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posted a review of Coil - Moon's Milk (In Four Phases). over 14 years ago
Absolutely essential for fans of coil, and a good album to drop on the uninitiated for a taste of the coil sound world. These recordings seem to work alot better as an album than any of the 4 singles did on their own. True moon musick.
posted a review of 2 Lone Swordsmen* - Stay Down. over 15 years ago
My favorite LP from the duo. It all flows naturally from a 'concept album' approach (how dope are those suits?) as well as a motorcity-style ambient odyssey. the bookend tracks really seal it up! definitely worth tracking down...
posted a review of Yunx. over 16 years ago
Undoubtedly two of the smoothest producers in dance music today. Very forward-thinking and generally dance friendly, but with the clean production reminiscent of early works from the motor city. Aquire and enjoy.
posted a review of Eardrum. over 16 years ago
Traditional African percussion rhythms that are laid down improv, then later dissected and pieced together in the studio. Undulating and hypnotic, with strong ties to Carribean Carnival musics. An amazing group and highly underrated!
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posted a review of The Invisible Man + Luke S - Tripping On Technology. over 16 years ago
As it says above, very limited one sided white label release. Cained by Bukem back in the day to near-legendary status, and rightfully so; amazing tune! If anyone knows how many of these were pressed up, I'd love to know...
posted a review of Paradox - The Musician As Outsider. over 16 years ago
Also includes a CD-ROM disc that is a video diary of sorts for the 'Musician as an Outsider' world tour. Good stuff! Oh yeah, 'Life Without Drums' is definitely one of the best tracks he has ever done...
posted a review of 720 Degrees. over 16 years ago
720 undoubtedly pioneered new ground in atmospheric drum n bass and the signal to noise ratio of thier backcatalog is probably the lowest for any drum n bass label EVER. All choice tunes...