Everthing is available in all of North America and internationally. Ignore the message it is all available. Until we fix the glitch just message us directly please and all is good the items are all definitely available no problem. We just did not have a chance to complete the new postage updates yet is all. Thanks for looking at our Manik Panik trade and want pages. Trade offers usually accepted with just the very occasional consignment exceptions. Please have a look if you like and send us a message please with what you can send in swap. Trades always thick padded, registered airmail only and with some locations express mail- please no surface mail from abroad - safest way always. it Might be all airmal these days anyways. Registered mail for all trades sent please and insured. Please always pad trades up extra thick for maximum safety concerns. It's worth the extra dollar or two to pad it up thick and secure.

Our combined want lists on the one wants list page is definitely not at all complete by any stretch, nowhere near complete - many, many others of interest definitely - a whole lot more, so please offer any similar stuff you could potentially mail us in trade.
In the case of the demo tapes/cassettes on our wants, we are also totally fine with a nice cd-r (recording) of those because we understand you might be attached to the original (might be sentimental), so even a compact disc recording of any of the demos from our wants lists would be great and actually none of us own a cassette deck at this point sadly, so a c.d.r. is totally fine.

There are some various picture sleeves of interest to us currently. We are fine with trading a record for an original sleeve we need or a sleeve we have on spare for a sleeve we need or a sleeve we have for a record we need - any combination basically sounds fine. Some of the sleeves we want (without the vinyl or with the vinyl if need be, but without the vinyl is fine) include 7" sleeves for the: Endtables (Process of Elimination), Just Urbain (Guns and Guitars), Young Identities (New Trends), Rivals (Future Rights), Wuffy Dogs (Boys Went South), the Bombs (Let's Go to Guyana), Cartoons (She's a Rock and Roller), John Vomit and the Leather Scabs (Picked off the Litter), Zamp and the Suspects (1980, without or preferably with the vinyl), Escorts ("Bingo")(1980), Death In the Shopping Malls (Man on a Tightrope), Secret Savior (First Love), Haskells (Magazine Girls), Trend (Lucky Day), Frank Stein (Trash Clash)(1980), Jak Glenn (Put Me On)(1980 Part I), Carsickness (Happy Workers/Plastic People), Blitz Boys (Eddie's New Shoes),
Consumers (We're American)(red and white sleeve), Den 55 (My Home Town), Danny and the Gentiles (Fantasy)(1985), Vain Aims (You)(1980), Phun (Music For The Masses)(1982 Phun Banana Ranger),
Fastball (R.S.V.P.), Golden Gate Jumpers (Don't Make Me Love You), Victim (Strange Thing By Night), Ants (Sonic Boom/Catch You)(1979), Razer (Another Kind Of Man)(with or without the vinyl either is fine), M (Espionage Baby), Naughty Thoughts (All or Nothing)(1982), Dead's Head (You and I We're Going Back), Newcomers (Try Baby Try)(1983), Major Conflict (How Do Ya Feel), SS-20 (Daddy's Drunk on Christmas)(1987), Deciples (Midget Villiage)(sticker plastic sleeve), Circuit (Wriggle Away)(1981), 004 (I Don't Love You)(1982 Spy Society). Twist N Shout (Bounce Back)(Wessex 1979), Serfs/Young Caucasians (1982 Go),
Fools Face (I Could Tell)(Bubble), O'Aces 7", Butch McCarthy (Special To You/Brat), Erkin Rock (1980), Sensational Spares (No Time At All), Tiny Voices (Write Back Soon)(1985), Walking Upright (Time Card Zombie), Latest (Red Lips)(1981 Wizard), Maniatics (Phone Games)(1982),
Scavenger (Ne Ne New Wave)(1981), Anorexia (1982)(Steven + 3 songs u.k.).

We have some extras of original sleeves here without the vinyl including : Big Boys (Where's My Towel?)(1981, half silk screen- front white), Cheifs (Blues)(early 1980), Squelch (I Can't Stand You)(Ohio 1980??), Teenage PhD's (Eat the Poor)(early 1980) , Shake Shakes (You Can Run)(California), Lamour (Sunglass Party), Pagans (Not Now No Way), Aryan Disgrace (Mystic 1983), Remod (Life of the Party)(1980 Race), Unit 3 With Venus (Dream Monsters)(Permanent), Strength Through Joy (Gang, Minnesota, early 1982), Karey Doolin (1979), Ron Scarlett (Hanging On)(1981 Boston punk on Varulven), Husker Du (Amusement / Statues)(1980 debut release), Half Japanese (Calling All Girls)(1977), Double O (You've Lost)(1982 Dischord), Donuts (She May be Your Girl)(1980), Stimulants (Who's That Boy!)(mid 1980s), Black Randy (Trouble At The Cup)(1977 Dangerhouse), Ronnie and the Rayguns (Nancy's China), Inflatable Boy Clams, Shit Dogs (You Bet)(1981), Carpettes (Johnny Won't Hurt You), Mob (Witch Hunt)(1980), Black Chrome (1978 Australia, Tommorrow), Dred Scott (Woudn't You Be Amazed), Features (Floozie of the Neighborhood), Iron Head (Second to None), Broadcast (1982, U.S.), Sheiks (Australia), Jim Bob and the Leisure Suits (1st)(First Time)(1980, Alabama), Bunchofuckingoofs (Canada for double 7"), Slow Children (Pseudo Girl)(Boston, 1981 Varulven), Hypsterz (1979, Minnesota, Bogus Records), Manic Depressives (1980 Louisiana), Capital Scum (Clutch the Flag)(1985, Benelux area on Hageland), Brian James (Ain't That A Shame)(1979), Melting Five (Animalistic)(1981), Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Penetrators (Sensitive Boy), Mutts (Joan of Art)(with thick red 2 sided insert), Tazers (Don't Classify Me), Gang Green (Sold Out)(1984, green sleeve), the Sell (Hillary Laddin)(What records, Martyrs members), Morzelpronk (Netherlands, 1984), Young Turks, You Suck (You Suck Chant), Novak (Oh, Farrah"), Nic and the Nives (Paint It Black)(#30/500), Axel Grinders, Hickey / Voodool Glow Skulls, 63 Monroe (Henry the Eighth), Shoes (Too Late/Now and Then), Shoes (Tomorrow Night/Okay)(Bomp 116), B-52's (Rock Lobster), Johnny Rubbish (Living in NW3 4JR Anarchy in the UK), Clash (Tommy Gun)(1978), Bad Bob and the New World Crusade, Contractions (Rules And Regulations)(1980), Black Flag (Nervous Breakdown)(red sleeve and is vg--), Real Kids (Now You Know) , Stimulants.
Some spare 7" inserts we have : both from Big Boys (Frat Cars), Ray Luxemburg (Following). Those last few were spare original inserts we have and soon will be adding some others to the selection. Spare 12"/album insert we have DYS "Brotherhood " 1983 Xclaim , Gism "Detestation" .
some other albums and mini-albums that we did not yet notice or find listed on the site yet that we have a spare of currently include : Pigs (P Is For Pig!)(jan 1984 punk rarity Georgia), Perverts (Bop Yer Baloney)(great punk, green vinyl), the No (Pick Your No's)(rare early 1980's, Florida, Repellent records), Lost Patrol (Back From the Brink)(Long Beach, California, 1980's), Charlie Pastorfield (1982) , "Sound of Soundcheck" (with Screen Test), Rockafellas (1983), the Fons (S TALK E)(Vinyl Varoom)(1983, Florida rarity with pasted on sleeves), "RPM-Record Plus Magazine" (1982 cool compilation with the Bobs and the Rage), "Q-FM-96-Hometown" (with Jetboys, Vectors)(test pressing), 'Surf City Underground' (test pressing)(early California punk compilation)

Some c.d.'s we have a spare of include: Slayer ("Live!" with bloody band made cover - hard to describe), Civil Disgust, Piccolo Pete (great Orange County punk band with Crowd members), Mad Town Mulligan (band made), Absolucion (Mexico, c.d. that also comes inside a normal size 7" sleeve), Durha (band made), Aggrolites (Santa Monica)(promo thing, no cover, maybe not official), Girlush Figure (Rotten to the Core), Dan Kwas (Life too Long Forgotten) , Mau Mau's (live and demos cd-recording), Vom (Mabuhay 1978, cd-recording),

Some shirts we have a spare of include ones from: Stalag 13 , Fang , Big Boys, Vibrators, Radio Birdman, Decry, Broken Needle, Sick Pleasure, Chiefs, Screamers, Asta Kask, the Hated, Social Task, Controllers, Threats, Avengers, Minor Threat, Germs "Goldenvoice 30", Devo, Big Boys (a different one), and others we'll list a bunch more very soon.

Some cassette tapes we have on spare include: LMNOP (Numbles)(with insert), Devo (Listening Musak)(Ohio records), Barfly (From the Floor)(sealed, Split Planet), "Bllleeeeaaauuuurrrrgghhh!" (217 song cassette with cover and insert), ...

Some of the 7" releases we have an extra for trade currently include: Rudimentary Peni ("Live"), The End (Florida 80s rare classic on Friendly Ghost), Culprits (Hold On!!)(early 80's punk), X-Citerz (Danger Zone)(Ohio early 80s punk), Mod Frames (Anyone After You)(1981, Hit), Windows (Don't Hang Up )(Kentucky 1979 powerpop punk), Section 8 (Nightcrawler)(early 1981 rare Southern California), Agents (Can't Shake Her)(1980? , Massachusetts) , Crosstown Rivals (Idaho 1982) , Skeletones (Daddy's Ugly Boots)(Squirt , 1980s Massachusetts), Charms (Don't Miss You Anymore)(early 80's Southern California), Miller Brothers (Getting Over You),(early 1983 rare California ) ,
Tatters + Airkraft +Urge (early 1980's Wisconsin punk compilation), Blimpville Beat 1 (rare 1982 Texas comp), Whiplash (Things Have Been Slow)(1975, likely no sleeve),
Time Zero (Too Much Talk!)(1985, Texas powerpop), One Life (Going Crazy)(1982, Canada, Shady Egyptian), Cruizer (Stay Forever)(1980??), Pamela and the Sights (Residue)(1981 powerpop on Szechwan), Week I Youth (Mobilization Means War)(blue vinyl, Pennsylvania), Walking Upright (Time-Card Zombie)(1981, Subversive Records, California), BB Spin (Just Another Girl)(1980?, Turf records, powerpop punk), BB Spin (Evolution)(1980?), BB Spin (No Alibi)(1980?), Baby Bleu (Sugar Shaker) (L.A. , Company records 1979), The Job (No More Noise)(1982, San Francisco punk, Therion), Dead Kennedy's (Night of the Living Rednecks), Army of Love (1983, Squadron), Funeral (test pressing on Alco), Tapes (New York), Alex Scott (Oklahoma, 1983), Sattelites (Upright Man), Savage Ducks (1983, Southern California), R + B II (Rolling Stoner)(1982), Repeat Offenders (1982), the Reason (1980, Maryland), Red Banner (Banner), Agents (No Way)(1982, New York), Arvin Leitman (1980, Leitning), Lava and the Hot Rocks (Here I Go)(Rampart), Larry Lazar (1976), Larry Lazar (Rocker Rocker!!)(1979, Vanity), Jacky O. (Valentine), Intentions (Blindfold)(Virginia), If (Still Alive)(1974), Home Movies (Hard to Get)(New York), Johnny Lyon and the Hitmakers (Bark Like a Dog)(1983, Los Angeles), Parsec (Music Box)(1978), Francis (Oh! Oh!)(1981) , Heartbeats (1982, Pennsylvania), the Shake (1984, North Carolina), Steamroller (Got a Hold on Me)(1980), Something Evil (Die Children Die)(Canada, Headbutt), Snotty Scotty and the Hankies (Shi*faced)(1981, Los Angeles), Squadron One (1980, Sure-Bet records), the Third Term (Megalomedia, Oakland, California), Dorothy Boy (Mirror Freak!)(1978, Kentucky), Vril (no info), Hyperions (Walking Like Brando)(blue vinyl), Blue Wave (blue vinyl, 1983, Blue Wave), Blue Wave (Beach Fight)(1982, California band), BB Spin (Evolution-We Don't Monkey Aroud)(Turf records), Bamboo (Public records, Northern California, 1980-81), Angelust (Abuse)(1979), Big Ray and the Futuras (Horrorscope)(Boston), Last Rites / False Cause (split, red vinyl), Abalienation (Aesthetically Challenged), the Touch (West Virginia, 1984), Trend / Mark Roberts, the # 2 Dinners (1984, Texas), Vision (Way Ahead)(California), Wayout (Hollywood), the Weeb (1981, Cheap records, California?), A Western Front (Come on Johnny)(1982, California), Whizz Kids (1978, ), Modern Music (401 records with Daniel west, the Nerve (Nervous records, California), Buffalo Bouts (Blue Bird), Hi-Fi (1983, Nevada), Contraband (1978 Louder Fater Music), the Haters (Canada, two 7" set with sleeve and insert), Larry Lazar (1977, Hollywood), Common Denominator (Social Carnivore)(1982, Illinois), Scratch Habit / Eyelashes, Dharma Bums (Blue Rat records, Georgia), Dead Kitty Band (early 80's), the Crustaceans (1983, Seattle), the Design (1982, Southern California),1980), Dorothy Boy (Mirror Freak)(1978, Kentucky), the Domino Theory (In Vogue)(1981, Canada), CryBaby (1984, New York), Mad Mike Marine (Subway Vigilante)(Maryland), M (Go for the Big One)(Malibu 1980's), London Fog (1981, Orange, California), Lipstick (What is it)(Ohio), the Fools (1978, New York), the Fanatics (Your Mother Won't Like Me), Exploding White Mice (Fear)(special pres-release rarity), The Easy Street Band (Not About You)(test pressing), Heartbreak (Funhole)(1978), the Torries (1980's, Orange County punk mod), Stranger (Together)(1980), Weasles (Beat Her with a Rake)(original test pressing from 1978 on Alco) , the Now (Your Salvation Army), Zeros / Negative Trend (test pressing on Alco) , Strange New Toys (Seattle 80's), Robert Best (1983, Radio records), Sierra Altoids (1983, California) the Numbers (Racket records, 1978, Southern California), Justin Time (1980, Maryland with sticker), Wayward Wookies (Star Cruiser)(1979?, San Diego?) the Infidels (Flubber, New York, 1980?), Hank's Army (1981, Surplus ), Negative Trend (test pressing of the debut 7")(scuffed), the Paralelles (Louisiana, early 1984, with insert), Rude Crude and Socially Unacceptable (Don't Bother Me)( 1979, Northern California, # 36/100), Jay Condom and His Downstairs Orchestra (#10/15 made acetate with sleeve on Audiodisc), Kooroosio (Finland, 1979-80, test pressing it seems), Bad Bullwinkles (Rhode Island, Angry Lamb records), Zowiso (Telegraf News)(Holland, 1981-82), and we'll add many others soon.
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