Started DJing in '86, went nuts for house after hearing Pump Up The Volume by MARRS in 1987. There, I said it :- )
Collecting electronic music ever since.

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posted a comment on Dynasty - I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself). 5 days ago
Yeah, I remember that Euro trash wax from 1990. Way to butcher a nice disco track.
posted a review of 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Can't Help Myself. 5 days ago
Typical 1990 Euro trash with all the usual cheesy ingredients: cut & paste bassline, wanna-be rapping, formulaic layout & sampling.
Only redeeming factor is the chorus, because, of course, it's not original. As used to be the case from all the crapola ... See full review
posted a comment on Bee Mask v. Envenomist - Split. 6 days ago
The artwork here, if it wasn't too obvious already, represents the Pioneer plaque. Same illustration as used on the Voyager golden record.
posted a review of Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation. 6 days ago
The gift that kept on giving for Italo House.
Without this the Bortollotis of the world would have had half the output.
Nothing beats the original though.
posted a review of Karen Silver - Nobody Else. 6 days ago
Karen Silver, Jimmy Ross... these are some of the reasons why we love the high Quality Quality label!
posted a comment on Dem Hunger - Caveman Smack. 10 days ago
And how on earth are we supposed to distinguish the different releases??
posted a comment on Nina Simone - Blackbird (Special Unofficial Edits & Overdubs 12"). 16 days ago
Put this in my cart, slept for a couple hours, next thing I know it was gone, now the cheapest is at 60 bucks.
Wow, just wow...
posted a comment on Drumcode. 19 days ago
Yes, I can help you with that. Try something else besides Drumcode. Like Peacefrog, Ostgut Ton, Delsin, Tresor...
posted a review of Speedy J - G Spot. 21 days ago
"What's next for +8?"

"The new Speedy J album is coming out and it is an absolute belter. It is really amazingly good.
You can take that to the bank. The last album was already unbelievable. After we released it, a ton of people flooded the market ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 21 days ago
posted a comment on Le' Noiz - Wanna Dance?. 22 days ago
OK sure, maybe not the most memorable work from Jesse Saunders, let alone Trax, but it's still a seminal piece of House Music history as the first Trax records release and the continuation of Jesse's work on its forerunner, Precision records.
posted a comment on Humate - Love Stimulation / Curious. 23 days ago
  dwain.phillis Actually, it didn't. I heard it off of a tape from the guy himseld in 1992 before it came out on vinyl and it was just one more track in an otherwise forgettable night of "mankind is so beautiful, PLUR" trance. Let's face it, this music is ... See full review
posted a comment on Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Francisco. 23 days ago
Hello San Francisco is just alright, Take a free fall is borderline dreadful.
The good tracks are actually the older ones: We came in peace, Where is Dag, perhaps Power of American Natives...
posted a review of 4am* - Prelude To The Storm. 25 days ago
This release is insane... One day some too cool for school DJ will accidentally spin this on some boiler room event and the price will shoot to the moon. I hope that never happens. Grab it while it's cheap.
posted a review of Coco Steel And Lovebomb* - Summer Rain. 25 days ago
Yet another track that samples the eternally classic Spring rain from Silvetti.
submitted The Fort Knox Five - The Brazilian Hipster. 25 days ago
posted a review of River Ocean Featuring India - The Tribal EP. 26 days ago
Congo Drums is an absolute must-have in any house DJ bag. You can use as a tool to overlay samples or other tracks or play it in and out during a tribal set. It absolute destroys the dancefloor, and hips will shake at your mercy.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 28 days ago
posted a comment on Drain Pipe - New Life. about 1 month ago
Does not seem like it. You gave it one star.
posted a review of DJ's Rule - Serious EP Vol.-1. about 1 month ago
That intro reminds me a lot of Kelvin Pizarro's "Loneliness". Wonder if it was sampled from there.
One of the best from this label, also featured in the double compilation that came out in 92, which is highly recommended if you want all early Hi Bias ... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of F.U.S.E., Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse. about 1 month ago
This record and Pro-2 (Circuit Breaker on Probe) were enough to get a mini acid party going back in the early 90's.
Start with Overkill, mix it up with SA, flip pro-2 over and mix it with Open Your Mind, switch to FU-2, end up with Frenz-E.
Pure Acid ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Trance Atlantic 2. about 1 month ago
Nice complation. A few classic chicago tracks, a Wamdue Kids track that is nice, as well as a great Freddy Fresh release. A surprisingly mellow Lenny Dee is paired up with the genius Outlander providing a superb ambient choon. It also contains what is in ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Trance Europe Express 5. about 1 month ago
Agree with the reviewer below. The weakest of the TEEX series.
After 3 amazing releases it went downhill with Volume 4 and this one is just not there anymore.
I remember buying this blindly when it came out. After all, one just had to look at the acts ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Trance Europe Express 3. about 1 month ago
Agree, and the reason why I ended up selling mine, and just kept the CD.
And an absolute shame, because this is the best of the TEEX series.
posted a review of Death In Vegas - Dead Elvis. about 1 month ago
Quite shocked at the rather lukewarm reviews. Of course, it's all a matter of taste, but if you let me be the voice of dissent here, I followed the whole Big Beat scene from start to finish and to me this is THE album that epitomizes it. Far more ... See full review
posted a review of The Field - Cupid's Head. about 1 month ago
It is beyond insane how good this is.
Fuck all this fluffy bullshit that is selling for fortunes.
Do yourself a favor and PLEASE snatch this while it is cheap.
You will thank me later.
posted a comment on WK7 / Head High - Do It Yourself (Original Mix) / Rave (Dirt Mix). 2 months ago
Not one example? Uhm, can you even read? Just follow this thread. I myself named 10 entire labels, where 50%+ of its releases would run circles around this.
Nice job mate lmao.
posted a review of Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?. 2 months ago
We all know the Pink Floyd and Afrika Bambaata samples, but what really makes this track is the bassline and that was also borrowed. I am surprised nobody commented on this.

The bassline was taken from the track "Breathe Deep", featured on the epic 1990 ... See full review
posted a review of Moby - Mobility. 2 months ago
I know it is the cool thing to say that Mobility is the track here, but in my opinion the entire EP is strong and Go did end up being the longer lasting classic.
posted a review of Gary Clail On-U Sound System* - Human Nature. 2 months ago
This brings some of the best memories from 1991. That piano, my guilty pleasure...amazing lyrics just so ravy. I can't describe it, music is such an amazing thing.
posted a comment on Brother From Another Planet / DB-X* - Planet Earth / Trance Missions. 3 months ago
  MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73 The light has been darkened not brightened. I covered half the sun with all my mint, unplayed records that I hope will never get repressed.
posted a comment on Brother From Another Planet / DB-X* - Planet Earth / Trance Missions. 3 months ago
Come again? . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Brother From Another Planet / DB-X* - Planet Earth / Trance Missions. 3 months ago
Totally agree. I own 27 of them. Mint. Never played. Except for 6 that are a bit scratched cause I started using them as coasters.
posted a review of Intruder - U Got Me. 3 months ago
I remember when this came out, it pretty much obliterated the house music scene.
Koro Koro bassline, baby.
posted a comment on 40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off. 3 months ago
I am pretty sure I got the 2019 repress, so how do you differentiate it from the 2015 release?
posted a review of 박혜진 park hye jin* - If U Want It. 3 months ago
Wowzers... bought this when it came out and just looking at it I see this is one of "those". You know, the EPs with the magic touch that balloon in price.
Worth every penny. Deep, yet warm and amazing sound. I don't care is fantastic.
submitted Vandal - The Laws Of Chants Volume One. 3 months ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on C'hantal - The Realm. 3 months ago
As much as one can like NVL and as sexy as she sounds, you can definitely tell she is not a native English speaker.
Here, without a shred of a doubt, you can tell the vocalist has a clear American accent.
posted a review of Random Noise Generation - Falling In Dub. 3 months ago
I get the allure of the hidden B sides in general, but in my opinion Falling in Dub is still the track and aged better.
posted a comment on Z-Factor - I Am The D.J. Remix Of The Remix. 3 months ago
I like your comment, but I would assume that when you say "when it first came out..." you mean in the UK (where I assume you are from), and that was probably around 87 or 88. I say this, because you proceed to say it wasn't funky enough for the house ... See full review
posted a comment on Space Bunny - Spaced Bunny. 3 months ago
  spaceface01 You weren't wrong per se, and getting worked up about music is better than over politics.
But I hope that Surreal does continue with the repress plans. It's been months now. Too many times we get these hints at a repress, then nothing.
posted a review of Rai Scott - Detached Observation . 3 months ago
Fantastic release. All four tracks are ace. The A side almost more on the tribal ambient / deep techno side, whereas the B side is more on the deep house side. Excellent.
posted a comment on Demdike Stare - Symbiosis. 3 months ago
I would love to be able to get this on vinyl. My favorite act, as of late.
posted a comment on Bliss Inc. (2) - Radiant Reality. 3 months ago
  IgnoreAlienOrders I very much appreciate your kind words. With all this chat now I find listening to this again and, of course, it is starting to grow on me. Maybe because it's from 2019 ;- )
Yes, virtually all of the stuff that I mentioned was an ... See full review
posted a comment on Space Bunny - Spaced Bunny. 3 months ago
  spaceface01 I agree with you 100% and maybe you didn't understand my comment: I would be very happy for people that love this music to get a repress. I am actually one of them. I sold my copy a long time ago when I needed the money. For peanuts. For a ... See full review
posted a comment on Space Bunny - Spaced Bunny. 3 months ago
  spaceface01 Aaaaand this is what happens when people that already have too much of a chip on their shoulder don't make an itsy, bitsy, teenie effort into reading a response without all that bias. I am all for represses, I even commended them for it. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jeremy (2) - Semi-Structured Life. 3 months ago
  mijajo If that's the case, I'll take my words back. But he has this in his collection. Lucky him!
posted a comment on Bliss Inc. (2) - Radiant Reality. 3 months ago
  IgnoreAlienOrders Well, I guess it is a matter of taste, and I assume you are asking genuinely so, where to start?
I loved a lot of the stuff from classic labels that seemed be unable to do much wrong in '94. Peacefrog, Tresor, Djax, +8, UR, etc.
But ... See full review