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Trying to add more records for sale everyday, Please check back. Good prices, good service. :)

Please note if making me an offer - I will most likely not accept if it's below the median price.

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submitted MC Blue & DJ Loose - Unstoppable. about 14 hours ago
posted a comment on Krispy 3 - Comin Thru Clear. about 15 hours ago
One of my favourite ever sleeves. And one of the greatest UKHH bangers to ever drop.
posted a comment on Abdul Wadud - By Myself. 9 days ago
Apparently owning music like this isn't for mere mortals like us. Only the select few, "special" are allowed - aka rich people.
posted a comment on Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Ice Is Back! - Hip Hop Classics. 12 days ago
Hey Vanilla! Whats good? planning to make any more crappy music or are you sticking to home improvement these days?
posted a comment on Peanut Butter Wolf - Peanut Butter Breaks. 15 days ago
The sleeve that is in the photo for this release is not the original sleeve.
posted a comment on STR4TA - Aspects. about 1 month ago
its closed now to new applicants. I stupidly didn't sign up when i got the message.
posted a comment on Ugly Duckling. about 1 month ago
I was always hoping that maybe there would be another UD album sometime in the future but definitely looks like there won't be.
Andy Cooper said in an recent interview -

What's the current status of Ugly Duckling? How often do you speak with both... See full review
posted a review of Braintax. about 1 month ago
So it looks like he is in Goa running some sort of retreat for rich tourists now.
posted a comment on Various - Rebtuz Presents. about 1 month ago
The Sunshine Anderson side is one of the greatest remixes of all time. Play it to the right crowd and you will kill it. Stone cold banger.
posted a review of On A Friday - Gripe. about 1 month ago
Sold for £3500 in a auction on the 27/4/2021 .
posted a review of Shock G. about 1 month ago
Another sad loss. This one hits hard. One of Hip Hop's true genius' and at the same time one of the most underrated and a true unsung hero. I stand by my comment on FOAMP from five years ago shame it will never happen now.
posted a review of King Bee - Back By Dope Demand / Feel The Flow. about 1 month ago
Yea it's a classic record but its a huge bite of My Part Of Town. Weird that it took Ice Dog 3 years to drop a diss answer track back to it with the pretty unknown Shootin Dueces. And then when we all thought that King Bee was just dropping weak euro... See full review
posted a comment on Del! The Funky Homosapien* - No Need For Alarm. about 1 month ago
1993 could easily be argued was the greatest ever for Hip Hop LP's this is up there as one of the greatest and the most underrated. Dels masterpiece. West Coast gold.
posted a comment on The Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble - Le - Le. about 1 month ago
Jazz Room Records Reissue Soon Come.

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posted a comment on Master Rocker Kid Finesse & DJ Fonzo - Put You To Rest. about 1 month ago
It was a lot more than that. 50+ at the time. I didn't buy one as would have been way too expensive for me.
I remember though lots ended up in reckless records on berwick street and they were knocking them out at about 20 quid a few years later.
posted a comment on Diplo. 2 months ago
Very average is being very generous

10 words blah blah
posted a review of Raf Rundell - O.M. Days. 2 months ago
I don't know about the rest of the album maybe it is in the "indie rock" category but Always Fly with Terri Walker is one of the best UK Soul tunes in years. Sublime.
posted a comment on Skrillex. 3 months ago
Imagine being the prick defending martin shkreli in your comments. Maybe you can go and give him a conjugal. No wonder you have such shit taste in music.
posted a review of Joel Culpepper - Return. 3 months ago
Wow Return is amazing. Only just heard it for the first time today on BBC London and was so happy it was on wax. Heads must be sleeping if there were only a hundred pressed and it's still available.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Nas - Understanding (14KT Further Paid Remix). 3 months ago
Weird...14KT is a decent producer so who knows what happened here? And 84 people want this here? Have they heard it?!
posted a comment on Simply II Positive MC's - Memories Of Love. 3 months ago
Never said it wasn't their business. Like my opinion is my opinion and your allowed to reply. See how that works? Still a shit record btw.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Jazz Spastiks - Camera Of Sound. 4 months ago
Great pressing. Not my favourite album from JS on first listen but solid as you would expect.
posted a review of Ice-T - The Iceberg (Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say). 4 months ago
Should have been a double wax issue. Word Is Bond should have been there and maybe some classic remixes. Wasted opportunity.
posted a comment on Dõlette McDonald* - (Xtra) Special. 4 months ago
this is why i laugh when people say that there are no bargain records out and you shall find. I am jealous :)
posted a comment on Science Of Sound - Kaleidoscope Phonetics. 4 months ago
One of them records i found back in 97/98 in MVE's basement on Berwick Street. I think back then everything was 5 for a pound. Literally didn't have a clue what it was for years as there was nothing about it anywhere just knew it was something... See full review
posted a comment on Shabaam Sahdeeq - Sound Clash b/w 5 Star Generals + Pendilum. 4 months ago
One of the all time great 12s. Pick it up it's cheap. Pure NYC Butta.
posted a comment on Mike Turner (6). 4 months ago
I thought 2020 was shit. Barely a month into 2021 and with the news of Doom, Ricky Powell and now Double K. Never ending bad news.
posted a comment on Ricky Powell (2). 4 months ago
Another NYC legend gone. It's like a part of NY has died. So sad.
I have a crazy story about the Rickster from my first time in NYC that no one ever believes when i tell them. It was like being in a 90's version of Scorsese's After Hours but even... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Hype (2). 4 months ago
Thats the UK Drum N Bass/Jungle legend DJ Hype
posted a comment on Clusterfunk - Do Me Right. 6 months ago
It's not instrumental and it most definitely is not Acid Jazz...This was a massive RNB/Swing Hip Hop Banger. All about the E Honda Mix. Play this now and it can still get a party jumping (When we could do that kinda stuff).
posted a comment on Biz Markie - A Message From The Biz. 7 months ago
Possibly the greatest piece of art ever recorded. Dont @ Me.
posted a comment on CRU - Da Dirty 30. 7 months ago
This is one of the greatest albums in Hip Hop history. A true New York "real" Hip Hop masterpiece. I try not to be a live in the past kinda guy but i can't think of any group coming close to this today. The fact that you can pick it up for so cheap... See full review
submitted DJ Muggs, ThaGodFahim - Dump Assassins. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Abdul Wadud - By Myself. 7 months ago
No officially reissue it. The demand is there. Music shouldn't be the preserve for a select group who can afford extortionate prices.
posted a comment on DJ Spinbad. 7 months ago
2020 can't go soon enough. Another tragic loss. One of the true greats.
posted a comment on Busta Rhymes - Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God. 7 months ago
The commercial tracks are whatever but there is a ep worth of decent tracks on here.
posted a comment on Serengeti. 8 months ago
Well if your listening to Serengeti then you do listen to rap or hip hop. Maybe you should listen to more.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on The Koreatown Oddity* - Little Dominiques Nosebleed. 9 months ago
Only just saw your message. Yeah i got a email and text message. I am in the UK though so not sure if it is different where you are.
posted a comment on Wu-Tang* - Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol.2: Enter The Dubstep. 9 months ago
Can something be as bad as when you had the misfortune of listening to it over ten years ago and you have to bleach your ears to forget how bad it actually was? No it is worse.
posted a comment on DJ Muggs - Bass For Your Face. 9 months ago
Luckily for everyone Muggs quickly forgot about this part of his illustrious career and got back to doing what he does best.
posted a comment on Les McCann & Eddie Harris - Swiss Movement. 9 months ago
All praises be to Buddha. As far as Jesus goes isn't he that Pimp i was with In the '79 Granada Last Night?
posted a comment on DJ Shadow - The Outsider. 9 months ago
Great album. Easily Shadows 2nd best. Funny how it made a bunch of morons who hate the fact that Shadow is a hip hop artist cry about it for months. 3 Freaks and Turf Dancing are 2 of the greatest West Coast bangers of all time.
posted a comment on Womack & Womack - Baby I'm Scared Of You. 9 months ago
Levan knew the score... If I met someone who didn't like this i would be checking their pulse. One of the greatest tracks of all time track for me.
posted a review of DJ Koco. 9 months ago
One of the best DJ's on the planet right now. And could easily take the title of best DJ of all time when it comes to 45s/7"s. Nothing really good has come out of this shit year but his instagram sets have been immense. He is that amazing.
posted a review of The Koreatown Oddity* - Little Dominiques Nosebleed. 9 months ago
Arrived this morning. Album of the year to me and it's a great pressing too. If you have any interest in the art of Hip-Hop you need this in your life.
posted a comment on Geeby Dajani. 9 months ago
Original NYC Graff kid to hardcore punk to legendary Hip Hop production. A Lot packed into a short life.
posted a comment on The Struts (3) With Robbie Williams - Strange Days. 9 months ago
Mums are always right. Yes he is a first class tosser.