Retired selector from Tromsø Norway, (Now lives in Bergen) Now guitar picker.

Want to know what we have done in Norway since 1990? Look no further
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posted a comment on Superlative Music Recordings. 5 days ago
Funny, this labels website has the same design as Threatin website. LOLz!!!
posted a comment on Threatin - Breaking the World. 5 days ago
Its crazy. ha spent thousands of dollar to buy fans, likes, promotion & most incredibly pay upfront for the venue. It´s quite amazing the length this guy went. The Tommy Wiseau of Music some say. The comparison is quite similar.
posted a comment on Primus - Antipop. 29 days ago
Best thing about this album is Tom Waits. The rest is not so good.
posted a comment on Swedish House Mafia. 29 days ago
These guys are reunited. Should have stayed gone.
. . . .
posted a comment on David Guetta. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Malcolm Young. about 1 month ago
A quiet one in the private, but the tour the force-rhythm train with AC/DC. Always at the back at the Marshall stacks with his '63 Gretch 6131with stripped pickups backing up Angus. The two just completed eachother creating the fiercest power-chord ... See full review
posted a review of AC/DC - Powerage. about 1 month ago
This is AC/DC in their best prime. I am reviewing the Spanish version because my mum bough this to me at the tender age of 6 years old (1987) on our vacation in Mallorca Spain. I remember the moment. I remember the store. I picked it out myself because i ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------. about 1 month ago
This is what i believe to be a proper crock of shite of a record. A 12" only released to stir up the vinyl heads and have money been thrown around.
posted a comment on Al Jourgensen. about 1 month ago
One of the best stories i heard about Al was when he sent an envelope of his own ejaculated sperm to a label representative because he was pissed off at them for some reason. The label dude called him back some time later asking him "What was that stuff ... See full review
posted a comment on Palms Trax. about 1 month ago
What happened to this guy?. Just went poof. . . .
posted a comment on Seven Davis Jr.. about 1 month ago
"One" from 2013 is unmatchable. Seven Davis at his best. 2015 was his year.. A man on fire, but after that he fell flat. Seven Davis has much potential, get some soul on wax brother!!!
posted a comment on Börft Records. about 1 month ago
Crazy that this label is going strong. One of the oldest techno and electronic labels still in existence and its swedish.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on DJ Fett Burger And Stiletti Ana* - 358 Men. about 1 month ago
Last release on Freakout Cult . . . . . .
submitted Dark Sky (2) - Lossless. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Jayda G & Laylay - Monroe Bumpa / 186 Halin' (Loving Myself Mix). 2 months ago
Could be Bjørn Torske.. . . . . . .
posted a comment on 707 Boyz - Track F..K. 3 months ago
he lifted the whole groove of this EP. Also used by Unit T - Mystery Tones..
posted a comment on Theo Parrish - Thanks To Plastic. 3 months ago
Record from mixer, and put a mic in the audience to capture the live feel. Record on two channels, then mix the levels on mastering to get the best result.
This is lazy work.. Agreed.
posted a comment on Giegling. 3 months ago
Ahh.. the PC Generation at play. Honestly he is half way right.. Not very Female DJ´s that really has made an impact on me. Are a few good handful ones though.
posted a comment on Aretha Franklin. 3 months ago
Rest in Peace Aretha. What a legacy you left behind to us.
submitted Quasar (33) - Lovesongs Vol.II. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - Lovesongs. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - Summer Tapas. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - Reel 2 Reel. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - QQQ. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - Baratti Lounge Club. 3 months ago
submitted Quasar (33) - Cottonfield EP. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Metallica - ...And Justice For All. 3 months ago
This album is so praised by Metallica fans, but although the songs are good, the mixing of this album is totally crap. Lars Ulrich should have been fired after this album, then maybe St Anger could have been great..
posted a comment on Bokhari Records. 3 months ago
NOT vinyl-only.. Most their back catalog is available digital via their Bandcamp site.
posted a comment on The Velvet Underground - Scepter Studios Sessions. 4 months ago
Commercially released copies was ripped from Moe´s copy. . . .
posted a comment on David Guetta. 4 months ago
EDM is coming to an end. Other trendy music is on the doorstep ready to take over and jump in line on a trail of used glowsticks and thrown birthday cakes. At the tip of the spear is Guetta who already seems to be washed up, dried and thrown back into ... See full review
posted a comment on White Zombie. 4 months ago
White Zombie is when Rob Zombie was at his best and most creative. When he went solo his stuff became meh...
posted a comment on Al Zanders - Guidance EP. 4 months ago
i had to go a little "wtf" when i saw a new UTM release listed up. Almost 20 years later Roy Davis dusts off the label and puts it back in action.
posted a comment on Vinnie Paul. 4 months ago
Vinnie Paul was one of my drummer heroes when Pantera were on top. Technically gifted and sturdy drummer but yet with a simple straight forward approach. But he was played like a clock. Excellent drummer. RIP Vinne..
posted a comment on Baba Stiltz - Showtime. 5 months ago
Baba taking the piss with duration of the tracks? . .
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Pulse. 5 months ago
No audience noise? Is this avaliable on Digital, CD format i wonder?
submitted Cody Currie - Vignettes From New York (Throwaway's Vol. 5). 5 months ago
posted a comment on Giegling. 6 months ago
whats the ruckus? have i missed something? . . . .
posted a comment on Flat Funk - Flat Funk. 6 months ago
It drives me crazy trying to find the original sample (tough money, money´s tight).
Anyone shed some light on this?
posted a comment on Bertine Zetlitz - Snow On A Hot Day. 6 months ago
. . . . . . Why wouldn't it be?
posted a comment on SUED. 7 months ago
Far as i can see there is nothing there. . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a review of Steve Gadd. 7 months ago
The most acclaimed studio drummer that has ever lived. Music lovers across all genres will at one or several point come cross Gadd and his studio magic and delicate grooves. He was pretty much THE drummer you would have behind a kit during the 70´s, ... See full review
posted a comment on Harry Wolfman - Nemoto EP. 7 months ago
OUTSTANDING.. Outplay churns out class after class. Just bag this is all i have to say.
posted a comment on Kygo. 8 months ago
Why has this idiot copied Live At Robert Johnson logo?
posted a review of Steven Wilson - To The Bone. 8 months ago
Steven Wilson goes pop they say.. But only "Permanating" on this album is a pop song. Although, i have a hard time trying to complete the full listening experience with that song in there. It just does not fit in with the other tracks to be honest, ... See full review
posted a comment on Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden. 8 months ago
Paul Di´anno was a brilliant vocalist. He was the Bon Scott of Maiden until Dickinson took over. Great fucking album !!!
posted a comment on Various - Discogs Compilation Volume 1. 8 months ago
Hah.. i remember this one. So long ago, but a community release yes.
posted a comment on Vangelis. 9 months ago
There is an amazing video on Youtube where he plays ALL pieces in a composition in one sitting. Just says alot about what genius Vangelis is.
posted a comment on Outify - Intercontinental. 9 months ago
Loving this release. Very overlooked producer from Russia. His other album is good as well but this is a banger. Hard and dark 909.