and you will be fine.

DJ Energy - Believer as reviewed by hodderian

December 5, 2008
What a monster tune! The rave mix opens up with a nice bit of warbling synths, before the tune flicks into life with a nice bouncy beat, a bit of acid, some plinky-plonky pianos, a bit of arpeggiated tranceyness, and then WHOMP! straight into one of the most memorable hardtrance riffs of all time. M-Zone and Mark EG used to cane this one up and down and inside out, and one listen will show you why! A true anthem.

The other two mixes are alright, but the Rave Mix is the one to go for.

Nuclear Hyde - Acceleration E.P. as reviewed by hodderian

July 29, 2008
I can't believe no one has written a review for this yet! 'Accelerator' is for my money one of the very best of all of the tracks to be released on Noom. Like many of the other great Nuclear Hyde tracks it is pumping without being head-bangingly hard and joyously uplifting without being a big bag of cheese. A wonderful soft breakdown and a fantastic waspy riff mean that this is one that will probably thrill dancefloors to the end of time.

The two b-sides are pretty tasty as well. All in all, a package well worth picking up.

DJ Sayber / Propulsion (2) - Phase 1 / Without Fear as reviewed by hodderian

July 23, 2008
'Phase One' is alright, pretty much standard-issue Escape From Samsara-style hard-but-not-that-hard hard trance. It bops along pleasantly enough, but it's nothing too special.

'Without Fear' on the other hand is an absolute monster! It's a bit of a fucker to mix because of the way it's phrased, but it's such a killer tune that if you are into your hard trance it's a definite one to grab. Boshing along at a comfortable 160 bpm it has a nice driving bassline before it drops into a wonderful frantic riff. In a way it kind of reminds me of the 'angel sound' that you got in some of the mid-90's European records, but layered over a more UK-sounding production. A bit of an obscure gem, but worth snagging if you get the chance.

Mass In Orbit - Overdrive as reviewed by hodderian

December 11, 2007
One of the canonical mid-90's German hardtrance classics, this one will still slay dancefloors.

Basically, the Hubble Mix is the one to go for here. Long a staple of M-Zone's sets, it is driven by a slightly spooky, echoey riff with a woman's voice intoning 'overdrive' over the top. In my opinion, the darker hard trance sound exemplified by tunes like this has aged much better than some of the cheesier plinky-plonky tunes that were also popular at the time.

If you can get your hands on a copy, do so!

Ray & G/O/D/* - Love Inside as reviewed by hodderian

December 5, 2007
'Love Inside' is a fairly standard rolling acid trance number; nothing special. Neither terrible nor particularly memorable.

'Target Planet' on the other hand, is a stone-cold classic, built around one of the most spine-tinglingly intense hard trance riffs ever. A fairly quiet intro before it drops into what a harsh, abrasive, metallic ravebeast of a riff. For my money the best thing ever released on Time Unlimited, over ten years later this still sounds like an alien invasion over a relentless kick-drum assault. Magnificent stuff.