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Trying to add more records for sale everyday, Please check back. Good prices, good service. :)

Please note if making me an offer - I will most likely not accept if it's below the median price.

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posted a review of Village Live. 1 day ago
Just heard about Joey Deez....All round good dude and another tragedy from the shit year that is 2020.
posted a comment on Moka Only - It Can Do. 1 day ago
Anyone else had problems with their bandcamp order? Mine has been stuck in transit for 5 weeks and the label are being no help.
posted a comment on Run-DMC. 7 days ago
" On each album there are only 2-3 good tracks"
It's all opinions i know but that is crazy talk.

posted a comment on WestsideGunn - Pray For Paris. 14 days ago
Ebay prices.. I don't even think much of it i am tempted to sell it to some rich person with more money than sense.
posted a comment on Black Magick SS - Symbols Of Great Power. 18 days ago
Symbols of incel 40 year olds living in their parents basements jacking off to japanese porn would be a better title.
posted a comment on Bob Dylan - Rough And Rowdy Ways. 20 days ago
Interesting info about the photo But we don't have "towns" within London. Essentially London is the town, Whitechapel is the district and that's within the borough of Tower Hamlets. Not a criticism it just sounds strange to a Londoners ears. Would love ... See full review
posted a comment on Terence Trent D'Arby - Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby. 28 days ago
Well i'd take this over the Beatles any day of the week. Not interested. I know that's some kind of sin among certain people. No i'm not joking. Don't @ Me.
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - How It Feels / Slam. 28 days ago
I'm in the UK and only got it a few days ago. The post here still isn't back to normal so you may be waiting for a while for it even to get to the states.
posted a comment on Moka Only. 29 days ago
Luckily for us fans he didn't retire and is still putting out great under the radar music. The latest album - It Can Do - Is another sureshot.
posted a comment on Down South - Lost In Brooklyn. about 1 month ago
Complete agree. No one seems to talk about this one and it is one of the greats of 94. Think most people at the time overlooked it and got lost among all the other great releases that year. One of those amazing records that i had no clue what it was and ... See full review
posted a comment on Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It. about 1 month ago
Theres a weird collectors market of Hip Hop 7"s that only got UK releases, I remember when They were pretty much all worthless. Just stick to the 12 and save yourself 150 quid,
posted a comment on Ill Considered - 9 - East / West. about 1 month ago
Get it quickly before its gone
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posted a comment on WestsideGunn - Pray For Paris. about 1 month ago
It's not even about the music for a lot of these cornballs. They just want to own it. A status symbol. If these weren't so limited they wouldn't care. They will get fed up eventually and move onto another fad to spend their money on.
posted a review of Chopped Herring Records. about 1 month ago
The amount of amazing stuff Bob releases is unbelievable. ANd he keeps unearthing the goodness. There's a lot of labels who do the same thing and none of them come close. And thankfully none of that corny Obi Strip bollocks that some cornballs cream ... See full review
posted a comment on WestsideGunn - Pray For Paris. about 1 month ago
Got a sealed OG copy of Vanilla Ice's To The Extreme with 17 Obi Strips that i am willing to trade.
posted a comment on Braintax - Biro Funk. 2 months ago
Classic debut album from Joey Brains. Pity he joined the long list of rip off merchants in the history of the music business.Maybe we should have all realised from his labels name. I know many who are still literally gunning for him... The whole story ... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Del Naja. 2 months ago
LOL he isn't Banksy. Trust me that your way off the mark there...
posted a comment on Anna S. (3) - Get Better / Turn Around. 3 months ago
Not really a lesson Dad. But you have been dead for 30 years so its ok. Pennys add up and no need for garbage in the house.
posted a comment on Rakim - The Seventh Seal. 3 months ago
Your right it was average at best. Mainly a production issue though.
posted a comment on Peaches Mann - With You I'm Born Again / Get In Rhythm With God's Love. 3 months ago
2nd photo. Clearly states 1981. Where did you get 85?
posted a comment on De La Soul - And The Anonymous Nobody. 3 months ago
I agree with everything you wrote. I revisited this after a few years of not giving it a spin to see if i would have changed my mind. I didn't. When they announced it i was hyped. I spent A LOT of money backing this and with all the setbacks and then ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Prime Cuts* - Hip Hop Don't Stop (The Greatest). 3 months ago
In '99 when this dropped i would say it was the greatest mix ever. 21 years later and it still may well be.
posted a comment on Anna S. (3) - Get Better / Turn Around. 3 months ago
what happened in those two years? from garbage you wouldnt spend a dime on to 'ok to have it'?
posted a comment on Ty. 3 months ago
Absolutely devastating news. A pioneer and a friend. Rest in power brother.
posted a comment on Scott Lark* - Razzle Dazzle. 3 months ago
Yeah but those obi' important. Who cares about the music when you can pay 50 more for an extra bit of paper...:)
posted a comment on EPMD - So What Cha Sayin' / You Gots To Chill. 3 months ago
More crappy bootleg 7"s for the new jack cornballs as Ricky Powell would say. Why they buy these common records that sound shit shows you they haven't got a clue. Just buy the originals.
posted a comment on MCA & Burzootie - Drum Machine. 3 months ago
It's a great record. It's not really "abstract" in any way though and was fairly typical of NY Hip Hop of the time.
posted a comment on Sound Of Sha'bass - Take It Or Leave It. 4 months ago
If your only going to release one record you better make sure it's a banger. 'Even the man from Del Monte he say yes!' :)
posted a comment on DJ Muggs, ThaGodFahim - Dump Assassins. 4 months ago
There's also a set that was the vinyl (gold leaf cover, cd and cassette. All signed. Only 3 were available from Fahims bandcamp. I am too lazy too add. ... See full review
posted a comment on Ice-T. 5 months ago
First 5 albums are all essential and of course the early 12"s. True classics. After that it all went a but hit and miss but with some good moments here and there imo. That doesn't take away the fact that Ice is one of the pioneers and legends of Hip Hop. ... See full review
posted a review of Kenny Rogers - Kenny. 5 months ago
Kenny's death reminded me that there a couple of heavyweight breaks on this one. A bargain bin special for the diggers that were in the know. RIP king of the beard.
posted a comment on Mitzi Ross - Thanks A Lot Honey / I'll Do More For You Baby. 5 months ago
About to get a re release on Brewerytown Beats
posted a comment on Janelle Monáe - The Audition. 5 months ago
So selfish...people not giving away music for free just because you haven't got it...they should all be ashamed of themselves.
posted a comment on Lil Wayne. 5 months ago
People can like what they like. Whatever. But if that is meant to be examples of what you think are "great" rhymes then your mind would be blown with actual MC's.
posted a comment on Tyshawn Sorey - Pillars. 5 months ago
It is "not music" yet you are a fan of The Arusha Accord.... Not that i care but there is some good old fashioned irony there.
posted a comment on 甄妮* - 雲飘飘. 6 months ago
Soundtrack to Yun piao piao aka Gone with the Cloud.
posted a comment on Masta Ace Incorporated - SlaughtaHouse. 6 months ago
would put this as a top 5 HH album of all time and. It constantly gets overlooked when people go on their usual 90s reminiscing. Easily one of the best produced albums of all time and unlike a lot of the releases from the same time it is pretty easy and ... See full review
posted a comment on Zuby (2) - The Unknown Celebrity. 6 months ago
Unknown because he's so unbelievably shit and even his fans who claim to love him wouldn't buy it.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
submitted Southpaw Chop feat. Tragedy Khadafi - Laced With Tragedy. 6 months ago
submitted LeRoy Hutson - Hutson. 6 months ago
submitted Awate - Happiness. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Chef Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 7 months ago
Should have been a double LP. Or maybe a triple. Missed off a lot of great tracks. The best soundtrack to a mainstream film i've ever heard. Great film too.
posted a comment on Alyson Williams - Sleep Talk. 7 months ago
Well no it isn't house and it isn't R&B Disco either... It is a stone cold Swing Beat/New Jack Swing classic though. Funky Drummer wins again. This was one of THE tracks that defined London in '89.
posted a comment on Super Cat (2) / Fu Schnickens* - Ghetto Red Hot / Ring The Alarm. 8 months ago
And You are wrong both of the tracks have been previously released on 7"s that were not bootlegs
posted a comment on Super Cat (2) / Fu Schnickens* - Ghetto Red Hot / Ring The Alarm. 8 months ago
The sound is inferior though. I'd take the extra weight over an inferior "practical" product anyday. It's not 1990 anymore no one is carrying 20 crates to a gig anyway. We did and we didn't care but If people want to support bootleggers go for it.
posted a comment on Beyoncé Feat. Jay-Z / Amerie - Crazy In Love / 1 Thing. 8 months ago
Another pointless bootleg. Just buy the originals, they're not expensive.
posted a comment on Master Rocker Kid Finesse & DJ Fonzo - Put You To Rest. 8 months ago
There was a very well known record dealer in London in the mid 90s who managed to get a few hundred of these sealed and duped lots of people into believing this was Lord Finesses first ever record and shifted loads for silly money.
posted a comment on Eddie Meeks & Thareeko - Larger Than Life EP. 8 months ago
One of them 'lost' late 90's underground releases that most people either never knew or have forgotten about. Such a big record personally for me. Another one of them one off amazing releases where the artists should have gone onto great things but ... See full review