Started collecting records in 1997 making bi-monthly trips to london to dig creates. i collect lots of electronic / ambient / breakbeat and ragga jungle and do so because i enjoy listening to music off vinyl.

i worked in a record shop for 3 years and have ran my own mail order for the 10 years, i also run 2 ragga jungle labels.

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posted a review of Various - Chocolate Dubplate. over 13 years ago
Belgium in the past has blessed us with fine chocolate and beer, not content with making us fat drunks its time for them to hit the aural market. The first release a few months ago (which is now sold out) came with 6 tracks, number two sees half the ... See full review
posted a review of Jacky Murda & LionDub - Kingston 11. over 13 years ago
Reggae jungle at its finest, if you can’t move to this you’re a statue, and you should be smashed to pieces. Backing track just crys for movement and summer vibes. The vocals by the one bass nacho fit the tune perfectly and gels it all together. This is ... See full review
posted a review of Chaos A.D.. over 17 years ago
the chaos ad alias realy back dates warp and rephlex, more back to his roots and first 2 releases stereotype ep and crot ep, hard hitting industrial beats and harsh synth lines.
posted a review of Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge. over 17 years ago
The vinly ep came out about 6 months before the full album, tracks on the ep are taken off the ablum, one of my fav ambient albums. boards of canada meets caustic window.