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posted a review of Nico Collins & The Soul Chance - You'll See Me. 7 months ago
The backing track is available "sole chance" by The Soul Chance on Colemine label. Nice instrumental in it's own right.
posted a review of Various - Original Club Ska. 9 months ago
Jackie Mittoo's "Dancing Groove", a rare version of Delroy Wilson's "(I'm in a) Dancing Mood", but more, like the Skatalite's "Phoenix City" and "Timothy".
posted a comment on The Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love. 9 months ago
There are two completely different versions of this song, recorded by the Rolling Stones. One is, I believe a UK versions which is longer, maybe 5:00 +. I think it appeared on the UK version of "Rolling Stones Now". This is the version I prefer.
posted a review of Gene Rondo - Prisoner Of Love / How Many Times Girl. 9 months ago
Evocative, melancholic and haunting. "What's the good of my caring when someone is sharing those arms with me?" There must be a lot of really great UK reggae that I have never heard.
posted a review of Various - Jack Ruby Presents The Black Foundation. 10 months ago
Heartbeat's vinyl sound quality is a little sub par for a reissue label. I very much appreciate the effort in itself, but it would be nice if they would reissue more of the Treasure Isle catalog on vinyl.
posted a comment on Dan Balmer - Becoming Became. about 1 year ago
Incorrect track listing! These are the songs from "Music". Becoming Became, which I used to love during my smooth jazz phase, isn't even in this track listing.
posted a review of Earth & Stone* / Ossie Hibbert / The Revolutionaries - Wicked A Fe Dress Back. about 1 year ago
And also Althea and Donna's "Uptown Ting a Carry the Swing" for Joe Gibbs.
posted a comment on Dennis Alcapone - 1/2 Million Dollars. about 1 year ago
Is this Dennis Alcapone toasting over the Queen Majesty riddim? There is a Trojan LP titled "My voice is insured for half a million dollars". No sample here, unfortunately. Sonia Pottinger (High Note label) took over the Duke Reid catalog upon his demise ... See full review
posted a comment on Ken Parker / The Cobbs - Only Yesterday / Jo Gibbs Mood. about 1 year ago
Jamaican singers of the era (1966-1970) often emulated Curtis Mayfield of the Impressions, singing in his falsetto style. On this song, the Great Ken Parker is singing both parts. You notice the falsetto and the tenor are never sung at the same time. Ken ... See full review
posted a review of The Lyrics / Ken Parker - A Get It / How Strong. about 1 year ago
The Great Ken Parker. Soul Jazz compilation has best sound quality. The Rolling Stones also covered this Otis Redding classic.
posted a review of Frankie Paul - Caroline. over 2 years ago
Love this riddim. Mr. FP does it justice on this tune. God bless C.S. Dodd always.
posted a comment on Don McCarlos* - Nice Time (Late Night Blues). over 2 years ago
If you think this song is good, check out other tracks on the same "riddim", especially Cornell Campbell and Ranking Dread on "Bandulu/Hard Times".
posted a review of Cornell Campbell - Bandulu / Hard Time. over 3 years ago
Cornell Campbell alongside Ranking Dread. Hard time, indeed. Scientist on the mix. Murder style!
posted a comment on Ranking Joe With Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown - Zion High. over 3 years ago
I don't believe this release is available on vinyl, unfortunately.
posted a review of Glen Brown And King Tubby - Termination Dub (1973-79). over 3 years ago
Essential dub supplement to Glen Brown's discography. Also check out recent re-issue of "Boat to Progress", "Dubble Attack", and especially "Check the Winner" (all Greensleeves).
posted a review of Bangers R Mashed. over 3 years ago
The one that's missing here (if you're a vinyl head) is Plate 12, which features Adele's "Could've Had It All" over Yabby You's "Conquering Lion" riddim. Very well done. Wish I could find a copy on vinyl.
posted a review of Bangers R Mashed - Nuff Wish Mixes - Plate 6. over 4 years ago
track 2 (ashanti meets king tubbys) utilized asher and trimble's "humble yourself" riddim. knew i heard that somewhere before. this record (above) is awesome.
posted a comment on Tommy McCook / Ken Parker - Sidewalk Doctor / Grooving Out On Life. over 5 years ago
soul jazz or pressure sound, somebody please do a nice re-issue of this (sidewalk doctor) and all of tommy mccook and the supersonics treasure isle instrumentals on vinyl. great, great stuff that deserves respect.
posted a comment on Maddy Carty - Get It Right. over 5 years ago
big tune!
posted a comment on Glen Brown - Check The Winner (The Original Pantomine Instrumental Collection 1970-74). over 9 years ago
i have this on cd, which is rare itself. didn't know it existed on vinyl, and would love to add this to my collection. brilliant instrumentals of glen brown riddims, mixed by king tubbys in a fine style.