Retired selector from Tromsø Norway, (Now lives in Bergen) Now guitar picker.

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posted a comment on AC/DC. 4 days ago
Echoing the AC/DC vs. other bands.. I can positively say that AC/DC never set out to be a complex band to break any rules that was not already broken. Pink Floyd and Zep both dabbled into the psychedelia in rock music. They invented or re-invented what ... See full review
posted a comment on FXHE Records. 5 days ago
Always buy directly from Omar as long as he has in stock.. Support his great label so he can press more wax.
posted a comment on Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui. 6 days ago
Wish there was more to this collaborative. Such genius like Wolfers could only throw something together like this and do killer tracks featuring sounds from a cheap Casio synth that was in every household during the start of the 90´s.
posted a review of DJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U. 6 days ago
Quite impressed with this. Even if these Lo-Fi brigade or Vapor wave guys or whatever you call it has got a lot of bashing for their oversaturated sound, i quite enjoyed this release in full.
The album is a great homage to 90´s more commercial house ... See full review
posted a comment on James Holden. 15 days ago
Oh yeah agreed. Holden 2017 vs. 2000.. In at least 17 years he has moved far away from what he wanted to make back then as "proper Trance" as he called it. Today, all that trance stuff is abandoned. He progressed way further than the other artist the OP ... See full review
posted a comment on Galcher Lustwerk - I Neva Seen EP. 16 days ago
Was some problems with this release if i remember right. Sampling clearance maybe..
submitted Galcher Lustwerk - Dark Bliss. 16 days ago
posted a review of Saine - For The Dreamers. 21 days ago
Wonderful as usual. I love Saine because he has his own sound. Nobody sounds like him.
For The Dreamers is a fitting title for this LP. its more lush than his previous releases. Some tracks you can dive deep into, and some of them a little more uptempo, ... See full review
posted a comment on Charles Bradley. about 1 month ago
First Sharon Jones.. Now Charles Bradley.. Both gone in short time of the Daptone family.. First discovered him when I blindly bought Now That I'm Gone (Look How You're Crying) on 45 back in ´04. A slice of raw unpolished funk and since then been a fan ... See full review
posted a review of Junktion (3) - Make Believe Disco No. 2. 2 months ago
Some of the finest release i have heard at the end of this summer. Brilliant layers of tropical on the A-side..
B side goes a bit darker and clubbier.. But no reason to not cop this in your bag. It´s top notch production.
posted a comment on David Gilmour. 2 months ago
But...but....What about his guitar??????

No one quite plays so clean and beautiful like Gilmour..
I tried so many times.. never quite reached that clean tone of his..
posted a review of Letherette - EP 4. 2 months ago
"Give My Love" has funk.. This is how you do a 101-school of "retro" or "lo-fi" house or whatever the hell they call it these days.. The hi-hat sounds correct, great layered kick. The whole rhythm composition is compressed brilliantly and is tailored for ... See full review
submitted Letherette - EP 4. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Dimitri From Tokyo* - Sakura Blue EP. 3 months ago
i played "I Rob To Dance" out til i was genuinely tired of it.. Lol lol.. Such a great edit. But the rest of the 12" is pure fire too.
posted a comment on Erot - Milk Chocolate Swing / Haribo. 3 months ago
Let me hear you make this.. in 1997. If its not for you move on.
posted a comment on Tore* / Torske* - Battlestar XB-7 / Jeg Vil Være Søppelmann. 3 months ago
According to Northern Disco Lights. the WOW edit was made by Tore while drunk.. Which he rarely was, due to his heart condition.. Its wicked, but has to be played at the right time..
posted a comment on Nina Simone - It Is Finished. 3 months ago
EXUMA yes.. The original is pretty folksy and ethnic, Lots of percussion, but other than the message the song gives, a million miles away from Simone´s chilly performance. Simone stole songs.. in a good way. She made the songs her own in her unique way. ... See full review
submitted Jordan O'Regan - Always EP. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Step Back Trax 001 - Various Artists. 3 months ago
"Don´t Stop" is a real killah. My only beef with it is that it is Decimorted and lo-fi´ed a tad too much..
posted a comment on The Walkabouts - Nighttown. 3 months ago
Nighttown Is my favourite release by this great Seattle band. The title does echo the dark fragile surrondings of a noir-ish city. It moves slow, but very balanced.
posted a comment on Mary J. Blige. 4 months ago
Mad respect for Mary J.. Damn, she is MY Queen of modern R'n'B. She absolutely knows where to draw the line..
posted a comment on Gemini. 4 months ago
Yeah bro i hear ya. But he would come second. My number one i wish i could see is Ron Hardy.. But Spencer is very close second,
posted a review of Sessions (5). 4 months ago
Ahh the days.. If you loved the mix you could always hunt down those 2x12 or 4x12" clean cut vinyl compilations to get some great tracks that gave you bang for your bucks.. Mix CD´s today are a thing of the past, and compilation to go with is DEFINATLY a ... See full review
posted a comment on Roger Sanchez - Sessions Eleven (The R-Senal Sessions). 4 months ago
I haven´t heard this mix, but this was the time when Sanchez went commercial..
posted a comment on Sessions (5). 4 months ago
Does not fit with their playing style.. Moraes, sure, probably, But Francois plays so many styles doing his sets (atleast during millennium era) and Tenaglia was all tribal and big room at the time. they would probably not fit in this series.
posted a comment on Adesse Versions - That's What Friends Are For. 4 months ago
Used to get tons of records like that back in the day. no sweat.. is just business...
posted a comment on Basic Channel. 4 months ago
I got tired of waiting and made my own ones..
posted a comment on Various - Global Technological Innovations - Unreleased 1. 4 months ago
Contains an unreleased and a very very good Basic Channel production. Also the one that stand out one as well among of these. Very crisp and fresh and have stood the test of time with pride.
posted a comment on UN.T.O. Records. 4 months ago
Why they charge 666 Euros for their digital recent releases on bandcamp?..
posted a comment on Daft Punk. 4 months ago
I agree. I already thought Discovery was meh.
They are a pop act. Thats it, Nothing else these days.
Just stop siting on the fence waiting for another "Homework" or anything remotely close to it. I gave up Daft Punk long ago.
posted a comment on Psychemagik - Magik Sunset Part 2. 5 months ago
Just another winning comp by Psychemagic. How they got their hands on that amazing John Keating track is beyond me, and just cementing their wicked digging skills.
posted a review of Psychemagik - Psychemagik Archive 2009​-​2017. 5 months ago
What a package.. And such top and lovely sharing blokes. Here you get many rare edits released and unreleased to listen to. Perfect to have on your player on the go.
posted a comment on Lawrence. 5 months ago
This guys is a master on flow, and is serious about the basslines.
posted a comment on Porter Ricks - Anguilla Electrica. 5 months ago
Holy Schmoly...The return of Porter Ricks. And its mighty solid.
posted a comment on Torben (3). 5 months ago
He posts new releases by Torben on his Facebook page. So he is def. part of it.
But listening to Torben material. Yeah, Max Graef is very instrumental in the Torben projects.
posted a comment on Bill Evans Trio* Featuring Scott La Faro* - Sunday At The Village Vanguard. 5 months ago
What is the point of a 2x12 LP of this release?
posted a comment on Dido - Thank You. 5 months ago
Worst remix of Deep Dish i ever heard.. Duhduhudhudhuduhduh bassline. Totally uninspiring garbage..
posted a comment on Max Graef. 5 months ago
Not digging so much of the "Band" projects he flies around with these days. Too much freejam based that sticks to a experimental level. Im not saying that musicians should stop evolve and explore, but Graef´s home is wth an MPC and a bunch of jazz ... See full review
posted a comment on Ninja Tune. 5 months ago
Seems like most stuff released on Ninja Tune these days is mediocre to poor. Even from established artists that are in their prime like Max Graef, and i recently heard sample from Bicep´s track "Aura" from their forthcoming LP due to release in ... See full review
posted a review of Boxed. 5 months ago
Boxed was the pinnacle of Prog House comps. Although started with Tony De Vit and Hard House mixes and Trance, The commercial Prog House era was in the centre right here once it went global and GU jumped on. You could, and still can easily buy everything ... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Lawler - Nubreed Global Underground. 5 months ago
Pretty dull most the way through. A mix stripped of soul in my opinion, but the tribal progressive sound was not really music you got emotionally engaged to. To me it was strictly club material, nothing more or less and over 2 hours with this stuff here ... See full review
posted a comment on The KLF. 5 months ago
The KLF is returning with "Something" We just have to wait..
posted a review of The Funky Horns - Blow. 5 months ago
Released the same year as St.Germain - Boulevard, and i could say that Duke was very close to the same sound that Ludo produced. I could almost say that that this could feature ON the album and i would then believe Ludovic had produced it. Deep saxy ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Duke. 5 months ago
So under-appreciated outside the heart of New York City. Duke was an unstoppable force in the 90´s and he still is doing what he does.
Nothing but respect to his work. I have yet to dig for more treasures from him.
posted a comment on Various - In Any Case Records 001. 5 months ago
B2 is absolute bliss.. Shows you how a phat saturated lo-fi´sh beat should be done. Not any of that DJ Seinfeld. Ross from friends nonsense.. and what a groove it is. Bassline is killer too..
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Dance Classic. 6 months ago
Is the year behind each track the date of production? then shoot me.. Ron Trent was way ahead than anybody in that case.
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art. 6 months ago
i could have "Regret" loop around inside my head all day long..
posted a comment on Robert Miles. 6 months ago
"Children" was unavoidable in ´95. Died too young..
Rest in Peace.
posted a comment on Lobster Theremin. 6 months ago
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .What?
posted a comment on House Masters. 6 months ago
I also think they should do Peven Everett too.. come on..