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Drome - The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious
posted a review of Drome - The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious. 3 months ago
Unfortunately I didn't give this album the time needed to fully appreciate it. It takes a focussed unhurried listen to take it in. I put it on for one last spin before posting it (yes I sold it) today. A real case if sellers remorse. Berndt Friedman... See full review
Sepia - Eau Du Vie
posted a review of Sepia - Eau Du Vie. 5 months ago
I love this record so much. Its a timeless hybrid of styles including elements of house, jazz, psychedelic, and funk. Every track is really interesting, even after 20+ years. I wish they had put out a full album. So cheap. So good.
Daniel Bortz - Heal The World EP
posted a review of Daniel Bortz - Heal The World EP. 7 months ago
Rescue Me popped up on a playlist a couple of years ago... I forget the DJ, but I had to search out this track. Not strictly for the dancefloor, but a nice sumer breezy vibe.
Harry is a tease too. Deliberately slowed tempo, which works fine... its a... See full review
Various - Touched By Silence (#2). -->Sequences 01-04 ////
posted a review of Various - Touched By Silence (#2). -->Sequences 01-04 ////. 7 months ago
Exceptional release covering dub, IDM, ambient, techno, and house. It's the best electronic music comp I've come across in ages.
The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe
posted a review of The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe. 8 months ago
A beautiful piece of music indeed. I can't say much more than flyfolkmusic has said below. A soothing sadness, due to a shared understanding. Amazing
Beat Pharmacy - Inside Job EP
posted a review of Beat Pharmacy - Inside Job EP. 9 months ago
Another solid 4 tracks from Brendon Moeller under his Beat Pharmacy alias. Nice tight tech house. While all tracks are great, I agree with the review below, In A Trance In France is the stand out, and the reason I bought this 12.
Gomez - Bring It On
posted a review of Gomez - Bring It On. 9 months ago
Often with box sets, and their demos, live recordings and b sides, it's a bit of a task to get through. Not this one. I sat here listening to the demos etc while reading the 30 odd page booklet that comes with this set. Reading about the history and... See full review
Kings Of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud
posted a review of Kings Of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud. 9 months ago
Yeah vinyl is like that. Maybe buy the cd, for perfect audio playback every time.
Amer (3) - Cog In The Machine
posted a review of Amer (3) - Cog In The Machine. 10 months ago
Beautiful thumping bass deep house tunes. B1 emphasizes the high hats, and repetition of a distorted vocal sample. Theres also a ding sample which sounds like an airline (fasten your seatbelts) which is almost distracting. Over both version is a... See full review
Alexis Raphael - Into The Light
posted a review of Alexis Raphael - Into The Light. 10 months ago
No reviews yet? This is a keeper. All three tracks bump the bass and get the tweeters chirping.
Into the light is a deep house thumper with female vocal (sample) "sophisticated" over a gradual build up of synthy goodness.
Into The Light (hot natured... See full review
A.D.N.Y.* - Dropping Knowledge
posted a review of A.D.N.Y.* - Dropping Knowledge. 10 months ago
B1 Get It Together stands out as the track to go for. Bongo type drumming, vocal effects and some synths over a nice rhythm.
Adam Emil (2) - Ark 02
posted a review of Adam Emil (2) - Ark 02. 10 months ago
Nice enough straight ahead house tunes to suit the early morning sets. A1 has a little jazz tilt. B1 Lungs is my favorite as it has some nice washy synths to give an aquatic feel, and the ramps up in the 4th quarter. B2 nice gentle ambient track to... See full review
Squarepusher - Ultravisitor
posted a review of Squarepusher - Ultravisitor. 10 months ago
Definitely a whole album in one sitting experience. I agree
De Tian - Transcriptome
posted a review of De Tian - Transcriptome. 10 months ago
Oh wow, what a trip. This is what music should be - a true experimental expression. The album reminds me of a Moritz Von Oswald Trio, but with a little more chaos.
Loving this album and the sounds being pushed from my speakers.
Atone - Atone3
posted a review of Atone - Atone3. 10 months ago
3rd album by Atone, and another great effort. Typical Atone dubby, ambient, hip hoppy, trippy goodness. One of my favourite "headphones" albums due to the layered sounds and tidy production. There is a lot going on stylistically, but it all hangs... See full review
Tehbis + Touchy Subject - Magnet For Your Mind
posted a review of Tehbis + Touchy Subject - Magnet For Your Mind. 10 months ago
Well written, well produced eclectic tracks on this mini album. Eclectic in a Jamie XX kind of way, but not sounding much like Jamie. As with the comments below, I had no expectations from this release, but come back to it regularly.
Mulder (4) - Burnin
submitted Mulder (4) - Burnin. 10 months ago
Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks
posted a review of Kraftwerk - Tour De France Soundtracks. 10 months ago
Does this come in an extra wide jewel case? I bought a copy and it was posted without the case. The inserts don't fit into a standard size case, which is... frustrating.
Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises
posted a review of Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises. 10 months ago
Among their best work. Classic goth dance tune. Just listen to it! Goth was emerging from punk. These guys were leading the charge and influencing all who followed. Love it.
The Mission - I
posted a review of The Mission - I. 10 months ago
God they were good at this point. Each if these three tracks are goth masterpieces. On par with their sisters work. Here is another slab of vinyl with three perfect tracks. Squalling guitar, deep bass, tribal drums. Wonderful stuff.
The Mission - Deliverance
posted a review of The Mission - Deliverance. 10 months ago
Deliverance remix is the bomb. Plays so well in a goth club environment, along the supreme basslines up there with FoTN psychonaut, and rosetta stones adrenaline. Beautiful pressing.
Bside Mr Pleasant. Why. Just why?
New Order - True Faith / 1963
posted a review of New Order - True Faith / 1963. 10 months ago
Sounds like a promo. Six more characters required to answer.
Ray Valioso - Particles EP
posted a review of Ray Valioso - Particles EP. 10 months ago
Agree with the below reviews, Tocar Te is a great slice. Harks back to late 90s house sounds. Very nice. The other 3 tracks are decent enough too.
The Mission - Blue
posted a review of The Mission - Blue. 10 months ago
Sorry, no, this is not the mission. Not sure what d#^gs they were on, but it impacted their artistic ability. This is rawk by number snooze-fest.
The Magi / Blue Boy - C'mon Clap Your Hands / Dub-A-Dutch
posted a review of The Magi / Blue Boy - C'mon Clap Your Hands / Dub-A-Dutch. 11 months ago
C'mon clap your hands, border between disco and upbeat house with great sample selection. Its good, though the "clap your hands" vocal sample stretches my patience a bit. Blue Boy continues with a steady house beat, overall uplift tune, BUT the... See full review
EQ (21) - Ghetto Boys / True Devotion
posted a review of EQ (21) - Ghetto Boys / True Devotion. 11 months ago
Deep bass beats. Classic 90s break beats techno sound. .
Nthng - It Never Ends
posted a review of Nthng - It Never Ends. 11 months ago
Bring it out on CD, and we'd get a physical product which can be enjoyed in a single sitting (no flipping required)
DJ Garth & E.T.I. - Twenty Minutes Of Disco Glory
posted a review of DJ Garth & E.T.I. - Twenty Minutes Of Disco Glory. 11 months ago
Hard to pick a favorite which is cool. I usually find that a double 12" with remixes of the same track wears pretty thin, but this is an exception. No, it's not a disco tune. Definitely straight up deep tech house which sees the mixes holding up very... See full review
V.A. Jr. - Vivid Emotion
posted a review of V.A. Jr. - Vivid Emotion. 11 months ago
Three stonking good house tunes. Prime time deep house floor fillers. Under the radar little gem.
Cyrus - Inversion
posted a review of Cyrus - Inversion. 11 months ago
Getting past the novelty/ridiculous concept of a record playing from the label to the outer edge, this is actually a nice couple of epic deep tracks.
Josh Johnson (13) - Freedom Exercise
submitted Josh Johnson (13) - Freedom Exercise. 11 months ago
Armec - Diametric EP
posted a review of Armec - Diametric EP. 12 months ago
Acidish technoish IDMish, with a look back to some classic 90s influences. why not?
A1 starts strong and then floats into IDM spaceyness before the snare kicks and eventually the bass and drums return though they are odd beat patterns Sweet.
A2.... See full review
Atjazz - Fifth Quarter
posted a review of Atjazz - Fifth Quarter. 12 months ago
Quite a solid release. Strong bass, high hats, and synths. Typical late 90s deep house. Fifth Quarter (Presence Mix) is my pick and was the reason I bought this 12". Might still turn a few heads or get a few feet tapping, all these years later.
Boo Williams - Thera Jaz EP
posted a review of Boo Williams - Thera Jaz EP. 12 months ago
Reflection is a killer deep groove house tune but what the hell is that ending? It literally just fades out in 2 seconds. Has the same effect as turning the lights on after an all night club rave party. Dazzling and disappointing. The other tracks... See full review
Jeux Floraux - Flower Power
posted a review of Jeux Floraux - Flower Power. 12 months ago
Skywalker is the best track on this 12". Its a nice laid back house tune. Mountaintop is not a bad little number with a bit of a 70s disco funk vibe.
Pat Barry - Crazy Legs Vol. 2
posted a review of Pat Barry - Crazy Legs Vol. 2. 12 months ago
Pay Barry original mix is my pick on this 12". Snake Hips is a close second as it incorporates house, and funky jazz vibes. Not one to dance to, but a nice cocktail lounge vibe to throw in the mix.
Nuno Dos Santos - Hamming
posted a review of Nuno Dos Santos - Hamming. 12 months ago
Donate Dozzy mix stands out here. Taking the Hamming track down a deep dub tech path. Nice use of repetition with some light beats and synths.
Pressing, side B seems a little on the quiet side, particularly compared with the A side, and also suffers... See full review
Gentleman's Orchestra - Jazz Is The Colour E.P.
posted a review of Gentleman's Orchestra - Jazz Is The Colour E.P.. 12 months ago
Yes indeed. Future jazz tech house all the way. Orange Crush for the win. Hard to imagine this not grabbing the crowds attention if dropped mid set these days.
Studio Blue - Cantina Scene
posted a review of Studio Blue - Cantina Scene. 12 months ago
Cantinas Scene is a nice enough funky house number which skirts up to a disco sound, but doesn't cross that line. Meanwhile Aquaman takes things to a much deeper funky house level. That bass and drum pattern is a foot tapper if not a floor filler.... See full review
Paradiso* - Here We Go Again
posted a review of Paradiso* - Here We Go Again. 12 months ago
Easy breezy early tech house tune. Not going to pack the floor, but overall it's a nice track which has aged well.
Jouem - Volume Two - Levitation EP
posted a review of Jouem - Volume Two - Levitation EP. 12 months ago
Ooh those deep spacious dubby techno sounds. Played slightly louder than other tracks and let it wash over you.
Boxcar - Freemason
posted a review of Boxcar - Freemason. 12 months ago
Oh did they love New Order. Still, it's a good sound done well.
Globo - Breakdown EP
posted a review of Globo - Breakdown EP. about 1 year ago
Both Flirt With Fascism mixes are the bomb. The 90s version just wins out for me. Both are nice heavy techno infused dance tunes. The MBM remix, is like all good remixes, a reinterpretation which almost feels like MBM song. Worth every penny.
Aurelius (3) - Rhythms From Within
posted a review of Aurelius (3) - Rhythms From Within. about 1 year ago
Pretty heavy techno end of the spectrum of house music. Two really great mixes right here. A nice bit of early 90s rave material for your collection.
Box Blaze & Deetron - Skin Tight Inches
posted a review of Box Blaze & Deetron - Skin Tight Inches. about 1 year ago
Steady classic thumping techno. All four track belt. I mean its nothing earth shattering in terms of originality, but its well produced. May be somewhat overlooked? Prices are pretty low.
Aboria - Can You Feel It
posted a review of Aboria - Can You Feel It. about 1 year ago
Honestly, play I Love You at 33.3. It kinda rocks.
Ingleton Falls - Absconded
posted a review of Ingleton Falls - Absconded. about 1 year ago
I took your advice and picked up H222. On first listen... meh, let's just say it's not as Immediately rewarding as the I.F. album. I do appreciate the recommendation and will persevere with it. Maybe it's a grower.
Common Factor - Expanded EP
posted a review of Common Factor - Expanded EP. about 1 year ago
Further evidence of the golden period in house music which occurred distinctly between 1998 and 2000. Here we have a 4 track EP. Each track seemingly a classic, by today's standards. At the time, no doubt it was just another 12". Let's just say it... See full review
Phunkie Souls - Tha Music (Floats Your Cares Away)
posted a review of Phunkie Souls - Tha Music (Floats Your Cares Away). about 1 year ago
Classic deep house track. It appeared in just about every compilation and DJ mix, at the time. Familiarity breeds contempt and hence I didnt play it for... over 10 years. I recently put it on and both the memories of the past, and an appreciation of... See full review
Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Dazzle
posted a review of Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Dazzle. about 1 year ago
There were some dodgy remixes in the 80s, and this is a prime example. Dazzle itself is a classic Banshees track. This... 7 minute remix is a sonic brick wall pumped to 11, and at times sounds like a skipping CD player. The b-sides di sound like... See full review