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posted a comment on Annette Peacock - I'm The One. 3 months ago
This album still blows my mind, anyone who is interested in music on the outer edges will enjoy this!
posted a comment on Siouxsie And The Banshees* - Dazzle. 4 months ago
This is the Canadian 12" of "Dear Prudence" & shouldn't be listed as anything else. If it says "Dazzle" on spine this is a printing error as they've obviously used the "Dazzle" sleeve design
added Sprung Aus Den Wolken - Early Recordings + 3 Extra Songs to their wantlist. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Coil - Live In Moscow. 5 months ago
It was for sale via Cold Spring, it doesn't look anything like a bootleg
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Are you sure this is Michael Gira? Looks like a Polish noise project
posted a comment on Roxy Music - Roxy Music. 7 months ago
It's a fabulous set, all the extra tracks are superb & the packaging is gorgeous. "For your pleasure" next!
posted a comment on Jarboe - Artbox. 10 months ago
Gorgeous! Presentation & of course the music are wonderful, a pleasure
posted a comment on David Bowie - Budokan 1978. 10 months ago
Bootleg label, usually good quality . How is the audio?
posted a review of Larsen - Cool Cruel Mouth. about 1 year ago
The incomparable Little Annie sings on this record, it's excellent
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Hideous. Why didn't they just reproduce the original? Childs doodle
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Just like the standard Original Album Classics series. The standard reissues from 2008 were remastered so guessing they are the same, no info as only thin card sleeves
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I have the CD version of this. If anyone is interested PM me, thanks, Jai
posted a comment on Portishead / Mandalay - Pearl. about 1 year ago
This is Mandalay only, no Portishead material. This was sold as new Portishead material around 2000
posted a comment on Marc Bolan & T.Rex* - Unchained: Home Recordings & Studio Outtakes. about 1 year ago
Edsel usually are pretty good. How is the sound on these?Thanks
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posted a comment on David Bowie - Like A Regular Superstar: Live On Stage From 1976 To 1987. over 2 years ago
Any good sound wise? Does Look like a nice package
posted a comment on Michael Gira - Live In B2 Moscow 23.09.04. over 2 years ago
Is this officially sanctioned by Gira?A Google search doesn't appear to show that
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posted a review of Various - So-Low . over 2 years ago
Where's the CD version, i have a copy so it definitely exists??
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