music was my first love... and then i started working at the greatest recordshop in town. discogs is a great way to keep track of my ever growing music collection...
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submitted Various - Big Scene. about 1 year ago
submitted Far East Family Band - "The Cave" Down To The Earth. about 1 year ago
submitted Jacques Yvart & Pichelour Jazz Band - Jacques Yvart Joue Avec Le Pichelour. over 4 years ago
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posted a comment on WaxTime Records. over 7 years ago
WaxTime Records and WaxTime, in this catalogue are one and the same label. It's actually a jazz-reissue label called WaxTimeRecords, but I don't know how I have to change this, or if I can change this... Could one of the administrators get back to me on ... See full review
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Brilliant Jazz is a label of Foreign Media Music, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands,
posted a comment on Kosmische Keuterboeren. over 9 years ago
Kosmische Keuterboeren plays psychedelic ‘brol noise’ which combines kraut rock, doom metal, freak folk, psychedelica, and recently lo fi techo/dubstep. The band has two members i.e. Jeroenymous of Blodklod and the legendary Mollenhauer (r.i.p.), one of ... See full review
posted a review of Ewabraun* - Sea Sea. over 11 years ago
On hearing this album for the very first time, i was taken a bit aback by the Polish lyrics. But it grew on me, got stuck in my head and my cd-player... Think June of 44 fronted by a Polish madman... post-rock for the jilted generation... On their ... See full review