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RAM Records
posted a comment on RAM Records. 27 days ago
Something is "better" because it's more popular...That's quite the take there.
Czarface - Czarmageddon!
posted a comment on Czarface - Czarmageddon!. 3 months ago
Maybe it's just me but yeah i am picky when a record costs a big chunk of money and it is supposed to be new and it looks like it was dragged through a hedge backwards with pops and clicks all over the place...As for the music. Another essential... See full review
Vinyl Me, Please
posted a review of Vinyl Me, Please. 3 months ago
Quality control seems to be going down. Had more than a few extremely dished records in the past year. And i wish they'd replace the crappy plastic sleeves with something more durable.
Eric B. & Rakim - Move The Crowd / Paid In Full
posted a comment on Eric B. & Rakim - Move The Crowd / Paid In Full. 3 months ago
And Eric B called the remix "girly disco music" but Rakim rated it.
Nas - Illmatic
posted a review of Nas - Illmatic. 3 months ago
Was Ego Trips best Album and also most disappointing album of '94.
"...An album that simultaneously dazzled and frustrated discerning Hip Hop ears for what it delivered and what it failed to live up to..."
Shalamar - A Night To Remember
posted a comment on Shalamar - A Night To Remember. 3 months ago
Top Of the Pops. '82. Jeffrey Daniels literally changed the UK overnight. Well our part of it anyway.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on M.K. Fresh Connection. 4 months ago
Does anyone know anything about them? Was it an American MC based in Japan?
No Artist - London Pirate Radio Adverts, 1984-1993
posted a review of No Artist - London Pirate Radio Adverts, 1984-1993. 4 months ago
If you grew up on London pirates like me or have any interest in 80s/90s London/underground music/pirate culture you need these in your life. I'm not really nostalgic but these definitely take me back and get me reminiscing.
posted a comment on Kes Noel Ingoldsby. 4 months ago
Untalented fucking cunt of a poshboy who gets away with literal murder because his dad knows the right people. If I had kicked someone to death i wonder what would have happened? And people deny a two tier justice system.
L. Dionne
posted a comment on L. Dionne. 4 months ago
Unsigned Hype winner in The Source November 1999. . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
U. Roy* - Hot Trick  / Straight To Big Youth Head
posted a comment on U. Roy* - Hot Trick / Straight To Big Youth Head. 5 months ago
inna Space disco reggae synth dj toasting style. . .
Original Gravity
posted a comment on Original Gravity. 5 months ago
Funk, Reggae, Latin...This label is killing it right now. Whoever is running it has great taste and haven't gone wrong yet.
Brand Nubian
posted a comment on Brand Nubian. 5 months ago
In a review in the October 1990 Issue of The Source there is a 4 star review of a single "Who can get busy like this/slowdown".
I;m guessing it was a promo but i've never seen it - does it exist?
posted a comment on Pumpkin. 5 months ago
He died in 1990 of pneumonia. I still have the October 1990 issue of The Source that confirms this and I've added it to the images.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
Fat Boys
posted a comment on Fat Boys. 5 months ago
They weren't just a novlty act like the profile says. Early Fat Boys/Disco 3 were a very respected and important Hip Hop act. If you only know them for Wipeout forget that and go and dig the early stuff. Essential
Homeboy Sandman
posted a comment on Homeboy Sandman. 6 months ago
Sand will go down as one of the greats. Mark my words. A true genius. A complete MC. If he had been 10 years older and releasing music in the early 90s he would be talked about with the NY legends from then. Maybe he will release a bad track one day,... See full review
Planet Asia
posted a comment on Planet Asia. 6 months ago
For nearly 25 years now PA has been steady dropping amazing shit year after year with no sign of slowing down. Not talked about by the usual hype followers but those that know, know.
Elli Ingram - Love You Really
posted a comment on Elli Ingram - Love You Really. 6 months ago
In the last couple of years there has been a hell of a lot of female artists coming out in a similar style and getting major praise but this one seems to be unnoticed. Maybe Island didn't give it any promo at all but no one seems to know about it. I... See full review
Pen & Pixel Graphics
posted a comment on Pen & Pixel Graphics. 6 months ago
No one was better at hilariously shitty but at the same time iconic cover art.
The Beach Boys - Holland
posted a comment on The Beach Boys - Holland. 7 months ago
The Beach Boys true masterpiece. I know it's not a popular opinion way ahead of anything else they ever did.
J.C. Lodge* - Revealed
posted a comment on J.C. Lodge* - Revealed. 7 months ago
Stick to the crappy rock music you seem to love so well as you know nothing about Reggae/JA.
Duval Timothy - Brown Loop
posted a comment on Duval Timothy - Brown Loop. 7 months ago
First rule of Discogs - Ignore genre/style on anything released in the past 15 years. These contributers haven't got a clue.
Chief Keef - Finally Rich
posted a comment on Chief Keef - Finally Rich. 8 months ago
HEads up - VMP record of the month March 2022
posted a comment on WBI Red Ninja. 8 months ago
Red Ninja were amazing. 4 essential releases in 90/91. Put em all together on one LP and you would have one of the best UKHH albums of all time.
Nasenbluten - The Brick Shithouse E.P.
posted a comment on Nasenbluten - The Brick Shithouse E.P.. 9 months ago
The cuts on Feel discipline are sped up samples from UK Hip Hop classic Prime Rhyme Masters You Need Discipline done by Big Ted.
Soul II Soul Featuring Rose Windross - Fairplay
posted a comment on Soul II Soul Featuring Rose Windross - Fairplay. 9 months ago
It used to seem that there was always one tune that defines the sound of summer in London. In 1988 It was this. It seemed like every single car/house party/youth club/carnival sound (I was too young for clubs) was rinsing this non stop.
A London... See full review
Sound Of Sha'bass
posted a comment on Sound Of Sha'bass. 9 months ago
Found at least one other track under a different name in 93. Never came out though.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
Paul Nice
posted a comment on Paul Nice. 11 months ago
Amazing dj, Truly one of the greats. If he is an addict though he has an illness and needs help not morons on here calling him a scab and wishing him death. Here's a tip from someone who has seen many people go down the hard drug path - Don't give... See full review
Casual - Fear Itself
posted a review of Casual - Fear Itself. 11 months ago
If someone said this is one of the greatest debuts in Hip Hop history you would have to have a damn good argument to disagree.
Karen Finley - Tales Of Taboo
posted a comment on Karen Finley - Tales Of Taboo. 11 months ago
There's a lot more important things to be angry about dude. Take up meditation.
Charlie Watts Quintet* - Warm & Tender
posted a comment on Charlie Watts Quintet* - Warm & Tender. 12 months ago
It is Charlie's daughter Seraphina. Please enter at least 5 more.
Nick Lowe - So It Goes
posted a comment on Nick Lowe - So It Goes. 12 months ago
Yes it is and it came out pretty much exactly 45 years ago (14th August 76)
The Gift Of Gab
posted a comment on The Gift Of Gab. about 1 year ago
Damn just heard.... A West Coast great and another gone sadly way too young.
Ludacris - Word Of Mouf
posted a comment on Ludacris - Word Of Mouf. about 1 year ago
I didn't realise this is a dating site but i am 45. What you offering me?
7L & Esoteric - Speaking Real Words
posted a comment on 7L & Esoteric - Speaking Real Words. about 1 year ago
Media-Rite must shed a few tears every time he hears Czarface are dropping another album. Thoughts and prayers.
Ludacris - Word Of Mouf
posted a comment on Ludacris - Word Of Mouf. about 1 year ago
Your knowledge of Hip Hop is less than my grandmothers and she's been dead for 20 years.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Biz Markie, Al B. Sure!, Ice-T, Royalty - Vapors / Comin Thru / Off On Your Own (Girl)
posted a comment on Biz Markie, Al B. Sure!, Ice-T, Royalty - Vapors / Comin Thru / Off On Your Own (Girl). about 1 year ago
Is the Ice-T just rhyme syndicate comin thru or another track?
Lice (9), Aesop Rock And Homeboy Sandman - Ask Anyone
posted a comment on Lice (9), Aesop Rock And Homeboy Sandman - Ask Anyone. about 1 year ago
must have been the seller you mentioned went crying to the powers that be. Thanks for letting us know. Got one too.
Eat (2) - Psycho Couch
posted a comment on Eat (2) - Psycho Couch. about 1 year ago
Not sure how this is even in my collection but the most interesting thing about it is the sleeve is a Jungle Brothers Doin Our Own Dang turned inside out that they have printed with the non fiction logo.. Are they all like this?
Ice-T - Power
posted a comment on Ice-T - Power. about 1 year ago
It is all opinions I guess but how can anyone not see that this is a groundbreaking West Coast Hip Hop classic.
Leisure Dub Featuring Armanious - Weekend Waiting
posted a comment on Leisure Dub Featuring Armanious - Weekend Waiting. about 1 year ago
B Side is exactly what it says, a 90s style Hip Hop/RnB Banger with those heavy Jeep Beats. Perfect for the summer.
Underdog vs. Sabres* - Theme
posted a comment on Underdog vs. Sabres* - Theme. about 1 year ago
dont listen to Matt, this was/is a prime piece of UK Ragga Hip Hop. One of Underdogs heaviest tracks imo. Absolute monster.
Sons Of Kemet - Black To The Future
posted a comment on Sons Of Kemet - Black To The Future. about 1 year ago
Mine has a slight warp. Annoying but not too bad i guess. Sound is amazing, one of the best sounding new records i have heard in a while.
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
posted a review of Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis. about 1 year ago
Despite what others have said here this still sounds amazing to me. Heard it for the first time in years this morning and it still bangs hard. For me this is a record that would have only been made in London. A true reflection of the scene then.... See full review
Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves
posted a comment on Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves. about 1 year ago
Your right he's never made a "good" album. He's way above merely good and this album was a masterpiece in 1999 and it still is now.