I wish I was a smart as fred.mc


MRR000: Ra-X 'The Opium Den Parts I-IV' (limited to 330 copies and pressed on a dirty brown 12"). Deep dark electronics. Low-end-dub and scratchy noises, electricity sparking and the 'classic' dirty Hague sounds - SOLD OUT!!!

MRR001: Ra-X 'The Opium Den Parts V-VIII' (limited to 525 copies and pressed on a pure white vinyl 12") - the final parts to the OD series - the junkie is DEAD!

MRR002: Voigt Kampff 'Skinny Cap/Asphalt/Skinny Cap (Freak Electrique re-cap)' - two sought after UK electro classics with a bass heavy remix by one of Viewlexx finest. Utter dance floor destruction - you have been warned.

MRR003: Maarten van der Vleuten 'Kremahitz EP' featuring the 'Goretex Remix' by Rude 66. The Lowlands sound meets hard rocking disco filth.

MRR004: Lindsay-J & Sneak Thief 'Open the Door' featuring remixes by Polygamy Boys, Truffle Club, Imatran Voima and English Electric.

MRR005: Imatran Voima 'Welfare State of Mind' (2x12" and CD LP)

This is what Warp had to say about the LP:

"This is an album from the great and often overlooked Mighty Robot records from artist Imatran Voima. The album is basically a fierce and powerful collection of vicious tracks that loosely fall under the post Drexciya electro bracket, but with enough of Imatran's own psychotic energy and gallows humour and technical skill and vision to develop itself out of a
homage mentality. Heavy duty stuff but melodic and detailed enough to be a real headphone pleasure as well as a dancefloor smasher."

MRR006: Gladio 'Hadrian's Wall EP'

MRR007: Junior Rafael 'Darkroom Traxx'

MRR008: English Electric 'Auto Beam EP'

"English Electric is of a small group of electronic artists that are not just reclaiming 70's electro disco and the synth OST, but using modern equipment to create something new from past influences. This is not nu disco in the Lindstrom vein, but a mirrorball space excursion with serious influences from electronix and modern electro. English Electric has graphed a new age feel to the works of Vagelis, Moroder and Carpenter whilst blending it with European electro slants to make a personal and deep sound. English Electric is a solid addition to the ever-inspiring Mighty Robot Recordings' roster." [igloo magazine]

MRR009 Dirty Hospital 'Leave The Planet'

MRR010 Katelectro 'Plug' (with remixes by Ultradyne and Ottomatique)

MRR011 Operator ‘How To Make Bombs & Influence People’

MRR012 Junior Rafael ‘Darkroom Traxx Vol 2’


MRR013 Hadamard ‘Studio Gangster EP’

MRR014 Legowelt ‘Equestrian 707’ (plus limited DVD Directors edition)

MRR015 Legowelt ‘untitled’

If you have any demos please send them to our label address - check the URL above. We'll listen - and if we love it we'll press it.

Requests for records in my collection or CDRs/mp3s will be mercilessly ignored.


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posted a review of Dynoriot - Work Me EP. over 11 years ago
'Work Me' and 'The Morning' are dire New York house affairs but this is an exceptional record for the simple reason that 'The Violins' is really an edited version of The Black Dog's classic 'Virtual' track - and it's a superb 'edit'. It's not remixed, ... See full review
posted a review of Safety Copy. over 11 years ago
If you like your bootlegs to have virtually no bottom-end and sound as if they're being played from speakers five miles away then Safety Copy is the label for you. Compared to quality re release labels like flexx and Radius who spend time and effort in ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Disco Galaxia 2. over 11 years ago
I can't quite understand why these bootleggers have to rip off the dubs and instrumentals when, in most cases, the vocal tracks are far superior. Is it a fear of the vocal, or do they think this is what their buyer will want? It's a shame as both Barbara ... See full review
posted a review of Alessandro Novaga - Faces Drums. over 12 years ago
This is an incredibly overrated record. For all its hype you’d expect some mind blowing Novaga drum programming, ideal for ripping up your 80’s mixes, but all you get are a selection of embarrassingly simple Bontempi pre-set style bossa nova beats which ... See full review
posted a review of REKID - Lost Star. over 12 years ago
The track 'III Discotto' is a slow, dubbed out version of BWH 'Stop'. None of the original's vocals are on it, but there's a fat kick drum behind it and loads of spaced out noises. A great track.
posted a review of David Rottmeyer - Remixes. over 13 years ago
I'm not a great fan of the F. Couvee and Keith Tucker mixes - the later being a fairly bland electro workout and not up to his usual Detroit bass quality - but the Electronome remix is simply stunning. A drifting, melancholy, electro-nix journey that you ... See full review
posted a review of Danny Boy And The Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy. over 13 years ago
'Castro Boy' is a really warped take on Frank Zappa's classic 'Valley Girl' (on the LP 'Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch').

A seriously hard edged disco/hi-nrg tune with some very X-rated lyrics.
posted a review of Fokewulf 190* - Body Heat. over 13 years ago
A very dark Italo Disco release. Melancholy, sweeping synths, New Beat style vocals from Ventura, hard edged rhythm patterns and spitting sax. Perfect.

'Hey you take a look at me!'
posted a review of Rob Acid - Voltage EP. over 13 years ago
Essential record alert!

'Voltage' is a devastating acid house moment. I haven't heard a 303 tweaked as well as this for at least twelve years - and coupled with the fat-as-you-like kick you've got true dance floor destroying tackle. I can’t see this ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Retro:Active2 (Rare & Remixed). over 13 years ago
A selection of thoroughly dodgy remixes with only two exceptions, The Jellybean remix of Alphaville's 'Jet Set' and the track that gives this CD 5/5 - Q Lazzarus 'Goodbye Horses (Extended Version)' as used in the infamous Buffalo Bill 'Skin Suit' scene ... See full review
posted a review of !!! - Me And Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story). over 14 years ago
The Warp version is the Touch & Go version. The only difference is a Warp barcode sticker over the Touch & Go original barcode. Also the run out on this version still reads TG247 (however the barcode sticker reads WAP163) and contains the photocopied ... See full review
posted a review of Two Lone Swordsmen - From The Double Gone Chapel. over 14 years ago
'Sex Beat' is a cover of the Gun Club classic (from the LP 'Fire Of Love') and features Mr Weatherall on vocals.

Even though I knew that the cover was in the capable hands of some of the finest producers/musicians in the land I was a bit apprehensive ... See full review
posted a review of Various - European Tribute To John Carpenter. over 14 years ago
Legowelt's 'Arrival' comes from the 'Escape From New York' OST. Mr Wolfers has kept to the originals dark ambience but he's added that 'welt twist - the haunting trademark synth, low-fi Amiga sound and light electro kick. One of my favourite Legowelt ... See full review
posted a review of Adonis - We're Rocking Down The House. over 14 years ago
I'm sorry jazzalicious but your comment is ridiculous and it's unfortunate that it slipped through the Discogs moderator net. What did you expect from a track written in 1986 on the barest of equipment in a completely virgin scene? This is a Chicago ... See full review
posted a review of Unit 4 (2) - Bodydub. over 14 years ago
Once in a while a record comes along that throws the rule book out of the window and totally blows the listener away. 'Body Dub' and the mysterious Unit 4 have created one of those unique moments.

To pigeon hole this as an electro track is totally ... See full review
posted a review of Marco Passarani - I House U. over 14 years ago
"I House You" samples The Jungle Brothers classic "I'll House You" in a glitched up dirty, static, acidic, 5 mins 35 secs.

I have been juicing my jeans on a regular basis to this record.
posted a review of Midnight Star - Midas Touch. over 14 years ago
A fantastic and uplifting slice of 80's electro soul - with added microwave *ting*. The 'Midas Touch (Acapella Mix)' is a great addition and can be used very effectively on a stripped down funky electro break. Hell Interface covered this for the MASK 500 ... See full review
posted a review of Vauvenage - Flange Stereo. over 14 years ago
The flange and panning on the title track are superb. Pretty minimal, yet extremely powerful, this is a truly magnificent slice of techno music that was built for a good club sound system.

WARNING - if you decide to listen to this through good quality ... See full review
posted a review of Factory. over 14 years ago
It must be pointed out that many Factory releases are not actually records/CD's. Fac1 for example is the poster Peter Saville produced for the opening of the Factory Club as are fac3 and fac4. Other early 'facs' range from note paper to badges to ... See full review
posted a review of Unit Moebius / Polygamy Boys - The Sixth Reich Pax Amerikkkana. over 14 years ago
The limited print is 12" by 24" and folded to contain the record. It's of an American flag made up of red, white and blue swastikas and printed on thick art paper.

Very dramatic.
posted a review of ShapeShiftr & The Sentinel (2) - +612 EP. over 15 years ago
Fantastic electronics! 'Electrik City' is a dancefloor destroyer and the last track 'Sierra Oscar 612' is a brilliant touch to an amazing record. Lovers of pure electrobass should definitely buy this and investigate the rest of the back ... See full review
posted a review of New Order - The Peter Saville Show Soundtrack. over 15 years ago
This is an amazing instrumental composition. Washes of carefully crafted electronics, the warm comforting sound of Pete Hook's bass, electric and electro/acoustic guitar, snips of Peter Saville's voice on an answering machine all blend into a beautiful ... See full review
posted a review of Glenn Crocker - We Have Arrived. over 15 years ago
You have not lived until you've heard 'Entercourse Of The New Age'.

The mastering on this 12" is appalling - but I think it just adds to the mystique and aura of the overall sound. Truly inspirational House Music.
posted a review of Spiritual North - Superman. over 15 years ago
This is a cover of Laurie Anderson's 'O Superman'. I would describe it as squelchy acid - similar to Mike Inc's early stuff - not trance. It is extremely rare indeed.
posted a review of Menta - Sounds Of Da Future. over 15 years ago
I have a one sided test/promo with no label info just the Sounds Of Da Future logo printed backwards. It contains the original mix only - the catalogue number is exactly the same.

Fantastic track!
posted a review of Texture Records. over 15 years ago
Fantastic forward thinking dance music. These guys take in elements of 2 Step, D&B and electro to produce bass bin monsters that make you want to shake it!

Lovers of Tipper, Weatherall, Tenniswood and Begg will enjoy these tunes.

....just don't ... See full review
posted a review of Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant. over 15 years ago
This is the business!

This became a HUGE Balearic anthem - which is strange as this has quite an aggressive sound to it, not what you would associate with the Ibizan (sp?) vibe of 88/90.

This is now a staple tune for all those horrendous ... See full review
posted a review of Aux 88 - Bass Magnetic. over 15 years ago
Classic electro form start to finish. In time honoured fashion Aux88 have dipped into the past - Cybotron/Kraftwerk - tweaked the bass and given us a top quality slice of electro/techno - Detroit style.

This is begging for a repress!
posted a review of Thomas Brinkmann & Heiko Laux - Tyranids. over 15 years ago
'Invasion' is an incredibly lush slice of European Techno. I'm not so keen on the Brinkmann tracks - the first one is like a bad heavy metal rave monster with thrash guitars.

Well worth buying for the Heiko Laux tracks though.
posted a review of Pete Shelley - Homosapien. over 15 years ago
The 'Homosapien (Elongated Dancepartydubmix Version)' is a fantastic punk/funk/disco tune - timeless stuff that still gets them up and on the floor.
posted a review of 23 Skidoo - Coup. over 15 years ago
What can I say about this record - it's punk/funk classic!

The Chemical Brothers ripped it off, it's breaks turn up everywhere and the bass line is amazing.

For a variation on a theme listen to 'GI Fuck You' on 23 Skidoo's 'Urban Gamelan' LP - more ... See full review
posted a review of Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino / Z-Boson. over 15 years ago
I fully agree with unitary - this had the hairs on my arms standing to attention! Excellent futuristic soundscapes - reminds me of some quality John Carpenter - in fact I think they should be given a serious sci-fi movie to soundtrack - they'd do an ... See full review
posted a review of The Hacker - Cabaret Futura Vol. 2. over 15 years ago
'Nu-Nrg' doffs it's cap to those heady days of the 91/92 UK rave scene - plenty of Hoover and Beltram references. Sounds fantastic on a big beefy system - essential stuff.
posted a review of Dirty Hospital - Rottenrow. over 15 years ago
Get out yer electro rave Hoovers! Glasgow's finest, John Clarke (of those cheeky indie poppers Bis) gives it big stadium electro.

If there was a tear up in a pub car park between this and Vitalec's 'Pony EP' Dirty Hospital would win any day - ... See full review
posted a review of Cybernet Systems - Roboticist EP. over 15 years ago
Phil Klein does another top job with the magnificent 'Robot Movement'. It's been played at some of the best nights I've been to in the last 12 months. Once those 'robot' stabs kick in at the start there is no stopping those jerky body movements - lol - ... See full review
posted a review of New Order - 5-8-6 (Peter Black Remixes). over 15 years ago
This is an essential New Order 'remix'. '5-8-6' was originally called 'Video 586' - a 22 min long epic to commemorate the opening of the Hacienda night club in 1982. '5-8-6' then appeared as a shortened version on the 'Power Corruption And Lies' LP. ... See full review
posted a review of New Order - Confusion (Remix). over 15 years ago
I personally think this is an essential record - compared to the many atrocious attempts to cover/remix 'Confusion' this is a very fine attempt. The accapella is definitely a bonus though - drop it onto a sparse electro instrumental and watch them go ... See full review
posted a review of Somewhere In Detroit. over 15 years ago
Fantastic stuff - I'd heard about them from the Rub A Dub guys and it took me several trips to Submerge before they (Mike Banks and Rolando) would sell me the whole set. To be honest the only true S.I.D's are the first 5 - the other two ended up getting ... See full review
posted a review of Underground Resistance - Sweat Electric. over 15 years ago
This is the best of the series - works a treat on any dance floor - I recommend tracking it down but get yer check books ready as it's going to cost you!
posted a review of Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land. over 15 years ago
This is one of Carl Craig's favourite LP's - no wonder - it's industrial but it's just such a fantastic creation. Listen to the bassline on 'No Devotion'* and try not to dance! The staccato rhythms of 'Attack Ships On Fire' are solid as steel.

*The ... See full review
posted a review of Radioactive Man - Booby Trap. over 15 years ago
Oh yes! Mr Tenniswood does it again - even better than his first LP. Standout tracks are 'Kik Yerself', 'Airlock', 'Suitybloke' and 'Twistboomklart' - massive lumps of molten electro bass and beats.

But EVERY one of the tracks on the LP are fantastic, ... See full review
posted a review of Two Lone Swordsmen - Locked Swords. over 15 years ago
I've never been able to track down exactly how many of these were pressed. Andrew gives one figure and Keith gives another! Needless to say they are very limited and change hands for vast amounts of money - but it's worth every penny.

One of the ... See full review
posted a review of Future Pilot A.K.A. Vs Two Lone Swordsmen. over 15 years ago
Future Pilot A.K.A. Vs Two Lone Swordsmen has NOTHING to do with the Two Lone Swordsmen. The band Future Pilot sampled some TLS and credited the track to them - Weatherall and Tenniswood had no input on the finished music.
posted a review of Novamen - Try To Be A Novaman. over 15 years ago
Novamen are such a fantastic outfit - get this and the other release on Murdercapital plus the Bunker 12" too - you will not be disappointed. This release is a dirty funky mess of Den Haag electro.
posted a review of Novamen - Murdercapital Mentality. over 15 years ago
Every one of these tracks are fantastic. The standout has to be 'Ned's Rap' - dirty Den Haag beats with a quality bit of 'chat' over the top. Works a treat on the dancefloor.
posted a review of MU - Let's Get Sick. over 15 years ago
It's tracks like 'Let's Get Sick' that make life worth living.

Crazy drumming - like a loose machine gun in Ronnie Scott's - a 'Deep Beats Vol 1' siren sound - and lyrics spoken/sung/shouted by a Japanese girl called Kanamori who sounds mad as a box ... See full review
posted a review of Visnadi* - Racing Tracks. over 15 years ago
This is another of my 'weird' house faves. Starts off with a minimal funky house break and a rolling bass line then before you can say 'that's a bit dull' in comes the racing car!

This is just a wicked track for dropping halfway into your set and ... See full review
posted a review of Toktok - Tora Bora. over 15 years ago
There's one word to describe this records 'mental'.

Standout tracks for me are - 'Get Funky' with it's cheeky Casio keys and plinky plonk percussion interspersed with devastating 'attack hoovers' - 'Stop 'n Go' with it's Chi Town jack beats - ... See full review
posted a review of The Brothers Fuck & Friend - Brothers Fuck EP. over 15 years ago
Dark, dirty, Den Haag electronics - it's electro but it's not for the dancefloor - fantastic stuff!
posted a review of Like A Tim - Disc O Tim. over 15 years ago
I cannot recommend this record enough!

Sounding like a 'lost' New Order release circa 1982/83 this is quite a departure from the usual quirky (but fantastic) LAT tracks.

The standout has to be 'MT'. One for the end of the night. Just don't call it ... See full review