Started DJing in '86, went nuts for house after hearing Pump Up The Volume by MARRS in 1987. There, I said it :- )

I co-own a record store in Madrid called "Radial Store" (check it out here: Not related to my discogs store though, which is flexing a dozen or so big Expedit shelves (you know the 4x4 and 5x5 monsters) accounting for like 200 cubes sprinkling my basement in the US East Coast, of which 60% or so are catalogued in my discogs collection.

Lots of Chicago and Detroit sounds in my crates. Got a bunch of soulful stuff, ambient, new and deep techno, jazz, hip hop and anything in between. Got a pretty nice disco collection and I also love Nu disco and lo-fi sounds. One of my Ikea expedit cubes has a breakbeat and drum n bass section that one day I'll turn into a nice mix.

Who's the GOAT? Larry Heard? Marshall Jefferson? James Stinson? Juan Atkins? Jean Francois Cochois? Moritz Von Oswald? Jeff Mills?
The one and only: Kenny Dixon Jr!

The two records I would take to an island: Moodymann's Taken Away, and my second copy of Moodymann Taken Away.

Let me bore you death with my obsession with labels. Ready?

I have "completist" tendencies for probably a good 200+ labels, especially the early house and techno. You'll find complete catalogs of Nu Groove, the first 100 Strictly Rhythms, almost every Trax record, a lot of the early Chicago and Detroit outfits (think Transmat, House records, HouseJam, KMS, Metroplex, Dance Mania, DJI, Express, Hot Mix 5, Housetime, etc)... but yeah, it mostly revolves around labels and that's how I also sort my records in my basement.

Not sure which ones are my favorite labels, but if I had to name a few great ones off the top of my head, it's all over the place: Guidance, 430 West, Moods & Grooves, Plus 8, KDJ, Tresor, Peacefrog, Astral Industries, Underground Resistance and many more. I also love to collect more obscure labels, such as these rare New York/New Jersey garage house and techno imprints a-la -N-Sync Inc, Quark, Rey-D, Atmosphere, Bottom Line, EXperimental where you can find some really weird awesome tracks, or small early 2000's west coast labels like Worldship, Imperial Dub, PCH, etc. I also have a thing for the "good" UCMG sister labels (Driftwood, Fiji, LapDance, Plastic City, Tonika).
Also enjoy the newer Detroit House (FXHE, Michigander, Upstairs Asylum, etc.)
Got a thing for Canadian labels like Bigshot, Strobe, Probe, early Hi-Bias, Definitive,
As soon as I think I got the list of wanted labels covered, 10 new ones pop up. I use YT, bandcamp, of course discogs, and any background sounds to get inspired and find new music.
Oh, did I tell you that I like to collect labels?


I have a son and two daughters, work in software, lived in Argentina, Germany and now in the US. I am (re) learning Finnish to make my mom happy, love to travel and watch stupid series on Netflix with my Chinese-American wife who doesn't eat rice.
Grilling twice a week is a must on my half destroyed charcoal grill. Anything that used to walk, run, swim or fly.
I don't like to talk about myself that much, except on discogs profile forms. In my whole life I had about half a dozen ideas that were good or original. 3 were good, but not original, the other 3 were original, but not very good.
My nose is pretty big. I studied electrical and mechanical engineering and am an irredeemable and insufferable Tesla fanboy. So don't bring up cars with me, otherwise I will bombard you with nerdy facts about batteries and production lines, and beat yo slow ass lambo turd to a pulp with my Model S Plaid while my wife is rolling her eyes. I like to fix stuff around the house and could probably pursue a career in plumbing. I like to wake up at 3AM, open the freezer and gulp down a pint of ice cream.
I don't have much use for political parties, crowded parks, boilerplate over-complicated lawyer talk, postmodernist psychobabble and also have very little patience for high-end audio snake-oil pseudoscientific bullshit.

I was born in Finland and have a German passport, and yet, my dear Eurocentrist friend, whether we like it or not, we are only here thanks to house being invented in Chicago and Techno in Detroit. Ah, I see, perhaps you are into Rock 'N Roll, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop... Yeah, that was also invented across the pond.
But hey, Finland has Darude. Yay.
I love to curse.

Click here to see if I sell anything from your wantlist!

I am quite active on my house YT channel here, posting new releases, house classics and mixes here!.

Please don't ask me to rip off stuff on mp3.

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Some of my favorite things: an asian kiss, dulce de leche ice cream, and a banging obscure 90's Jersey house stomper.
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Really confused by this comment. This is a nice record but not a first at anything. Certainly not Acid House, I think we agree on that. The vocals are not some kind of statement, they are simply sampled from a 1988 track from Phuture. Needless to say,... See full review
Phantasia - Violet Skies
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A bit confused about the comment. All the tracks that came after borrowed from Chantal's Realm, which came out a year before this one. In my opinion Realm is also far better, but of course that's just an opinion, but for sure this acappella, got... See full review
Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning
posted a review of Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning. 3 months ago
It's like the peacock effect. And it's not even very original since the organ is taken pretty much verbatim from the 1979 Little Sunflower jazz soul record. Then again, the French have this knack at elevating the little they have done musically... See full review
Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves
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Various - Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997
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P r e t t y m u c h
DJ Tink Thomas - Mistic Flow EP
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Ark To Ashes
posted a review of Ark To Ashes. 4 months ago
Shadi himself told me this:
"The label's name comes from one my musical heroes, Lee Scratch Perry. He burned down his Black Ark studio back in 1983. Some say the fire was caused by an electrical failure. The name is a tribute to his Black Ark studio,... See full review
The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café
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BS, that 2017 repress is ace. On constant rotation at home and sounds great.
Jack The Tab - Acid Tablets Volume One
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@Freakdeluxe I have to agree with bubcentral, in my neck of the woods we were listening to actual Acid House, New beat, electro, house, etc, and everybody hated this thing. You want actual acid house and leagues ahead better music which was being... See full review
Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers
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Get the feeling that Upright Kangaroo was inspired a bit from Roger Waters' Our Song.
Rick Wade - To The People Part 2
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Yes indeed... seen at night is a masterpiece. Like a sizzling medium rare prime rib steak.
Omar-S - Pain
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It is white, I am the one that uploaded the release.
Microbots - Chip II
posted a review of Microbots - Chip II. 5 months ago
I remember when this came out and listening to Freedom for the first time. Easily one of the top ten trance tracks of all time, so hypnotic with that freedom sample, best Overdrive release for me.
Malik Hendricks - Emancipation EP
posted a review of Malik Hendricks - Emancipation EP. 5 months ago
Fantastic EP all around. A2 is the absolute bomb, but A1 and B2 are golden as well. Sooo goood.
Antikkka - Asspionage EP
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Yore Records
posted a review of Yore Records. 5 months ago
Berlin's answer to Detroit House, featuring a lot of the usual suspects from the scene, this label is aging like fine wine.
All the latest releases are really fantastic. To me it already became one of those "buy on sight" ones.
Juan Atkins
posted a review of Juan Atkins. 5 months ago
Cool story, and yet it was Juan. . . .
CABARET Recordings
posted a review of CABARET Recordings. 5 months ago
What a label. Best kept secret on the interwebs. Everything that I heard from this gem of a label, and I mean everything, is golden. Original, edgy, deep, underground, the whole nine yards. I can't get enough of cabaret.
Function - Subject F (Transcendence)
posted a review of Function - Subject F (Transcendence). 5 months ago
B side has two tracks actually. second track is some obscure recording/sample, pretty cool.
Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm - Drawn From Life
posted a review of Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm - Drawn From Life. 6 months ago
I don't see any difference between this version and
Seems like a repeat to me...
Anyways, gorgeous album, highly recommended for fans of quality, non-muzak ambient.
Various - Get Lost
posted a review of Various - Get Lost. 6 months ago
Mark Broom for the win on this very fine Ep from 1997.
Moodymann - Sinner
posted a review of Moodymann - Sinner. 6 months ago
Pure bliss.
If I gave you my love is as Moodymannesque as it can get, with a lovely original sample from Camille Yarbrough's 1975 Take yo praise song.
Fatboy Slim - Praise You
posted a review of Fatboy Slim - Praise You. 6 months ago
Thank you for referencing Camille Yarbrough. We should never forget the origin of things.
Moodymann samples her in his great Sinner LP as well.
Housey Doingz - Pick-N-Mix EP
posted a review of Housey Doingz - Pick-N-Mix EP. 6 months ago
MorphP I hear you, and you are right, however let's be fair, I could be all day long bringing up tracks from 1988 that are amazing and can be had for a lot less. Just try a ton of the DJ International, Hot Mix 5, Housetime, Westbrook, Warehouse, Trax... See full review
G-Man - Spik
posted a review of G-Man - Spik. 6 months ago
Weird, no reviews... Spik is every molecule as good as the better known Quo Vardis.
The Golden Palominos - Heaven / Gun / Little Suicides
posted a review of The Golden Palominos - Heaven / Gun / Little Suicides. 6 months ago
friulchingo Obama played it. On vinyl. He is known to be a Big restless records fan. But what made the price go up was Michelle being spanked on the bum bum by Laura Bush while dancing to it. It went viral on the interwebs.
Heiko Laux - Souldancer
posted a review of Heiko Laux - Souldancer. 6 months ago
So unexpectedly good. Delicious morning techno beats. Especially A2 and B1 nicely fitting the morning dew with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Dez Andrés* - Back In My Space EP
submitted Dez Andrés* - Back In My Space EP. 7 months ago
Kenny Larkin - Catatonic
posted a review of Kenny Larkin - Catatonic. 7 months ago
The only choice is the only choice. Stuck in my head forever.
OK, A2 is amazing as well, hypnotic.
Omar-S And Alister Fawnwoda ft. John F.M. - I Love Your Girlfriend
submitted Omar-S And Alister Fawnwoda ft. John F.M. - I Love Your Girlfriend. 7 months ago
Omar-S - Pain
submitted Omar-S - Pain. 7 months ago
Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid
posted a review of Kai Tracid - Trance & Acid. 7 months ago
Yeah, I don't like the attitude of maroko. It's almost as bad as this cheese putrid excuse of a release.
Mr Lee* - Pump Up Chicago
posted a review of Mr Lee* - Pump Up Chicago. 8 months ago
@tradnort Good one, it does!
"Cafe de" is written on the UK cover of the single, so I think you are right.

Alton Miller Featuring Nina (186) - Remember Who You Are
posted a review of Alton Miller Featuring Nina (186) - Remember Who You Are . 8 months ago
The instrumental on the B side is so sweet I got me two more cavities.
Alton Miller Featuring Nina (186) - Remember Who You Are
submitted Alton Miller Featuring Nina (186) - Remember Who You Are . 8 months ago
Barada - Glue
posted a review of Barada - Glue. 8 months ago
Plenty comments about Glue and comparisons to acperience. Seems at best like a bland attempt at replicating it, doesn't do a thing for me. Instead head over to the B side. That's where its at.
Luke Hess - Deep Calls To Deep
posted a review of Luke Hess - Deep Calls To Deep. 8 months ago
Supreme vinyl. All great tracks. Luke Hess delivering some Detroit magic there.
Various - Dance Detroit
submitted Various - Dance Detroit. 8 months ago
Various - Music In Motion
submitted Various - Music In Motion. 8 months ago
Various - Raw Viz-Shun EP
submitted Various - Raw Viz-Shun EP. 8 months ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
Jesse (9) / LNS (2) & DJ Sotofett - Pohja / Soft Peak Mix
posted a review of Jesse (9) / LNS (2) & DJ Sotofett - Pohja / Soft Peak Mix. 9 months ago
12 inch, 10 inch, whatevs, the B side is sublime. That's that.
Joy O* - 50 Locked Grooves
posted a review of Joy O* - 50 Locked Grooves. 9 months ago
No, it's on all these copies like that. It's a misprint. It should be 'Untitled' on B24 and 'Untitled' on B25 like you say. But there's a repress coming with the correct order "Untitled' on B25 and 'Untitled' on B24.
The Strangers - Step Out Of My Dream
posted a review of The Strangers - Step Out Of My Dream. 10 months ago
Flawless production, hits like a freight train. Wish there was a dub version that consisted of just the last part of the track where the heavy bassline starts. I can picture the sweaty early 80's paradise garage hips being shredded to pieces...
Omar-S - You Want
posted a review of Omar-S - You Want. 10 months ago
Ambiance baby, mix my drinks with tanqueray . . .
Sound Set - So In Love With You
posted a review of Sound Set - So In Love With You. 10 months ago
It's all about the B-side here, two similar, amazing tracks.