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Various - Hybrid Monster 5
posted a review of Various - Hybrid Monster 5. over 3 years ago
"Rainmaker" is the standout here if you're looking for that classic 90's happy hardcore style: perfect selection of instrumentals and nice synth melodies, with some elements reminding of "Evolve - Sugar & Spice".
DJ Shimamura - Fenix
posted a review of DJ Shimamura - Fenix. over 8 years ago
"One More Time" is the anthem that never was. Had it been released in the 90's, it would have been part of any top list of Happy Hardcore classics. Highly recommended for the old school fans.
Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love
posted a comment on Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love. over 9 years ago
The front cover artwork is actually traced from an illustration by Hisashi Eguchi, depicting the character Haruko from the anime film Roujin Z.
Too Fast For Mellow - In My House
posted a comment on Too Fast For Mellow - In My House. over 10 years ago
"Wooh!" shout sample taken from the intro of Montreal Sound - "Music". Damn tricky one to find, but easily recognized!
Vital Element Recordings
posted a comment on Vital Element Recordings. over 10 years ago
One of the tracks was released on the "Dreamscape Hardcore 2001" compilation, credited as "Digital Illusion - Take Me Away".
DNA (2) / Breeze & DNA* - Closer To All Your Dreams / Well It's Me
posted a comment on DNA (2) / Breeze & DNA* - Closer To All Your Dreams / Well It's Me. over 10 years ago
DNA's set "New Years Eve 2000" opens with "Closer To All Your Dreams" with a different intro, sampling LL Cool J's "It Gets No Rougher".
Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Seven Ways
posted a comment on Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Seven Ways. over 10 years ago
'Deep Situation' feels just like a remix of an earlier Vinylgroover track called 'Got To Have It'. For some reason he went with a different title for this one.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 11 years ago
posted a comment on Frisky. over 11 years ago
Anyone has any info on a possibly unreleased track by Frisky & DNA called "See The Sign"?
DJ Breeze - Barber's Cut / The In-Vader
posted a comment on DJ Breeze - Barber's Cut / The In-Vader. over 11 years ago
"Barber's Cut" seems to rip off one of those trance remixes of Samuel Barber's "Adagio For Strings" (William Ørbit's perhaps).
DJ Phobia - Earthquake / Let It Flow
posted a comment on DJ Phobia - Earthquake / Let It Flow. over 11 years ago
There was a youtube comment by presumably DJ Phobia himself talking about 'Earthquake', but I can't find it anymore. We was talking about how he got inspiration from one of Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe tracks. He didn't specify which, but from hearing... See full review
posted a comment on North West. over 13 years ago
It was released on Prime Recordings as "Vinylgroover & Trixxy – Expansions".
JHAL - Dream On (98' Unreleased Remix)
posted a comment on JHAL - Dream On (98' Unreleased Remix). over 13 years ago
Was this possibly written in 1999? I say this because some parts of the melody seem pretty similar to Carte Blanche by Veracocha.
Dowster - Something / X-Hale
posted a comment on Dowster - Something / X-Hale. over 13 years ago
X-Hale seems to use a similar melody to that of "DJ Bolo & DJ Uri - <a href="">Crazy Kids</a>".
JHAL / Mr. Cutz - After Summer / Alwayz On My Mind
posted a comment on JHAL / Mr. Cutz - After Summer / Alwayz On My Mind. over 14 years ago
I have to disagree with the_architech. Yeah, it's cheesey, but is that really an argument to use with (happy) hardcore? Most of the stuff is cheesey and samples other songs, and guess what, today's uk hardcore made it's own kind of cheese, too.... See full review