Started DJing in '86, went nuts for house after hearing Pump Up The Volume by MARRS in 1987. There, I said it :- )

I co-own a record store in Madrid called "Radial Store" (check it out here: Not related to my discogs store though, which is flexing a dozen or so big Expedit shelves (you know the 4x4 and 5x5 monsters) accounting for like 200 cubes sprinkling my basement in the US East Coast, of which 60% or so are catalogued in my discogs collection.

Lots of Chicago and Detroit sounds in my crates. Got a bunch of soulful stuff, ambient, new and deep techno, jazz, hip hop and anything in between. Got a pretty nice disco collection and I also love Nu disco and lo-fi sounds. One of my Ikea expedit cubes has a breakbeat and drum n bass section that one day I'll turn into a nice mix.

Who's the GOAT? Larry Heard? Marshall Jefferson? James Stinson? Juan Atkins? Jean Francois Cochois? Moritz Von Oswald? Jeff Mills?
The one and only: Kenny Dixon Jr!

The two records I would take to an island: Moodymann's Taken Away, and my second copy of Moodymann Taken Away.

Let me bore you death with my obsession with labels. Ready?

I have "completist" tendencies for probably a good 200+ labels, especially the early house and techno. You'll find complete catalogs of Nu Groove, the first 100 Strictly Rhythms, almost every Trax record, a lot of the early Chicago and Detroit outfits (think Transmat, House records, HouseJam, KMS, Metroplex, Dance Mania, DJI, Express, Hot Mix 5, Housetime, etc)... but yeah, it mostly revolves around labels and that's how I also sort my records in my basement.

Not sure which ones are my favorite labels, but if I had to name a few great ones off the top of my head, it's all over the place: Guidance, 430 West, Moods & Grooves, Plus 8, KDJ, Tresor, Peacefrog, Astral Industries, Underground Resistance and many more. I also love to collect more obscure labels, such as these rare New York/New Jersey garage house and techno imprints a-la -N-Sync Inc, Quark, Rey-D, Atmosphere, Bottom Line, EXperimental where you can find some really weird awesome tracks, or small early 2000's west coast labels like Worldship, Imperial Dub, PCH, etc. I also have a thing for the "good" UCMG sister labels (Driftwood, Fiji, LapDance, Plastic City, Tonika).
Also enjoy the newer Detroit House (FXHE, Michigander, Upstairs Asylum, etc.)
Got a thing for Canadian labels like Bigshot, Strobe, Probe, early Hi-Bias, Definitive,
As soon as I think I got the list of wanted labels covered, 10 new ones pop up. I use YT, bandcamp, of course discogs, and any background sounds to get inspired and find new music.
Oh, did I tell you that I like to collect labels?


I have a son and two daughters, work in software, lived in Argentina, Germany and now in the US. I am (re) learning Finnish to make my mom happy, love to travel and watch stupid series on Netflix with my Chinese-American wife who doesn't eat rice.
Grilling twice a week is a must on my half destroyed charcoal grill. Anything that used to walk, run, swim or fly.
I don't like to talk about myself that much, except on discogs profile forms. In my whole life I had about half a dozen ideas that were good or original. 3 were good, but not original, the other 3 were original, but not very good.
My nose is pretty big. I studied electrical and mechanical engineering and am an irredeemable and insufferable Tesla fanboy. So don't bring up cars with me, otherwise I will bombard you with nerdy facts about batteries and production lines, and beat yo slow ass lambo turd to a pulp with my Model S Plaid while my wife is rolling her eyes. I like to fix stuff around the house and could probably pursue a career in plumbing. I like to wake up at 3AM, open the freezer and gulp down a pint of ice cream.
I don't have much use for political parties, crowded parks, boilerplate over-complicated lawyer talk, postmodernist psychobabble and also have very little patience for high-end audio snake-oil pseudoscientific bullshit.

I was born in Finland and have a German passport, and yet, my dear Eurocentrist friend, whether we like it or not, we are only here thanks to house being invented in Chicago and Techno in Detroit. Ah, I see, perhaps you are into Rock 'N Roll, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop... Yeah, that was also invented across the pond. Chill tho, we have Darude. Go us.
I love to curse.

Click here to see if I sell anything from your wantlist!

I am quite active on my house YT channel here, posting new releases, house classics and mixes here!.

Please don't ask me to rip off stuff on mp3.
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posted a comment on Michigander. 7 days ago
Buy on sight label. Perhaps my new favorite Detroit label along with Upstairs Asylum. Everything that came out in the last 3 years has been on point. This label is on a roll, MM04-MM07 are complete floorfillers. Wish Brian could increase the output... See full review
Mr. Fingers
posted a review of Mr. Fingers. 18 days ago
Larry Heard is right there in the top 3 GOATs of House Music.Vast catalog and way ahead of its time.
Jürgen Rokitta
posted a comment on Jürgen Rokitta. 27 days ago
I remember seeing Rok a couple times around 1992 playing the club circuit in Germany. Back then, without internet and synch buttons it was all about real skills when it came to spinning and Rok would pretty much run circles around 90% of the rest of... See full review
Daft Punk - One More Time
posted a comment on Daft Punk - One More Time. about 1 month ago
Romanthony is the only thing that prevents this track from scoring an F.
Daft Punk - One More Time
posted a comment on Daft Punk - One More Time. about 1 month ago
Totally agree. I would also add that while DP production is quite stellar, the career from a purely musical point of view isn't. In my opinion one of the most overrated acts of all time. Homework was the only good album.
Various - Mega - Mix 86
submitted Various - Mega - Mix 86. 2 months ago
Patrice Scott - The Detroit Upright EP
submitted Patrice Scott - The Detroit Upright EP. 3 months ago
Various - The Sundowners EP
submitted Various - The Sundowners EP. 3 months ago
Waveform Transmission - V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9
submitted Waveform Transmission - V 3​.​0​-​3​.​9. 3 months ago
430 West
posted a comment on 430 West. 4 months ago
Two decades+ of discogs and not a single comment about this seminal label? Bizarre.

430 West takes its name from the address of the original studio on 430 West 8 mile road in Detroit.
Founded by the triple L Burden brothers, it was the natural... See full review
Octave One Presents Kaotic Spacial Rhythms - M-Class / Kaotic Space
submitted Octave One Presents Kaotic Spacial Rhythms - M-Class / Kaotic Space. 4 months ago
Omar S* ♥ Desire (16) - 54321
submitted Omar S* ♥ Desire (16) - 54321. 4 months ago
Various - The Bankle
submitted Various - The Bankle. 4 months ago
Andy Stott
posted a comment on Andy Stott. 4 months ago
I don't know exactly what it is that I love so much about AS's albums. Well, the artwork is simply perfect to the point that I have all his album covers as wall art decorating my living room, but the music is deep, haunting, and somewhat... See full review
Moods & Grooves
posted a review of Moods & Grooves. 4 months ago
Thank you Mike for bringing us some of the best Detroit house sounds. This is another great label that proves that Detroit is not just about Techno. In fact, Detroit can very well hold its own against Chicago when it comes to great house music.... See full review
Russian Torrent Versions
posted a comment on Russian Torrent Versions. 4 months ago
tekmeister You seem to be quite agitated here. Tell us how you really feel.
submitted Brian Kage & Taho - Détroit EP. 4 months ago
Alister (8) - Lose All
submitted Alister (8) - Lose All. 4 months ago
Boys Of Darkness - The Pill
submitted Boys Of Darkness - The Pill. 5 months ago
Omar S* - That's Me
submitted Omar S* - That's Me. 6 months ago
Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
posted a comment on Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful. 6 months ago
I must admit I am not into this kind of music but the title must be one of the best ever for a work of art. A clear homage to Darwin's "On the origin of species".
Natural Resource
posted a review of Natural Resource. 6 months ago
Interesting short-lived label spun out of the Spiritual Life camp with quite the variety of styles and some hard to get gems. Have been able to get them all through different random sources and while the music is great I do feel like some of the... See full review
posted a comment on Driftwood. 6 months ago
erftstadtboy Cool story. After peeing out the 2 pounds of sodium in your veins, tell us how you really feel. Actually, I won't hold my breath... you will probably do what you seem to do with 80% of your boilerplate lazy sophomoric... See full review
Tyree Cooper - Classic Rewind Volume 1
submitted Tyree Cooper - Classic Rewind Volume 1. 6 months ago
Various - Unity Vol. 2
posted a review of Various - Unity Vol. 2. 7 months ago
Another amazing UA compilation.
Tyree Cooper comes back roaring with the relentless "Raw Underground", the hit of this compilation. Deep, dark, raw, just what the doctor ordered. My second favorite Is Norm Talley's "La Beaubienare".

The rest is not... See full review
submitted Tyree Cooper - Classic Rewind Volume 1. 7 months ago
FXHE Records
posted a comment on FXHE Records. 7 months ago
Nah, his best stuff may well be the latest. Not a fan of the tired old "the good old times were better". Sounds cute, but it's rarely true.
submitted Various - Hed Kandi Volume 1. 8 months ago
Upstairs Asylum Recordings
posted a comment on Upstairs Asylum Recordings. 8 months ago
Norm Talley's label featuring the who's who repertoire of Detroit house, including the man himself, so yeah, buy on sight.
posted a review of TZ. 8 months ago
Have the entire series and been collecting them from back in the day when nobody who the people behind these were. I remember reading in a Frontpage magazine release that some people suspected the late Gregor DieTZ (wink, wink) to be behind it. Well,... See full review
Fernando Harkless - Disco Train / Finally Come True
submitted Fernando Harkless - Disco Train / Finally Come True. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Surreal. 9 months ago
Represses may still come. Mike told me on my YT channel that he was starting to work on the 3rd repress.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
submitted Frankie Bones - In The Socket. 9 months ago
submitted ADSR - Recovery EP. 9 months ago
Dennis Ferrer
posted a comment on Dennis Ferrer. 10 months ago
Funny how backwards some people can have it. Aurasfere released one lone 12 inch under that name. One of the weaker Experimental records, but still alright. Some of the other stuff was heading towards the typical mid 90's trance, also known as... See full review
Funky Green Dogs From Outter Space* Featuring Club Z - High Up
posted a review of Funky Green Dogs From Outter Space* Featuring Club Z - High Up. 10 months ago
My favorite Murk release. Absolute stomper, when this came out in 94 it shredded every dancefloor to pieces.
Front 242 - Never Stop!
posted a comment on Front 242 - Never Stop!. 10 months ago
I like this one a lot, however I see where you are coming from and to be fair, Frontpage magazine didn't like this one bit back in the day when it came out. It is more synth-poppy which can be underwhelming for the more hardcore EBM crowd.
Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II
submitted Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II. 11 months ago
The Coastal Commission / Echo Park (2) - Bring Down The Walls / Passing Presence
posted a comment on The Coastal Commission / Echo Park (2) - Bring Down The Walls / Passing Presence. about 1 year ago
If you are not on this label, you might want to re-listen. PCH001 and PCH002 are up there with the best of the best. This label had a small output, but all fire, just like Worldship.
Herb Martin - Soul Drums
posted a comment on Herb Martin - Soul Drums. about 1 year ago
Some triggered replies here, chillax folks. This was a good observation about Jestofunk.
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
posted a comment on Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84). about 1 year ago
My copy seems to be dark translucent. More effin words.
Unknown Artist - Untitled
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Not sure where it went initially, but I just linked my video again.
Truth (11) - The End
posted a comment on Truth (11) - The End. about 1 year ago
Well, 1992 was sort of THE year, and not exactly because of this record in particular, which, don't get me wrong, is a very nice record, but certainly not groundbreaking in terms of making everything else sound childish, let alone the before an after... See full review
Moodymann - Picture This
submitted Moodymann - Picture This. about 1 year ago
Moodymann - Taken Away
posted a comment on Moodymann - Taken Away . about 1 year ago
Right you are, and I must admit I contributed my share of shallowness below (it's just that the price escalation with MM is hard to overlook sometimes). But yeah, this record is just unreal. More than a timeless classic. This will be in the all time... See full review
Moodymann - Taken Away
posted a review of Moodymann - Taken Away . about 1 year ago
This is it. Well, to me it was already over with Black Mahogani, but if there was any doubt, this here settles it.
Moodymann is the GOAT and this is the Magnum Opus.
There's Larry Heard, the Timewriter, the Belleville three and many others, but alone... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Marco Passarani Feat. Orlando Occhio - Fed Up
posted a comment on Marco Passarani Feat. Orlando Occhio - Fed Up. about 1 year ago
Snap! Love Tiger & Woods, so this is good info!
Audion - Mouth To Mouth
posted a review of Audion - Mouth To Mouth. about 1 year ago
Mouth to mouth basically took Euphoryhtm's - Patrik (Space Teddy records) and polished it a bit.
First time I heard MtM I honestly thought it was a remix of it.
Surprised nobody mentioned this.

I prefer Patrik any day of the week.