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posted a review of Jaga Jazzist - Oban. about 1 year ago
What is a "perfect" record?
Maybe one that makes it impossible to decide which side to play first, simply because both are different, yet equally amazing.
To me, Oban is one of those records.

The original version is a beautiful blend of different ... See full review
posted a review of Bloc Party - Banquet (Boys Noize Remixes). about 1 year ago
In 2006, that remix has been played to death by many a DJ in many a club...
But... can you really blame them for that? Definitely not! This has been, and always will be, a really well done track.

And even tho I kicked it out of most of my playlists ages ... See full review
posted a review of Bambounou - Take It Out On Me / Ignition (Remixes). about 1 year ago
The French Fries Remix is that type of slightly experimental, high pitched, acid house, that I cannot really relate to.

... which is a shame, since the Garnier Remix is just huuuge. On the B-side, a stomping, slightly stumbling bass drum locomotive is ... See full review
posted a review of Audiofly X* - Blink. about 1 year ago
While name giver "Blink" is a prototpical - and pretty solid - noughties tech/micro house track, you will find the real star of this release on the b-side:
"Below the surface" is pretty much just a long, slow buildup, that teases you for what feels like ... See full review
posted a review of Akabu - Phuture Bound Remixes. about 1 year ago
10 years later, I still think that this is one of Âme's best works...
For the very least, it is the best remix those guys ever did:

Darkness all over the place, in stark contrast with light, ethereal sound snippets, and futuristic walks. A melodic ... See full review
submitted Various - Shack Your Body. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Roots Manuva - Bleeds. over 3 years ago
Weird? It just tells you that about 6% of all buyers were hoping to make some extra profit by preordering a limited edition.
submitted Vril (2) - Torus. over 3 years ago
submitted Traumprinz - All The Things. over 3 years ago
submitted Aquarius Heaven - Bato Chargé. over 3 years ago
submitted Price Cuts & Yoshimoto - The Throwdown Vol. 1. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Max Richter / Vivaldi* / Daniel Hope / Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin / André De Ridder - Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons. over 3 years ago
Wanna know how good this record is? Let's put it that way: I am a die hard Techno fan, yet this is by far the most amazing, timeless, and perfect release in all of my collection.
submitted Benjamin Damage, Truncate - Battle / 86. over 3 years ago
submitted Anstam / Monolake - Dolores / VT-100. over 3 years ago
submitted Various - Shack Your Body. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Ethan - In My Heart. over 4 years ago
I only bought this record because of B1.

The vocals of the original are pretty cheesy, and Luccio succesfully turned the original track into a slightly darkish big room banger that is lacking soul, which I dont like at all.
The Instrumental however is ... See full review
submitted Mario Rom's Interzone - Everything Is Permitted. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Orlando Voorn - Divine Intervention. over 4 years ago
At first I thought "Yeah, right. A perfect 5 review... must have been a bunch of hardcore fans voting."
But this release is in fact divine.

If the second wave of Detroit techno is your thing, then go get this record. The tracks oscillate somewhere ... See full review
submitted Coburn Pres. Dumb Blonde - We Have The Technology. over 4 years ago
submitted Krista (7) - I Have A Dream - The Hits Of ABBA Volume 2. over 4 years ago
submitted Heiko Laux & Johannes Heil - No Gain No Pain RX. over 5 years ago
submitted Volor Flex - Sabo. over 5 years ago
submitted Aufgang - Istiklaliya. over 5 years ago
submitted Smart Export* - Shit On 45 Pt. 2. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Hilo Edition. over 6 years ago
Dude, did you listen to those tracks? There are no "quiet" passages :D

There is a slight hiss at the beginning, but its barely noticeable because both tracks include distorted white-noise-like sounds. The overall sound quality is pretty decent tho, ... See full review
posted a comment on Hell - Familienklang. over 6 years ago
This is basically the same track as "The Disaster", released on Gigolo a couple of months later.
Im not entirely sure if there even are any differences besides the different names.

Nevertheless, one hell of a nasty tune.
posted a review of Various - Supertenor. over 6 years ago
Other than the tracklist may suggest, this record isnt exactly a collection of those "in your face" MTV-like mash-ups, but rather a single with three different approaches to several iconic tracks.

The a-side contains what I would call an extended ... See full review
posted a review of Mock & Toof - Walking The Streets Remix. over 6 years ago
I gotta confess, Im not overly impressed by the DMX Krew remix. Sure, its well done and it has a nice oldskool house vibe to it, but there isnt exactly that much going on.

The Legowelt Remix however is ace: You get an extremely dense wall of sound that ... See full review
posted a review of Deep Dish - Stay Gold / Chocolate City. over 6 years ago
In 2005 I was looking for a copy of Stay Gold on vinyl, and the only record that would include said track was this repress. Lucky me, because Chocolate City quickly became one of my all time favourites.

Stay gold is a nice and easy, funky house track ... See full review
submitted Tigerskin - Try The Impossible EP. over 6 years ago
submitted Mock & Toof - Walking The Streets Remix. over 6 years ago
posted a review of Luv Shack Records. over 6 years ago
This Label delivers big time.

I listened to their first release earlier this year when i was digging at my local record store, and i was immediately impressed by the very balanced mix of disco and deep house: Soulful vocals, decent basslines and catchy ... See full review
posted a comment on Bonobo - Black Sands Remixed. over 7 years ago
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posted a review of Kosheen - Hide U. over 8 years ago
What a nice record.
The A-Side remix is just the original track played a bit slower but with extra drums and bassline. So basically, it's a Hide U house version which contains most of the nice elements from the original version.

The distinctive sound ... See full review
posted a comment on Taucher - Pictures Of A Gallery RMX. over 8 years ago
Pure cheese, but also catchy and epic stadium trance. Except for the B1 track, which is cheesy cheese only. I love this record. :D
posted a review of Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer 2002. over 8 years ago
I gave this record a 3/5 because 3 out of those 4 tracks are just what you'd expect on a 2002 remix record: Cheesy trance with an overly distorted melody.

The Brtschitsch/Wildermuth mix however is exactly what I wanted and why I did buy this vinyl: Deep ... See full review
posted a review of The Chemical Brothers / D Malice - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix) / Monopoly Refix / My Joy Refix. over 9 years ago
I originally bought this vinyl because of the "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" Remix which is in general a nicely done and banging edit of the Chemical Brothers' classic tune. But after listening to it at home for a couple of times I started to find the very long ... See full review
posted a review of Da Fresh - Broken Dream (Remixes). over 10 years ago
This release is imho a must have for everyone who loves minimal techno and microhouse, because "Broken Dream" is a very simple yet highly enjoyable piece of work.

While the original mix sports extremely charming "vocals" (offbeat "Ah"s only which ... See full review
posted a review of Laurent Garnier - We Are 25. over 11 years ago
Once again Laurent Garnier proves that his musical taste and his trackselection is exceptionally sophisticated:

This mix is a perfect example for his jazzy and (in my opinion) very sensitive aproach to genres like house, techno and electro (I ... See full review