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posted a comment on Distal. about 1 year ago
Yeah I am black and have met Distal on numerous occasions. You are 100% full of shit
posted a comment on Uncle Dugs. over 2 years ago
LOL stop editing you bio dugs haha. On a side note Love the book and just want to know what Flowdan, Wiley and God's Gift are like in real life? Also how much shit did Logan Sama talk?
posted a comment on Geeneus. over 2 years ago
Slim, Gee and Uncle Dugs; absolute radio legends! Big up Rinse
posted a comment on DSK - What Would We Do. over 2 years ago
Mixed with Ce Ce Peniston's Finally OOOOF what a tune what a mix
posted a comment on Groove Assassin. over 3 years ago
Absolute bad man, brings the funk and soul in every track. His remixes got me hooked
posted a comment on Nu:Logic - New Technique EP. over 3 years ago
Love love loooove this EP. New Technique with it's amazing piano break down in the middle, Sundown with it's absolutely vicious amen and Relentless just has vibes for days. Bigfoot was the biggest of the bunch at the time but I think out of all the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Ca$h Antic$ Vol. 2. over 3 years ago
Crazy that people compared this to bashmore who birthed the "deep house' so many loathe today(2015-6) Bassy house music was the freshest shit tho. Mag & Turn U on always stood out to me. Fireworks just had the lyrics everyone knew. FYI I love battle for ... See full review
posted a comment on Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds / Symphony In September. over 3 years ago
Wow had no idea this was an A-sides alias killer tracks
posted a comment on Tranquility Bass - Broadcast Standard Issue No. 1. over 3 years ago
Mya Yadana. underrated track
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down. over 3 years ago
Hold it down samples Emotions - I don't wanna lose your love
posted a comment on Eddie Amador - House Music. over 3 years ago
thank you!!! uncle dugs played Forever Together and all i thought of was this track, thank you for naming the sample, couldn't find it
posted a comment on Undercover Movement ³* - Warning. over 3 years ago
Grooverider - Sinster
posted a comment on DJ Scoobie²* - King Basshead!. over 3 years ago
probably my favorite hardcore tune ever. BIG UP MARK RYDER
posted a comment on Various - Live From The Future. over 3 years ago
big stuff, title track is amazing
posted a comment on The Hardcore Rhythm Team* - One Love. over 3 years ago
love this release thank you to the man who ripped it for me. wouldn't let go of this one either mate safe af
posted a comment on The Warrior - Babylon A Burn. over 3 years ago
wow had no idea this was Hype Devil in Us all is just amazing acidy goodness
posted a comment on Caspar Pound. over 4 years ago
respect to whoever wrote the bio! really good hardcore
posted a comment on Various - Groove Booty. over 4 years ago
I love this release. Really nice chilled out Dubstep, but not so dark that it turns your average listener off.
posted a comment on Stanton Warriors - Sessions Volume III. over 4 years ago
I converted countless friends to dance music with this gem. Love what they did with Oh!
posted a comment on Bill Riley. over 4 years ago
Bad man! absolute bad man
posted a comment on Loefah - Woman / Midnight. over 4 years ago
No one should be paying for this record. Not a particularly good tune, hype is only cuz of the limited release. Wide release it and no one bats an eye. Once again not a very good tune
posted a comment on Tessela - Hackney Parrot. over 4 years ago
people who say this is unique clearly missed out on Zomby's trap/hardcore crossovers. Typical shit. Tune of a time. Not great but served its purpose well
posted a comment on Sweet Female Attitude. over 4 years ago
Flower is a fuckin tune. Never made it to America glad I found it
posted a comment on Nu:Tone - Hyper Hyper. over 4 years ago
Set Me Free is massive
posted a comment on Grant Nelson - Nice 'N' Ruff EP. over 4 years ago
In My Soul is amazing, this man is quickly becoming one of my favorite house producers
posted a comment on MJ Cole & Wiley (2) - From The Drop. over 4 years ago
Wiley - Showa Eski EP is a sort of collection of remixes of this track. all good highly advice checking it out
posted a comment on Icicle - Dreadnaught / Arrows. over 4 years ago
Dreadnaught is a wicked tune SP:MC kills it
posted a comment on Utah Jazz - Portfolio. over 4 years ago
Not what you would expect from the new ideas explored but a definite homage to mid-late 90s dnb. Clean production....a "grower" in ever sense of the word, and I fucking hate "growers"
posted a comment on Mr. Reds & Kalibre - Bring The Lights Down. over 4 years ago
love the original on this, the vocal sample and the rhythm are just amazing
posted a comment on Pariah (9) - Detroit Falls / Orpheus. over 4 years ago
Orpheus is a monster
posted a comment on Nu:Tone. over 4 years ago
Easily the best artist Hospital has to offer. Consistent as hell, deep b-lines, great vocals and grooves you can move to. Absolute Lege!
posted a comment on Various - Shut Up And Dance. over 4 years ago
Nicolette - Waking Up is a fucking jam
posted a comment on Mark Ryder Presents Ruff Da Menace - 2 F In 'Ruff'. over 4 years ago
Don't know how many Americans have been lucky enough to have their ears graced by Mark Ryder and his labels' output, but this one is by far the best he's ever done. Every track is absolute madness!
posted a comment on Swindle (2) - Long Live The Jazz. over 4 years ago
Fantastic! One of my favorites from 2013
posted a comment on 50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. over 4 years ago
top 5 hip-hop album of the 2000s.
posted a comment on Kingdom (6) - Vertical XL. over 4 years ago
bank head is top draw shit
posted a comment on Instra:mental - Thomp / When I Dip. over 4 years ago
"When I Dip" is massive very disappointed it wasn't on the album
posted a comment on Various - Forbidden Paradise 6 -Valley Of Fire-. over 4 years ago
Cyberia = large. nuff sed
posted a comment on DJ Hype. over 4 years ago
Hype's a legend............ [2]
posted a comment on Dress 2 Sweat. over 4 years ago
Love it, D2S Vol. 1 is absolutely off the chain, goes off in ATL
posted a comment on Digitalism - Pogo. over 4 years ago
Osawa remix is massive, one of the better electro-rock tunes I had the opportunity to love in college
posted a comment on Boys Noize. over 4 years ago
Really nice productions, consistent since I first heard Oi! Oi! Oi! in 2008