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submitted GT System - Volume 1. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Inside Label. over 8 years ago
It's always puzzled me why this label was submitted on here as "Inside Label" when I've only ever seen it called "Inside" on the records and sleeves.
posted a comment on J.J. Ward - Spirit Of The Night. over 8 years ago
Vocal is a bit ropey in places but this is a nice track
posted a comment on Nipper - Now That's What I Call A Bootleg. over 8 years ago
Quite possibly the most over-rated oldskool record ever. The acapellas don't fit the tunes and nothing is in time. Why anyone would pay any more than 50p for this is beyond me. Absolutely terrible.
posted a comment on Big Score Featuring Darryl Pandy - Trust Gone Wild. over 9 years ago
Running like a badger in the night.