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posted a comment on Light Speed Drivers - Real Dust In. 7 months ago
If you plan to buy a copy, don't hesitate to spend a few quids more to get at least NM or M copy, as the volume is quite low and you're more likely to hear some background noise.
Regarding the music itself, it's fantastic and is a proof you don't need ... See full review
posted a comment on La Peste - Couloirs Des Titans. 11 months ago
Side A
01 - 00:00:00 - ??? (Noise/ambientish track)
02 - 00:01:20 - Pressurehead - Final Warning (Evil Spirit #1)
03 - 00:04:20 - EPC - Haikumputer Pt 1 / EPC Plays La Peste 1 (HL 001)
04 - 00:09:30 - ???
05 - 00:10:54 - ???
06 - 00:13:38 - Gwakaï - ... See full review
posted a comment on Domo Kun - Wild Boar Sausages. about 1 year ago
Have to disaggree with the low rating for this 12". It wouldn't be a mistake to call it "cold" music, complex, glitchy and metallic, but I feel it rather as a good point for this one. It certainely doesn't sound very appealing at first listen and I admit ... See full review
posted a comment on John Tejada - The Remixes. about 1 year ago
B1 CiM's mix one sounds great to me, simple but groovy beat, catchy bassline, nicely suited with CiM's big pads..
Downtempo lovers will find themselves with the other tracks but I'd warmly recommend this 12" for track B1.
posted a comment on Amen Andrews - Vol 03. about 1 year ago
Track AA1 Junglebunny (or at least the first half) could be considered as a remix from Marvelous Caine's 1994 massive tune "Hitman" : http://www.discogs.com/Marvelous-Caine-Hitman-Believe-It/master/22930
posted a comment on A·F·X* - Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08. about 1 year ago
Why not putting it on Soundcloud as the rest then, there are already tons of tracks like this out there to dj with (and a lot for free, btw).
You're right Sherlock it's only dj tools, and with his name on it it will sell hundreds of copies more than ... See full review