Record Shop based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Baskov per., 23, St. Petersburg, 191014, Russia

Modern Russian dance electronic music scene.

Виниловые пластинки и не только.
Басков пер., 23, Санкт-Петербург, 191014

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Boobjazz - Celebration Suite E.P.
posted a review of Boobjazz - Celebration Suite E.P.. 8 months ago
The Midnight Ceremony can be found on a less expensive compilation.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
Various - SuperFunk Is Back. Rare And Classic Funk 1968-1977
posted a review of Various - SuperFunk Is Back. Rare And Classic Funk 1968-1977. 9 months ago
Just opened up my mint copy, it turned out i have two identical A/B records in it.
Richard Lamb (5) - Automatic Tango
posted a review of Richard Lamb (5) - Automatic Tango. about 1 year ago
I set Meteor Dance as my ringtone and guess what, now it's like a legendary Nokia tune to me!
tomtom soundsystem - Консистенция
submitted tomtom soundsystem - Консистенция. about 1 year ago
Raúl Gómez - Instrumental
submitted Raúl Gómez - Instrumental. over 2 years ago
Various - BNF001
submitted Various - BNF001. over 3 years ago
Всадники ЖКХ - Дегенерат
submitted Всадники ЖКХ - Дегенерат. over 3 years ago
Various - STK04
submitted Various - STK04. over 3 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Вячеслав Широков - Гитара
submitted Вячеслав Широков - Гитара. over 3 years ago
Gloria Burger - Kiss Me
posted a review of Gloria Burger - Kiss Me. over 3 years ago
Yeah boy! If you are a fan of Swedish house music, and especially of the SVEK label, then this release is definitely for you.
Project Vainiolla Ensemble - Suruvesi
submitted Project Vainiolla Ensemble - Suruvesi. over 4 years ago
Quadrivium (4) - Melting Part I-II
submitted Quadrivium (4) - Melting Part I-II. over 4 years ago
Mason Lindahl - Serrated Man Sound
submitted Mason Lindahl - Serrated Man Sound. over 4 years ago
Various -  Midnight Impulse EP
submitted Various - Midnight Impulse EP. over 4 years ago
Agoosh - Analog Soul
submitted Agoosh - Analog Soul. over 4 years ago
Moneywash & Flowers Syndicate -  Nightby/Held Me Up
submitted Moneywash & Flowers Syndicate - Nightby/Held Me Up. over 4 years ago
Franziska Lantz - Forming Tropical Cyclone
submitted Franziska Lantz - Forming Tropical Cyclone. over 4 years ago
Krane, Man On The Drums, Danny Dust - Ptm 001
submitted Krane, Man On The Drums, Danny Dust - Ptm 001. over 6 years ago
Various - Synthposium
submitted Various - Synthposium. over 6 years ago
Relic Radiation - Loss Of Logic
submitted Relic Radiation - Loss Of Logic. over 7 years ago
Vlad Dobrovolski - The Drums Of The Fore And Aft
submitted Vlad Dobrovolski - The Drums Of The Fore And Aft. over 7 years ago
Ruolamies - Ruola Trax
submitted Ruolamies - Ruola Trax. over 8 years ago
Dazeman - Guemes Gallery EP
added Dazeman - Guemes Gallery EP to their collection. over 9 years ago