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Marcellus Pittman - Do You Like Music E.P
posted a comment on Marcellus Pittman - Do You Like Music E.P. over 9 years ago
Cry baby
Theo Parrish - Expressive Angles
posted a comment on Theo Parrish - Expressive Angles. over 9 years ago
Try Mean Machine by The Last Poets
Inner Sunset Recordings
posted a comment on Inner Sunset Recordings. over 9 years ago
Homero G and Lowtops ones are the best
Various - Intercom EP
posted a comment on Various - Intercom EP. over 10 years ago
Got the white.... Brilliant ep from a great label that's way ahead of the curve
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 11 years ago
Call Super - The Present Tense
posted a comment on Call Super - The Present Tense. over 11 years ago
Mine plays fine
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 11 years ago
Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap EP
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitchslap EP. over 13 years ago
Never leaves my bag,Still sounds as fresh as the first time i heard it
Doc Martin - Shaboom
posted a comment on Doc Martin - Shaboom. over 13 years ago
Anyone know where i can find a tracklist for this mix
Downbeat (2)
posted a comment on Downbeat (2). over 13 years ago
One of if not THE best european deep house labels around right now,If there is a better label i havnt found it yet :)
Disco Nihilist - It's Grim Up North
posted a comment on Disco Nihilist - It's Grim Up North. over 14 years ago
Relentless Drums is the track for me,Love Construction Paper love Disco Nihilist nuff said
Henrik Schwarz - Chicago
posted a comment on Henrik Schwarz - Chicago. over 14 years ago
Chicago is a monster!!!..."Feel the vibe" is well worth a listen too,I got this EP when it first came out and only listened to the flip last week and was very suprised how fresh it still sounds,Well worth checkin out
Jose Rico / Mike Huckaby - Untitled
posted a comment on Jose Rico / Mike Huckaby - Untitled. over 14 years ago
Great label,Prob my favourite release yet..All 3 tracks are killer but the stand out for me is About It by Jose Rico