Retired selector from Tromsø Norway, (Now lives in Bergen)
I don´t care about genres, i don´t care about vinyl only releases.. I don´t care about digital only releases. I don´t care if you play CD´s, i don´t care if you play´s FLAC or MP3´s. I don´t care if you only play vinyl. It´s 2017 now. Get on with it.

I produce a little. I play guitar, bass and used to play drums.
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posted a comment on Daft Punk. about 18 hours ago
I agree. I already thought Discovery was meh.
They are a pop act. Thats it, Nothing else these days.
Just stop siting on the fence waiting for another "Homework" or anything remotely close to it. I gave up Daft Punk long ago.
posted a comment on Psychemagik - Magik Sunset Part 2. 1 day ago
Just another winning comp by Psychemagic. How they got their hands on that amazing John Keating track is beyond me, and just cementing their wicked digging skills.
posted a review of Psychemagik - Psychemagik Archive 2009​-​2017. 3 days ago
What a package.. And such top and lovely sharing blokes. Here you get many rare edits released and unreleased to listen to. Perfect to have on your player on the go.
posted a comment on Lawrence. 4 days ago
This guys is a master on flow, and is serious about the basslines.
posted a comment on Porter Ricks - Anguilla Electrica. 4 days ago
Holy Schmoly...The return of Porter Ricks. And its mighty solid.
posted a comment on Torben (3). 10 days ago
He posts new releases by Torben on his Facebook page. So he is def. part of it.
But listening to Torben material. Yeah, Max Graef is very instrumental in the Torben projects.
posted a comment on Bill Evans Trio* Featuring Scott La Faro* - Sunday At The Village Vanguard. 11 days ago
What is the point of a 2x12 LP of this release?
posted a comment on Dido - Thank You. 17 days ago
Worst remix of Deep Dish i ever heard.. Duhduhudhudhuduhduh bassline. Totally uninspiring garbage..
posted a comment on Max Graef. 18 days ago
Not digging so much of the "Band" projects he flies around with these days. Too much freejam based that sticks to a experimental level. Im not saying that musicians should stop evolve and explore, but Graef´s home is wth an MPC and a bunch of jazz ... See full review
posted a comment on Ninja Tune. 18 days ago
Seems like most stuff released on Ninja Tune these days is mediocre to poor. Even from established artists that are in their prime like Max Graef, and i recently heard sample from Bicep´s track "Aura" from their forthcoming LP due to release in ... See full review
posted a review of Boxed. 18 days ago
Boxed was the pinnacle of Prog House comps. Although started with Tony De Vit and Hard House mixes and Trance, The commercial Prog House era was in the centre right here once it went global and GU jumped on. You could, and still can easily buy everything ... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Lawler - Nubreed Global Underground. 18 days ago
Pretty dull most the way through. A mix stripped of soul in my opinion, but the tribal progressive sound was not really music you got emotionally engaged to. To me it was strictly club material, nothing more or less and over 2 hours with this stuff here ... See full review
posted a comment on The KLF. 19 days ago
The KLF is returning with "Something" We just have to wait..
posted a review of The Funky Horns - Blow. 20 days ago
Released the same year as St.Germain - Boulevard, and i could say that Duke was very close to the same sound that Ludo produced. I could almost say that that this could feature ON the album and i would then believe Ludovic had produced it. Deep saxy ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Duke. 20 days ago
So under-appreciated outside the heart of New York City. Duke was an unstoppable force in the 90´s and he still is doing what he does.
Nothing but respect to his work. I have yet to dig for more treasures from him.
posted a comment on Various - In Any Case Records 001. 26 days ago
B2 is absolute bliss.. Shows you how a phat saturated lo-fi´sh beat should be done. Not any of that DJ Seinfeld. Ross from friends nonsense.. and what a groove it is. Bassline is killer too..
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Dance Classic. about 1 month ago
Is the year behind each track the date of production? then shoot me.. Ron Trent was way ahead than anybody in that case.
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art. about 1 month ago
i could have "Regret" loop around inside my head all day long..
posted a comment on Robert Miles. about 1 month ago
"Children" was unavoidable in ´95. Died too young..
Rest in Peace.
posted a comment on Lobster Theremin. about 1 month ago
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .What?
posted a comment on House Masters. about 1 month ago
I also think they should do Peven Everett too.. come on..
posted a comment on Hardrive - Deep Inside. about 1 month ago
duh-dum dum dum dum... Strip down Deep Inside and it is incredibly simple built up with very basic plink-plonk sounds. Yet a catchy drum programming and only Masters can put something like this together.
posted a comment on Tom Silvester - Deep And Wide. about 1 month ago
How is the CD compared to Vinyl version? Great tracks but a bit short.
posted a comment on Miss Kittin. about 1 month ago
This comment is almost 15 years old and things have changed. She was best when she did electro. Her DJ sets these days is little to be desired for. Plonk-tiss-plonk-tiss-plonk-tiss into eternity. My laundry machine sounds more exciting..
posted a comment on De Press. about 1 month ago
Block To Block has a special place in my life. We used to play it at parties in the 90´s.
Legendary band that is STILL active to this day.
posted a comment on John Ciafone. about 1 month ago
Him and Lem did a Boiler Room..
They are around..
posted a comment on Nite Grooves. about 1 month ago
King Street is another label that has lost its identity. I see it with all labels that drops physical copies. They just wither away and gets forgotten.
I quit buying vinyl but i still think it is an important medium to exist within labels.
posted a comment on Andrés - New For U. 2 months ago
Always wondered why this went to become so immensely popular and sold in bucketloads? One of the (If not THE) most sold 12" in 2012.
posted a comment on Max Graef - Apron EP. 2 months ago
More Lo-Fi wankery. I just prefer "B.E" out of this. Real phat old school style Graef. Quirky muddy disco like i used to love him for.
posted a comment on Max Graef - Apron EP. 2 months ago
How can your ear tell the difference. A Lo-Fi house records sounds like a bad pressing? It already sounds like a crappy cassette tape..
posted a comment on Fibre Foundation - Don't You Ever Stop. 2 months ago
Very fresh ´til this day. Classic house cut right there.
posted a comment on Samo DJ* - Kicked Out Of Everywhere. 2 months ago
Gotta say, Medellin.. Absolutely dark, wicked twisted digeridoo fuelled nastiness.
posted a comment on Slacker (6) - Amen To The Lonely . 2 months ago
I thought Shem McCauley had risen from the dead and started to produce again :)
posted a comment on Various - Banoffee Pies Black Label 01.2. 2 months ago
Incredible funk on "Bet Your Life". This label just get better and better..
posted a comment on DJ Seinfeld - Sunrise. 2 months ago
Gotta pop that cherry on you fresh virgin wax sir..
posted a comment on Various - MASK 100. 2 months ago
Well sir.. They have been high for years. Get real!!!
posted a review of Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill. 3 months ago
Thousands of people wore out their cassette versions of this in the 80´. I stole my copy of Licence To Ill from my sister and listened religiously to it until it was worn out. Amazing how popular this album became to be by 3 white rappers, rock riffs ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett - Børft EP. 3 months ago
Damn i am laughing hard at the track titles.. :D
posted a comment on Ben Hauke - Rough, Ready, Steady EP. 3 months ago
This kid is going places. excellent sampling skills and very well put together. Detroit heads might can this. Reminds me a bit of the old Derrick L. Carter stuff.
posted a review of Tornado Wallace - Lonely Planet . 3 months ago
Album of the year so far. Damn its gonna be hard to top this one. Not one bad track on this. A fantastic mix of 80´s synths, acoustic sounds and balearic vibes. Organic, warm and lush. Track "Today" reminds me of Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow ... See full review
posted a comment on Nenad Marković - Kayto. 4 months ago
Yeah i wonder now. Same artist or straight up theft?
posted a comment on Townes Van Zandt. 4 months ago
Townes Van Zandt. An unique figure in music.. Everyone should check on his songs. The best songwriter that ever lived.
posted a comment on Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere.... 4 months ago
A remarkable achievement in sound. 5.1 Stereo done just right. One could play this on the CD player and you would not know right away it was live. Great setlist of their greatest track from Deadwing and previous albums. Gavin in complete control on the ... See full review
posted a comment on Porcupine Tree - Atlanta. 4 months ago
Not as good as "Arriving.." (which to me would be hard to top) The sound is not that good, and Gavin is too violent on the double bass flams and chops. His drumming on "Arriving.." was incredible rhythmic and controlled. Not so much here..
posted a review of Various - Planet Giegling Tour EP. 4 months ago
Love Traumprinz, but his track here was mediocre and quite dull. But the Vril track was good though. Slung me way back to Basic Channel mood on that one, but could have been longer though. The B side was so-so.. Overall, a bland collection of tracks most ... See full review
posted a comment on Baba Stiltz - Is Everything. 4 months ago
B2 is simple, but absolutely got the right feels. Laden synths and trippy arpeggiator just "battling" each other all the way through.
The whole EP is a wonderful gem though..
posted a comment on Porcupine Tree. 4 months ago
PT is more or less history. Altough there might be something in the future. But it has left a legacy behind them that few other band can achieve.
posted a review of Colter Wall. 4 months ago
Colter will be one of those to talk about this year, He is Cash and Townes in one body.. I believe so. "Imaginary Appalachia" is a marvellous 5/5 album even though it is 2 years old. At his age of 21 and having THAT voice like an 60 year old? I think ... See full review
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Pulse. 4 months ago
Needs a repress.. They reissue everything else so why not this? I know note by note on every song and solo on this concert by heart..
posted a comment on Nenad Marković - Kayto. 4 months ago
Well.. That Explains the price bump.. etc etc etc etc