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posted a review of Various - Canzone E Guitare Di Corsica, Vol. 3. over 11 years ago
When God created Corsica it was undoubtedly with the definite intention of making it The Pearl of the Mediterranean. It was a complete success and one only has to refer to the names given to this wonderful country, a collection of all the natural... See full review
posted a review of Happy Sax - Soft Sounds. over 11 years ago
The saxophone has a personality all its own: expressive, smooth, and subtle.
Originally developed for orchestral accompaniment, its personal appeal caused it to evolve to the position of prominence as a solo instrument. As an effective communicator... See full review
posted a review of The Drifters Caravan - Country And Western Hits. over 11 years ago
There is nothing as peaceful and relaxing as an evening spent under the stars beside a campfire. The heat of the day has left and the light chill of evening is gentle relief to the beautiful but dry wonder of the wide open spaces during the day. In... See full review
posted a review of Masahiko* Meets Gary* - Samādhi. over 11 years ago
You will discover that this is not the usual piano trio
jazz album. "SAMADHI", in fact, is not usual or
conventional in any way. Rather, it is a free and bold
performance by two Japanese artists : The great pianist
Masahiki Sato and drummer... See full review
posted a review of Sten Sandell - Damp. over 11 years ago
This was the first solo LP from Sten Sandell
who was a member of the free form group Sa Vidare.
Sten plays piano, synthesizer and percussion and
is accompanied by Sören Runolf on electric guitar.
Damp is a hard-to-describe mixture that draws its... See full review
posted a review of Kwaku Baah* & Ganoua* - Trance. over 11 years ago
In November 1976 Reebop Kwakuh Bah, the African percussionist acclaimed for his
work with Traffic, travelled to Tangier for a remarkable recording session.
His fellow musiscians were from the Ganoua, an ancient mystical sect of North... See full review