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posted a comment on Soundwalk Collective - Death Must Die. 26 days ago
Fantastic vibes. Superb tribal with excellent basslines. Very fresh, very original. Just great music!
posted a comment on Trio Valore - Return Of The Iron Monkey. 2 months ago
Contemporary jazz?! It's a joke? It isn't contemporary music, it's for sure funk music. And it's a real good funk! 'Pinturas Negras' is a real killer.
posted a comment on Vedic - Presents Rhythmic Intelligence. 5 months ago
Stunning release. Tribal dub in a gold fashion! Bedouin Ascent 'Ancient Ocean' is a brightest moment, but whole compilation is just excellent. Real fun.
posted a comment on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Qawwal And Party* - Shahen-Shah. 7 months ago
Just fantastic world music! I'm very happy that I discovered this great guy.
posted a comment on Die Wilde Jagd - Uhrwald Orange. 9 months ago
Agree with front_right. Killer album! This is masterclass, this is really like on the road... Superb music, a lot of emotions for me. One of the best right now. But for sure in a canon.
posted a comment on Jon Hassell And Bluescreen - Dressing For Pleasure. 10 months ago
[quote=hubert1978] No comments? What a masterclass material! Fantastic fusion of instrumental hip hop, future jazz, trip hop, breakbeat & maybe something else. High level album from the guy, who is really talented, really creative & just ... See full review
posted a comment on Jon Hassell And Bluescreen - Dressing For Pleasure. 10 months ago
No comments? What a masterclass material! Fantastic fusion of instrumental hip hop, future jazz, trip hop, breakbeat. High level album from the guy, who is really talented, really creative & just uncompromised artist. Perfect, just perfect.
posted a comment on Rechenzentrum - Rechenzentrum. about 1 year ago
Ok, it's stunning release, it's superb example what techno can be. For me absolutely classic. Whole album is perfect organized. Recommended for sure!
posted a comment on Shri - Drum The Bass. about 1 year ago
What a fantastic album! Must listen for every music soul - so powerfull, so good... It's a great mix of drum'n'bass (in parts remind me Omni Trio), etnic music, a little bit of psy... This guy is extremly talented musician. Chapeau bas Mr. Sriram & ... See full review
posted a comment on Slavaki - Daydreaming. about 1 year ago
Superb album. Excellent minimal for every beat lover. 'Standards' is my favourite track, but whole material is just great. Recommended.

posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Various - Jazz Jungle (A Collection Of Metamorphic Breaks'N'Beats). about 1 year ago
Superb compilation, Top jazzy jungle/drum'n'bass. Very climatic, soulful, intelligent music. Recommended for sure.
posted a comment on Akasha Project - MDMA Tuning. about 1 year ago
Just one of this stellar releases, which take your mind to another side. What a fantastic journey, what a great production, lol... Try to find it guys & put on air from start to finish. E-Motor is a real killer! Thanks a lot Mr. Schulze. 10/10 in my ... See full review
posted a comment on Peter Baumann - Machines Of Desire. over 2 years ago
Gold material. This album is just perfect piece of cake. Great music. Very emotional, very intelligent, very, very, very...!!! Superb for me.
posted a comment on Red Snapper - Prince Blimey. over 2 years ago
Yeah, of course, this is an absolutely classic. Fantastic release. Superb mix of acid jazz, trip hop & downtempo. Always on the top.
posted a comment on Lost Shaman - Path Finder. over 2 years ago
Very, very good progressive trance. If you like AstroPilot, you should check this. 'Opium culture' is my favourite track.
posted a comment on Campbell Irvine - Reunion Of Two Bodies / Terms Of Propaganda. over 2 years ago
Incredible music. Abstract-tribal-techno let's just say. 'Terms of propaganda' reminds me in parts Muslimgauze. Recommended for sure!
posted a comment on Villalobos* - Alcachofa. over 2 years ago
Waiworinao! What a track! This guy is my real hero. Ricardo, salut! Greetings from Poland.
posted a comment on - Misophonia (L.P.). over 2 years ago
Dark ambient? Electro? No no no... It's a fantastic instrumental hip, great downtempo. Superb beats, excellent sounds. Must!
posted a comment on Spacemonkeyz versus Gorillaz - Laika Come Home. over 2 years ago
Superb dubby style, very funky music. Must hear, love it!
posted a comment on Elisbert - Recast EP. over 2 years ago
Wow wow wow! 'Recast' is a real fuckin' killer! Dancefloor! Yeah!
posted a comment on Dungen - Häxan. over 2 years ago
Just great! Superb album! Oustanding folk psych prog rock, thanks.
posted a comment on Flabaire - It's Just A Silly Phase I'm Going Through. over 2 years ago
Wow wow wow... Very fresh intelligent empathetic music. For Life! Thanks Ralph.
posted a comment on Blancmange - Commuter 23. over 2 years ago
Nearly perfect album. Just fantastic piece of music. Very, very emotional, unbelievable fresh & so deep. Great compositions. One of the best albums so far in 2016. Must listen for every music lovers. Highly recommended :).
posted a comment on Baba Zula. over 2 years ago
OMG, this is Music, this is real music from the heart, from the soul, from our brains. Check it people, check it quickly! World + Dub, Dub + World. Must listen for every music lover. Try to open it with 'Baba Zula, Mad Professor - Duble Oryantal'. This ... See full review
posted a comment on Rebolledo - Mondo Alterado. over 2 years ago
Just fantastic! Full album is perfect, from A to Z. Must have for every music lover.
posted a comment on X.Dream* - We Created Our Own Happiness. over 3 years ago
'Their songs were created by God himself' - said youri22. Agree, full of agree. It's absolutely masterpiece, music for the generations. Wow!
posted a comment on K-Def. over 3 years ago
Want a true? Ok, here is a true. This guy is real genius, just fuckin genius. Start with the last album 'The Unpredictable Gemini'. Beats, beats, beats, bass, bass, bass... With me over whole day. Get him & his hip hop!!! 10/10 Greetings from Poland.
posted a comment on Bourgeoisie - Space Tapes & Vice. over 3 years ago
Fantastic disco! Must have for all disco lovers. Great music.
posted a comment on ApolloFourForty* - Electro Glide In Blue. over 3 years ago
'Tears Of The Gods' is real killer! Whole album is very good.

posted a comment on Desove - Cruising. over 3 years ago
Agree with browna, excellent dub album! Very deep and hypnotic masterpiece.
posted a comment on Dorian Concept - Joined Ends. over 3 years ago
Great music, fantastic album. One of the best idm i've ever heard. Recommended for all music lovers.
posted a comment on Hypnotix - New World Order. over 3 years ago
No comments?! Fantastic music, roots, dub, african, just great. Highly recommended for every music lover.
posted a comment on Aphrohead. over 3 years ago
Resurrection, the last album of this guy is just masterpiece. It's fresh, extremely fresh music. Great time listening this material. Recomended. ‎
posted a comment on Baba Zula - 34 Oto Sanayi. over 3 years ago
Great music, just fantastic!
posted a comment on Electricwaves. over 3 years ago
Fantastic, fantastic music! For me it's one of the best releases in 2015. It's fresh view on dub techno. I really enjoy it, great fun, great time.
posted a comment on DJ Frane - Electric Garden Of Delights. over 4 years ago
Killer, nothing less to say, damn, it's killer album, killer sound! DJ Frane, You are my hero, czapki z głów, we said here in Poland :). Green Buds In The Springtime! Genius guy...
posted a comment on Uran (8) - Uran. over 4 years ago
I like this album. Uran remind me my old punk times. Reccommend for all punky psychedelic guys.
posted a comment on Jung An Tagen - Äussere. over 4 years ago
Good, really good experimental album.
posted a comment on KZA - Dig & Edit 2. over 4 years ago
Killer album! '
posted a comment on KZA - Dig & Edit 2. over 4 years ago
'Let's go' it's a killer!
posted a comment on Insanlar / Ricardo Villalobos - Kime Ne. over 4 years ago
Fantastic record! Ricardo is back!
posted a comment on Twit One - Urlaub In Der Bredouille. over 4 years ago
Full of agree with MikeDares. Absolutely fantastic instrumental hip hop! Thanks Twit One.
posted a comment on Funki Porcini - Le Banquet Cassio. over 4 years ago
10/10! Just awesome music. Funki, this album is just perfect music work, just perfect. You're my hero. Thanks a lot! Just great that there are guys, with such a massive talent. Artists by big 'A'. Every music lovers must check this. Check this! Future ... See full review
posted a comment on Damu The Fudgemunk. over 4 years ago
Chapeau bas !!! Your music gives me a breathe, gives me a power, Your music is just masterclass, just f-ing masterclass ! Thanks a lot Damu. Greetings from Poland :).
posted a review of Alpha & Omega - The Half That’s Never Been Told. over 5 years ago
Agree with You, killer & heavy, that's for sure. Typically Alpha & Omega. Monster, heavy bass, good vocals, dub fo our times. There're a not many dub propositions with this kind of quality. Must hear for every dub hearts.
posted a comment on Nu:Logic - What I've Always Waited For. over 5 years ago
Oh, great music, great drum'n'bass! 'Morning Light', 'Shoot Me Down' are my favourite tracks. If You like liquid soul, intelligent drum'n'bass, You must listen this project. This is must know for everyone fan of those kind of sounds. Thanks guys for this ... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Radford - Rinse: 18. over 6 years ago
Great mix, really, really good music! Mark, full respect for Your work.Deep house, house that every kompaktized people must listen. Recommended with full resposinblity, 5/5!
posted a review of Anjunadeep. over 7 years ago
In this zone, prog house/trance one of my favourite labels. Beside to AVA Recordings, Infra Progressive, they are the best. They always give me a lot of fun. Michael Cassette, Jaytech, Paul Keeley & co. are the strong team. Everyone should check it. Try ... See full review