Born 36 years ago in Switzerland and living in Rome ever since i was two weeks "old".
Supporter of AS Roma.
The Stone Roses fanatic.
Non smoker.
Beer drinker.
My profile dates back to august 2011 when i got a few records as birthday present from some friends: now, my collection is mainly focused on 90s alt rock, / punk / Oi! / 90s UK indie.
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15/07/2017: 4001 rank points achieved!
21/01/2018: 5003 rank points achieved!
06/10/2018: 6000 rank points achieved!

I listen my records with the following equipment:
Turntable: Technics SL-1210MK2
Audio Technica AT33EV (Low Output Stereo MC)
Audio Technica AT33MONO (Low Output Mono MC)
SUT: Rothwell MC1
Preamp: Pro-Ject Tube Box DS
HiFi System: Sony CMT-SX7B
Speakers: Sony SS-CS5