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posted a review of Jesse Kinch - I'm Not Like Everybody Else. about 1 month ago
amazing etching on side d, one of the best etchings i have, up there with the cars - panaroma reissue. he's got a good voice, sides b and c are good, seems a little fixated on self identity a bit on this album.
posted a comment on David Torn - Cloud About Mercury. about 1 month ago
this is a great album, i saw it at a flea market for $2 on vinyl, had to grab it, really glad i did, its some jazzy ambient type stuff, real good, and the record i got is a pretty nice pressing.
posted a comment on Spyro Gyra - Catching The Sun. 2 months ago
they're great, got tons of good albums, my favorite is morning dance, what a cup of coffee of an album
posted a comment on Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time. 3 months ago
lol i found 2 sealed copies of this at a junk store for a buck a piece
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Film. 6 months ago
i just got mine delivered today, from ebay. i wouldn't quite say its excellent sound, but its not very far off at all either.
posted a review of Soup (16) - Soup. 7 months ago
this is an amazing classic album thats fairly obscure! i have a pretty crappy copy of it, but i got it for a bargain price, nice to have an original piece of history. the jamming on side two gets pretty intense. check out the music for sure, pick up a ... See full review
posted a comment on Jane Siberry - The Speckless Sky. 7 months ago
stamped promos aren't a different issue if the stamp is the only thing that makes it a promo. promos that are really a different version usually state a for promotion only sort of statement printed on the label, and often the labels will be white, which ... See full review
posted a review of Full Force - Temporary Love Thing. 7 months ago
i just picked this up randomly with a few hiphop singles, the a side is ok, but the b side is hilarious story cut that worth the low price of entry for this single
posted a comment on Boston - Boston. 8 months ago
the us first pressings are good too, esp. with Wly for Wally in the deadwax!
posted a comment on Frōzen Ghōst - Frōzen Ghōst. 8 months ago
i don't think its considered a different release because of a promo stamp, you could note it in the entry, a lot of entries mention that some of them in the wild are stamped promo
posted a comment on Emmylou Harris - Luxury Liner. about 1 year ago
i have a used copy of the LP i'm listening to right now, who knows, it could be your old copy!
posted a comment on Jerry Harrison - The Red And The Black. about 1 year ago
thats called a promo stamp, essentially it means that record was free, and they would like you not to sell it please.
posted a comment on Nirvana - Nevermind. about 1 year ago
....people don't have reasons for making typos, they are accidents.
posted a comment on The Moody Blues. about 1 year ago
THEY GOT IN MY FRIEND! finally, along with dire straits and the cars and sister rosetta tharpe!! WOOO!
posted a comment on Leon Russell - Americana. about 1 year ago
this is pretty solid album, i prefer Leon's early Shelter albums, but this is a nice, heartwarming album, reminds me a little of Willy Nelson
posted a review of Ten Years After - Ssssh.. about 1 year ago
this is a great, great album, better than any led zep album. the pinnacle of blues rock? perhaps..
posted a comment on The Chipmunks - Chipmunk Punk. about 1 year ago
well.. i have a copy, listening to it for the first time now. will you give me anything to destroy it or send it to you for destruction?
posted a review of Eddie Rabbitt - Horizon. about 1 year ago
i gave this a solid 3 stars, its pretty decent rockish country, i liked it a lot better than his previous album loveline, which i might just try to sell cause i don't think i ever will want to listen to it again
posted a review of Martin Denny - Exotica Vol. III. about 1 year ago
this is good exotica, i have a US and a british pressing, they're both the kind of exotica people come to expect from martin denny. i do sorta wonder why les baxter records are much more expensive and collectible than martin denny
posted a review of Sophie Tucker - Her Latest And Greatest Spicy Songs. about 1 year ago
i just bought this cause i thought the cover was great! this is a pretty funny album though, rather racy for 1955. i'd recommend this if you find it for a buck or two somewhere. seems like there's as much of her talking about sex as singing
posted a review of Johnny Cash - The Original Johnny Cash. about 1 year ago
not the best selection of johnny cash songs, but it's a beautiful translucent gold
posted a comment on Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star. about 1 year ago
whoa whoa whoa... give credit where credit was due, laura nyro most influenced something/anything
posted a comment on John Lennon / Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions. about 1 year ago
that seems rather harsh given that the screaming was in reaction to yoko having the baby inside of her die. it was their way of working it out through music. if you had checked out the other side, you would be treated to john and yoko singing to ... See full review
posted a comment on The Kinks - Golden Hour Of The Kinks. about 1 year ago
i dunno, i'm bummed it doesn't have village green preservation society or picture book
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. about 1 year ago
i have that yellow and green symbol on my cassette of this, but it's different, mine says its korean, i think your's might be too
posted a comment on Leon Russell - Best Of Leon. about 1 year ago
does anyone know how this remaster sounds compared to the original release?
posted a comment on Leon Russell - Best Of Leon. about 1 year ago
yeah you tell 'em! lol <3 it is in that catagory now at least
added Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies to their collection. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Frank Sinatra - This Is Sinatra!. about 1 year ago
what about the cover photo of Come Dance With Me?
posted a comment on Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Miracles - Marvin Gaye-Smokey Robinson-The Miracles Greatest Hits. about 1 year ago
this is a GREAT collection, so many classic songs in a convenient package
posted a comment on George Harrison - Electronic Sound. about 1 year ago
i was a beatles fan way before i was a fan of early electronic and avant garde, but i just got unfinished music vol 2 in the mail today and i flat out loved it. i dunno about this album, i doubt i'll ever run across it for a price i'd want to pay, but it ... See full review
posted a review of Frank Sinatra - Come Back To Sorrento. about 1 year ago
this is a GREAT album, on the whole i prefer his capital stuff, but this early album is also among his best.
posted a review of Vangelis Papathanassiou* - Opéra Sauvage. about 1 year ago
this is a really nice chill album... for a real trip, if you have the LP play it at 45rpm instead of 33, and it sounds a lot like something on a final fantasy soundtrack!
posted a comment on Rod Stewart / Faces (3) - Live Coast To Coast - Overture And Beginners. about 1 year ago
this is a pretty decent album, the best cut on here is probably Stay With Me, rod and the fellas really rock out.
posted a comment on Aphrodite's Child - 666. about 1 year ago
this is listed as a repress. it's a cassette. they don't press cassettes
posted a comment on The Electric Light Orchestra* - ELO 2. about 1 year ago
thanks for this, i really appreciate when an album has a good review that tells me what to expect from the album and it's place in history! never really listened to ELO before, but i'm digging this, i like prog pretty well.
posted a comment on The Beatles - The Beatles. about 1 year ago
mine has some dark streaks looking about label colored, like part of the label got wet when it was being pressed and the water splattered outward in a few places.
posted a comment on Elton John - Madman Across The Water. about 1 year ago
being not a huge elton john fan, the first two songs are the only ones i care for
posted a review of Johnny Cash Featuring Jeannie C. Riley - Born To Sing. about 1 year ago
i have the bonus 6th lp with it, its a nice set to have, but i just don't see why its only half johnny cash. i'm sorry, harper valley pta was a p cool song, but i don't want her in my johnny cash box set. i would rather just have the 6 sides of cash on 3 ... See full review
posted a review of Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This: A Treasury Of Dean Martin. about 1 year ago
this is a pretty cool box set to have if you like dean martin. the 5 and the 6 lp versions are in the same packaging, the extra LP's contents are listed only on the LP label, not the packaging
posted a comment on Wolfman Jack - The United States Air Force Presents Wolfman Jack: Series #66. about 1 year ago
neat that i found this in a box with mostly partially burned/melted records, this one is perfectly fine, though the box is a little warped
submitted Stephen Stills - Buyin' Time. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
submitted Wolfman Jack - The United States Air Force Presents Wolfman Jack: Series #66. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Little Richard - Dollars, Dollars And More Dollars. about 1 year ago
hmm interesting, its certainly a rockin' record, that's for sure
posted a review of Elvis Costello And The Attractions* - Trust. about 1 year ago
for my money, this album is a big step down from his first four albums. its not bad, but maybe not classic
posted a review of Cannonball Adderley Quintet* - The Price You Got To Pay To Be Free. about 1 year ago
this is... well it's all over the map, certainly not bop
posted a comment on McCartney* - McCartney. about 1 year ago
mine is just like this, except at the very bottom of the labels, mine says MFD. By Apple Records, Inc on side 2 but not side 1, whereas this one has it on side 1 but not 2, is this another label variation?
posted a review of Starcastle - Starcastle. about 1 year ago
is this Yes undercover? lol, no but it could be. seriously though, a pretty good prog record
posted a review of Various - Back To The Future (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
the first side of this record is good opening and closing with huey lewis, side b is rather forgettable though