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posted a comment on Lonny & Melvin* - If You Want A Job To Be Done, Do It Yourself. 8 months ago
electro was huge in the 90s in certain techno circles, best believe.
check out The Advent - Heights for example.
posted a comment on 19.454. - Horizontal Ground 06. 9 months ago
pure acid minimal funk wickedness.
straight outta 1994 minimal school, no post-2001 fluffy German stuff here.

strictly acid jaxxxxxxxxx
posted a comment on Alter Ego - Betty Ford. 9 months ago
Mensa is serious acid bass bomb, psychedelic techno at its beste
posted a comment on Phurture - The Lost Souls. 9 months ago
WORK IT remains to this day on of the most far.out sonic experiments in modern club music.
insane insane jackin stuff, funeral material.
posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch. 9 months ago
one of techno's best kept secrets all in all.
try and expand the horizons.
posted a comment on Cari Lekebusch - Vet Dom Som För Att (Know They For Because). 9 months ago
we need more recommendations........
yesssiir we need it.
4 more words needed.
posted a comment on Grovskopa. 9 months ago
wow, so much mumbo jumbo here.
fortunately I chime in 7 years after the fact and after the 'minimal techno surge' of the 2004-2010 period, but for the matter of history, that kind of German 'minimal techno' had nothing to do with Robert Hood or any of ... See full review
posted a comment on Benton (4) - Volume One. 9 months ago
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeel upppp!!!!

proper tingz if you know what is up seen.
posted a comment on Laksa - 66 Rebels. 9 months ago
this guy really takes no prisoners.

glad I found him, most proper bass tekno
posted a comment on Laksa - Draw For The. 9 months ago
BADMAN TINGZ right here, subbbb bassss overload, the way we like it.

posted a comment on Bodyjack - Cobra Effect EP. 9 months ago
Finke is really killing shit under this Bodyjack moniker, high bass warnings sent
posted a comment on He/aT - I've Been Thrown Out Of Better Places Than This EP. 9 months ago
seriously???? you got offended by a track title???

so sad times we are in now
posted a comment on Ipman - Depatterning. 9 months ago
is Regicide even legal?
Amens soaring all the way thru, what is that...

pure filth
posted a comment on joeFarr. 9 months ago
a one to look at most definitely, techno advancer.

comin thru
posted a comment on JoeFarr - Sentry. 9 months ago
SENTRY whirls and twists your cabbage around for fun son
posted a comment on Boddika - Acid Jackson / Basement. 9 months ago
BASEMENT rocks yr girlfriend's mom socks off right away, best believe.

acid bass elektro
posted a comment on Beneath (3) - Vobes. 9 months ago
this guy is a stonecold bass killer, what a consistency
posted a comment on Beneath (3) - No Symbols 005. 9 months ago
SPRUNG is incredible, pure filth bass pressure, fi di massive den
posted a comment on Alex Coulton - Representations EP. 9 months ago
SQUARES is a prime chugger, stomping bass house, no doubt.
posted a comment on Trevino - Klockworks 14. 9 months ago
those chords on Eclipse wooooow....just wow

what is that even??? pure bliss right there
posted a comment on Randomer - Residents. 9 months ago
HUH is pure pure bass electro filth it is literally 'sleep and catch wreck' business
posted a comment on Randomer - We Laugh, We Scream. 9 months ago
FREAK DUB is just fuckin out of this world, what-a-roller-----------------------------------
posted a comment on Hessle Audio. 9 months ago
joining the festivities here.
HESSLE AUDIO definitely doin big tingz!!!

much respect
posted a comment on Code Red - In Your Dreams / Dreams Forever. 9 months ago
Dreams Forever must be one of the most haunting acid riffs on this side of the Atlantic, in fact not many things come close to that cut-up vocals and that synth-string riff. had more than 2 weird xtc moments listening to that one.

a real creepy ... See full review
posted a comment on Hodge (3) & Peder* - All My Love. 10 months ago
quick trip inside techno's future, remains to be seen where this trip is going.
posted a comment on Brawther / SE62 - Mliu11. 10 months ago
A side punches the head in oi oi oi oi oi
posted a comment on Cloudface - Untitled. 10 months ago
Reduction peels yrrr brain off right away --- enter 3 more words.
posted a comment on G. Flame & Mr. G* - Stylus E.P.. 10 months ago
they parted ways evidently, probably artistic differences.

3 more words needed.
posted a comment on Steve Stoll - Pacemaker. 11 months ago
First Born is a prime-time acid killah.....
overall, nice example of 90s American techno from one of the forgotten greats.
posted a comment on Rollo & Sister Bliss. 11 months ago
well put. basically one of the most low-key UK propagators of creative house and a great field to explore.
posted a comment on Various - The Remixes. about 1 year ago
I second that, to soften them classics with such blatant revisions is just a blasphemy.
posted a comment on Adam Beyer. about 1 year ago
one of the people that could be hold accountable in the global decline of techno, besides Carola and Hawtin.
early releases are fine, doe.
posted a review of Da Sampla - West Side Sessions. about 1 year ago
DA PURSUIT is da truth.
psychosis at its best, kind of what you'd expect in a Levon Vincent set.
posted a comment on Terrence Dixon. about 1 year ago
one of the greatest ever, totally unique, a real avant-garde voice of electronic music, especially, of course, of Detroit Techno.
a real father and leader of -TRUEST- minimal techno.
posted a comment on Blush Response (3) - Human Augmentation. about 1 year ago
Machine God is just mean industrial pounder -- get it.
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Just Ride. about 1 year ago
Ruskin's BP edit is just out there indeed, stupendous future off-kilter funk with that insane vocal sample.
posted a comment on Richie Hawtin. about 1 year ago
once a pioneer of real, radical minimal techno now, as stated, just another cog "in a commercial typhoon".
those 90s Plastikman works though.... a real musical revolution.
posted a comment on Florian Kupfer - I Feel You. over 2 years ago
wow, DISCOTAGS really couldnt be more praised.
gritty to the bone gristle. it really should be a house standard.
posted a comment on Alpha Delta Division - Dirty Acid Trax Volume 2 - The Dark Sex Recordings. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Steve Poindexter - The Remixes. over 2 years ago
so what would you recommend as 'non-eurocentric' Chicago material that never got to DJAX records?
posted a comment on Lester Fitzpatrick. over 2 years ago
its laughable, almost impossible that this guy has so few comments, I mean this is ESSENCE of that Chicagoan mid-90s transfer from acid house to acid techno that launched so many offshots, including inspirations for minimal etc.
opus of this guy is so ... See full review
posted a comment on Gene Farris - Cosmos. over 2 years ago
Can U Dig It in a perfect world would be a future classic, relentless acidy techno stomper with everlasting Warriors' speech from Cyrus.

posted a comment on Various - Don't Turn Around. over 3 years ago
"We Beat This Thing" is monstrous slow-jack time-to-loose-it business, make no mistake here.
Rarely you get modern deep house to root deep so well that you think this came out on Dance Mania somewhere in 1997. Did K. Mosse ever get involved in more of ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Don't Turn Around. over 3 years ago
hahahaha thanks so much, man
posted a comment on DJ Hyperactive - Len Faki DJ-Edits Volume I. over 3 years ago
decently enough done reworks of DJH's proper jackin stompers, updated for crowds of today.
posted a comment on Diddy* & Felix Da Housecat - Jack U vs. I'll House You. over 3 years ago
Felix Da Housecat and Diddy get too serious here, its a missile, really.
posted a comment on New York Transit Authority / Conqueror (7) - Off The Traxx / Highest Order. over 3 years ago
love them both, as finkthast said "a time when influences of house, techno and electro became adopted within a new context" - following steps made by Boddika, Joy Orbison etc. really hard goin music, "I gotta catch that train"....
posted a comment on Function - Obsessed EP. over 3 years ago
to be honest, Scuba's edit is also one hard-boiled jackin monster, it really works those hi-hats proper.
nice techno release.