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King Dale - Fuckface
posted a review of King Dale - Fuckface. over 12 years ago
Fuckface is alright, not too cheesy and all the right sounds for a good hardcore gabber track. Obligatory shouting and gimmicky guitar riffs etc. Actually works very well. 2 fast for mellow is probably the choice version. By a mile though, Utter is... See full review
DX13* - Power Surge
posted a review of DX13* - Power Surge. over 12 years ago
One of my favourite ISR releases. A1 is a fairly standard affair with distorted shouting over some excellent hardcore sounds and nicely tweaked 303s. Works really well. A2 and B2 are more experimental but in no way fillers. B1 Electro Comp though is a... See full review
Rob Gee - Gabber Up Your Ass
posted a comment on Rob Gee - Gabber Up Your Ass. over 12 years ago
Quoted from EEG Bor: "What the FUCK happened to that guy?? He took some sort of pill ..." He listened to this record too loud more like. Rob Gee at his finest and most mental.
Mind Controller* - Trance
posted a comment on Mind Controller* - Trance. over 12 years ago
This was one of the first more commercial release in a gabber style that made it over to the UK mainstream in 92/93. Coupled with just a handful of mokum releases we suddenly had to pitch everything up to fit this new style into our sets. I'm sure the... See full review
Chosen Few - Love Me Bad
posted a review of Chosen Few - Love Me Bad. over 12 years ago
One of the better Mokum releases for sure. Not too commercial and ravey, and not so industrial it's unlistenable. Love Me Bad is actually a bit less imaginative than the other tracks, the formula of beats and helium vocals pretty tired even by 1995.... See full review
Spring Heel Jack - Suspensions EP
posted a review of Spring Heel Jack - Suspensions EP. over 12 years ago
Wide As The Moon is a good track, but The Hyper-On-Experience mix is sublime. You could not wish for a better example of how to do dreamy drum and bass. The breakbeat is tight, the bassline is deep yet bouncy, the melody is an evocative combination of... See full review
2 Bad Mice - Underworld EP
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Underworld EP. over 12 years ago
Was anyone else disappointed by this release? Don't get me wrong, it is quite good, with distinctive playford tight drum sequencing and the like, but having a rufige kru remix of a 2bm track was a marriage made in heaven ... on paper. Not one I... See full review
Sound Enforcer - 2nd Series
posted a review of Sound Enforcer - 2nd Series "Icon EP". over 12 years ago
The four tracks are clearly reworkings of the same principles and sequences, each with a different emphasis and style of the dominant components. Testimony to Dave Angel's production more than anything else that he can turn out 4 sufficiently... See full review
The Future Sound Of London - We Have Explosive
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - We Have Explosive. over 12 years ago
Worth noting that this track featured on the original Playstation game Wipeout 2 (2097) in 1996 way before it's official release and signalled the fact gaming really had grown up once and for all. Great game with a truly awesome soundtrack. Sonic eat... See full review
The In-Q-Bus - The Siren
posted a review of The In-Q-Bus - The Siren. over 12 years ago
Okay let's cut to the chase here. Skip straight to B2 for the aptly named Spine Wrencher. Quite simply the single deepest darkest acid track you will ever hear. Rumbling bass, impatient snareline, super-tweaked 303s from the squelchiest setting makes... See full review
Rejuvination - Sychophantasy
posted a review of Rejuvination - Sychophantasy. over 12 years ago
Sychophantasy is an epic building trancer of high quality, typical of quality German releases of the time. The stand out track for sure and arguably one of the best Formaldehyd releases. Psychophenetic is a much spikier track with a strangled 303 riff... See full review
Dynamo City - Urban & Free / Shape-Shift
posted a review of Dynamo City - Urban & Free / Shape-Shift. over 12 years ago
Definitely one of the more accessible SUF releases and very DJ friendly. Plenty of 303 layers, with Shapeshift being the more hard edged and abrasive. Great stuff.
Exoterix - Void
posted a review of Exoterix - Void. over 12 years ago
Don't bother with the original, head straight for the more trancey Diss-Cuss remix, it's miles better yet still retains the house feel of the original. If you must have your house unadulterated, the Art Of Dance mix is also an improvement, the latter... See full review
Flux-Da-Lux - Flux Delay
posted a review of Flux-Da-Lux - Flux Delay. over 12 years ago
Two very decent mixes of a deep house/ trance crossover track, much overlooked. Multi-layered and heavy on the reverb, phaser and flanger style effects, it's very atmospheric. Samples "Let's turn it on" and "Ready" in the clever breakdowns. It all... See full review
Gat Decor - Passion
posted a review of Gat Decor - Passion. over 12 years ago
Equally anthemic and deep as any prog house track, Passion was almost obligatory in every set at the time. As a DJ who used to avoid excessive pianos and vocals like the plague, I would dive straight to the B2 (naked) mix. Stripped down and effective,... See full review
S.A.S.* - Amber Groove
posted a review of S.A.S.* - Amber Groove. over 12 years ago
A truly mesmerising early progressive house release of the highest quality. Simple yet effective and guaranteed to tear up literally any dancefloor. Production still sounds very tight today and the slightly flanged synth hook is just lovely. The vocal... See full review
Equation (2) - Energy Buzz / Bass Explosion
posted a review of Equation (2) - Energy Buzz / Bass Explosion. over 12 years ago
I wish I knew more about this record. Bought from a seedy Manchester record shop in early '92, I only listened to about 30 seconds of the A-side before practically begging to hand over my £4, as all the other punters in the shop started asking what's... See full review
Altern 8 - E*Vapor*8 / Armageddon
posted a comment on Altern 8 - E*Vapor*8 / Armageddon. over 12 years ago
Classic mainstream Altern8. By this stage they had worked out the formula of stabby synths, female vocals over a simple breakbeat overlaid with a hefty dose of pianos and sampled riffs of other tracks popular in clubland at the time. This one... See full review
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
posted a comment on L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead. over 12 years ago
Quite simply the best early techno track. I didn't know it was so mainstream until reading the comments, but that doesn't change a thing. Inspiring for many DJs and artists alike. Without this track there may have been no hardcore and gabba. The only... See full review
DJ Q* Featuring Subwoofer Agte - Woofing Sequenzes
posted a review of DJ Q* Featuring Subwoofer Agte - Woofing Sequenzes. over 12 years ago
Hymn V.1 is the uptempo club anthem with catchy synth hook, sampled and also remixed on Edge / Rabbit City releases and also on ULR in the UK. All tracks are well produced and sound just as special today. PUMA is the hidden gem with a super deep... See full review
The Movement (3) - Jump!
posted a review of The Movement (3) - Jump!. over 12 years ago
Comedy rave aimed at the cheesey dancefloor. Basically a blend of 2 unlimited and praga khan, the main synth hooks being rip offs of Injected with a Poison and Felix, Don't You Want Me. Bizarrely I really like it, and Jam El Mar's remixes are a... See full review
Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4 U* - Free Your Body / Injected With A Poison
posted a review of Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4 U* - Free Your Body / Injected With A Poison. over 12 years ago
Very much a classic track, tearing up every rave and club in 91/92. Fickle bunch though ravers, as the follow up Rave Alert ( was almost identical, yet a truly awful record.
Rhythmatic ²* - Energy On Vinyl
posted a review of Rhythmatic ²* - Energy On Vinyl. over 12 years ago
Pretty good 8 track EP. Nothing ground-breaking but each track offers something a bit different. On most tracks there's huge use of well known samples ("give yourself to me" "pump up the bass" etc) and formulaic beats and synth stabs of the era - or... See full review
Ultracynic - Nothing Is Forever
posted a review of Ultracynic - Nothing Is Forever. over 12 years ago
This certainly is a little insipid, but it's hard not to like the tune and mellow vocals. Much more worth a mention though is the B-Side track "it's too late". Superb genre-defining hard-house championed by Stu Allen in the clubs and on Picadilly... See full review
Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby
posted a review of Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby. over 12 years ago
Hardly that revolutionary actually, but still a superb track that tore up the happy house floors in 91/92. Sounds great in 2010 which is testimony to great production, catchy pianos and an excellent vocal - not sure if it's sampled or even who it is... See full review
Various - Hardcore DJ's...Take Control
posted a review of Various - Hardcore DJ's...Take Control. over 12 years ago
Pretty good collection and eclectic in style ranging from early drum & bass (Fabio and Grooverider) to deep house (Colin Dale) and out-and-out over-sampled rave (Frankie Bones). The sleeve notes are written by Colin Favor and are quite amusing to read... See full review
Elevation - Can You Feel It / Spiral Trance
posted a comment on Elevation - Can You Feel It / Spiral Trance. over 12 years ago
Very different to other NovaMute releases I have heard. Mutation mix is the choice cut complete with fire alarm and ravey pianos. Much plugged at the PSV in Manchester in 91/92. Hands in the air people! :)
Deep C (2) - Chill To The Panic
posted a review of Deep C (2) - Chill To The Panic. over 12 years ago
Classic old school rap/rave cross-over interspersed with diva vocals. Shouldn't work at all, but is actually a superb track. Great production makes it sound fresh nearly 20 years on. Struggled to weave it into sets even back then as it's about 115bpm... See full review
Cygnus X
posted a comment on Cygnus X. over 12 years ago
Cygnus X was also responsible for some sublime remixes from the Platipus stable of artists, for example the mesmerising version of Art of Trance's Easter Island. For me what this version is what trance is all about, but there are several other remixes... See full review
Cortina - Music Is Moving
posted a comment on Cortina - Music Is Moving. over 12 years ago
Don't get me wrong, I think this is a great dance floor classic. Just worth noting that this is basically a re-release of Fargetta's music is movin' which tore up the club dancefloors 8 years previously. It also got the remix treatment at the time... See full review
3XM - Calculator / Avalanche
posted a review of 3XM - Calculator / Avalanche. over 12 years ago
Calculator is a hidden gem! Championed by Judge Jules in 2004, this one is a real dancefloor banger. Simple almost old school breakbeat style layers over a pounding 4/4 rhythm. Dancey, melodic and banging. Awesome.
Nitrate - Labotomize EP
posted a comment on Nitrate - Labotomize EP. over 12 years ago
Aptly named. Full-on tweaked-to-the-max 303 mentalism from Labworks. If you like your noise extreme, seek this out ... and some aspirin.
Orbital - Orbital
posted a review of Orbital - Orbital. over 12 years ago
A truly special album that defined a generation of club music and bedroom techno. Any album containing the masterpieces Chime, Midnight and Belfast is likely to be a classic, even if the other tracks are bulgarian monastic chanting. But they're not.... See full review
Various - Trance
posted a review of Various - Trance. over 12 years ago
In 1992 this was my favourite record by a mile. Probably of 1993 as well. 18 years on I was slightly nervous digging this out again, so much of the club music of the time sounds woefully dated and even amateur these days. However this was a pleasant... See full review
Various - First Flight
posted a review of Various - First Flight. over 12 years ago
You're unlikely to find a better 45 minutes of well engineered goa trance. This is also a good blend of sub-styles that come under the genre so definitely something for everyone here and worth seeking out. My favourite is the mix of Shitty Stick.... See full review
Empirion - Advanced Technology
posted a review of Empirion - Advanced Technology. over 12 years ago
Narcotic influence (1) is the choice track here, much plugged in the clubs in 94/95. The album is very well produced and some of the tracks work well (PH1 for example) but none can get close to the mighty sound of "drugs taking their lives away"!
GTO - Tip Of The Iceberg
posted a comment on GTO - Tip Of The Iceberg. over 12 years ago
Definitely a good blend of house and techno on this early GTO release. A lot less hard and more accessible than some of their later stuff. Unfortunately it doesn't all stand the test of time well. But Elevation and Pure are still classic milestones in... See full review
Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmission Vol. 1
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmission Vol. 1. over 12 years ago
In 1992 the cheesey rave scene was taking over the UK, or if you were lucky you found a club that was playing chicago style house music which at least had some soul. Meanwhile in a darkened room somewhere Jeff Mills was tweaking the hell out of the... See full review
Various - Technohead 2 - Harder And Faster
posted a review of Various - Technohead 2 - Harder And Faster. over 12 years ago
This is a fine eclectic mix of gabber and hard house/techno. There are tracks on this compilation from Mokum, Terror Trax, Ruffneck, Dataflow, Midtown and others. Overall it represents the scene at the time pretty well, plus you get the total classic... See full review
Dave Clarke - Archive One
posted a review of Dave Clarke - Archive One. over 12 years ago
Outer and inner sleeves are all very red with just a bit of tiny black font - presumably to not detract from the whole redness thing. I was thinking the tracks also come across in a similar way. The Red series singles are of course the major feature... See full review
Detune - Irradiation
posted a review of Detune - Irradiation. over 12 years ago
Also found on Kickin records Techno Nations II compilation, Flying Area is a special track. Strangulated and tightly reverbed moody 303 layers overlaid by dreamy strings, punctuated with little stabby sounds. Reminds me of dark acid classics such as... See full review
Various - Techno Nations II - The Mind Trip
posted a review of Various - Techno Nations II - The Mind Trip. over 12 years ago
Well this is a cracking album of techno from the early 90s. Ranging from the trancey mellow sounds of Union Jack to the full on banging mentalness of Pinhead and pretty much every shade of techno in between. Hard to choose standout tracks as they are... See full review
Black Acid - Six Minutes Of Mayhem / Rainman
posted a review of Black Acid - Six Minutes Of Mayhem / Rainman. over 12 years ago
Very good release on Rabbit City. Always sought out the Black Acid twelves and 6 minutes of mayhem does not disappoint at all. Splendid rolling beats makes it seem faster than it is and the bassline is so danceable. The synth stabs in the breakdown... See full review
Ispirazione - Psalm / Stealth
posted a review of Ispirazione - Psalm / Stealth. over 12 years ago
This classic XVX release certainly ticks a lot of boxes. DJ friendly, superbly produced, great dancefloor drum program, superb synth hooks, building trance/hardhouse stormer. The haunting and poignant vocal on Psalm really makes the hairs on the back... See full review
Pablo Gargano - Mental Pabvlvm E.P.
posted a review of Pablo Gargano - Mental Pabvlvm E.P.. over 12 years ago
Actually quite a pleasing EP and a departure for Rabbit City. More melodic and trancey than the typical release with some real mood changes across the 4 tracks, ranging from a full-on 303 workout to more cerebral ambient flavoured trance. Favourite... See full review
Force Mass Motion - Escape EP
posted a review of Force Mass Motion - Escape EP. over 12 years ago
An absolute classic EP and probably the best release on Rabbit City and by FMM. Listening back to the later FMM releases (of which there are many - testimony to Michael Wells' prolific high quality output) some of them get close, but none of them... See full review
Movin' Melodies - Indica
posted a comment on Movin' Melodies - Indica. over 12 years ago
Wow. What a massive slice of fromage. But ... I love it :) Added to playlist. What's not to like?
Bandulu - Internal Ocean / Sub Atomic Shrapnel
posted a comment on Bandulu - Internal Ocean / Sub Atomic Shrapnel. over 12 years ago
Internal Ocean is a sublime track. Quirky bassline and dreamy synths it takes you somewhere completely different. Other tracks by Bandulu are equally forward thinking, but none works out quite as well as this. Compared with other Infonet releases this... See full review
Syzygy - Terminus
posted a comment on Syzygy - Terminus. over 12 years ago
I loved Terminus at the time, wonderfully new sounding and edgy techno - but still accessible. Thumping bass with excellent filtering on the stabby synths. Showed there was more than just UK cheesy house and US techno out there. Good voice samples... See full review
Kailash - Higher E.P.
posted a comment on Kailash - Higher E.P.. over 12 years ago
I agree with the previous poster, this track has excellent production. The layers are distinct and crisp which only adds to the quality of the track. Too many Goa tunes of this period were a mush of sounds leading to criticism that genre was going... See full review