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posted a comment on Baby Brother - Baby Brother. about 1 year ago
Nice little summertime funk gem right here. Love it.
posted a comment on Seawind - Seawind. about 1 year ago
Man, this album took me by surprise. It has some of the funkiest jams. Top 10 funky fav of mine!
posted a comment on Captain Rock. about 1 year ago
Seriously. This is the stuff here. I just squiggled around my living room listening to Return.
posted a comment on Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five / Stiff Little Fingers - The Message. about 1 year ago
I don't mind the colored vinyl on this one, but why the hell did they bleep out the word "pissed" in this song? It's annoying to hear a censored tone in the song.
posted a comment on Mandré - Mandré Two. about 1 year ago
Code Name: MM3 is the most insane, hair-brained funkiest song I've ever heard.