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posted a comment on Les McCann - Layers. 2 days ago
Are these legal official reissues or just a new ripoff label like: down at dawn,doxy,dol,waxtime?
posted a comment on Jackie McLean - Capuchin Swing. 3 days ago
So what do you mean by this? Are this legal or what? Rhino reissues are usually very good.
posted a comment on Johnny Coles - Little Johnny C. 4 days ago
It may be flat, but the cover is good quality and sounds ok. Usually you spot scorpio release far away because the cover looks cheap also.
posted a comment on Lou Donaldson - Blues Walk. 15 days ago
UNOFFICIAL ISSUE - DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BLUE NOTE ! No Blue note stated anywhere.. no in cover no in labels ! AVOID !
posted a comment on The Greg Foat Group - Dark Is The Sun. 26 days ago
Plays with no problems but shrink has been too tight, so cover may suffer some bending.warp etc. record is ok. Not pressing faults found.
posted a review of The Horace Silver Quintet - The Tokyo Blues. 29 days ago
Has to be unofficial copy? It sure aint blue note ?
posted a review of Maisha (3) - There Is A Place. about 1 month ago
Awesome new record, but the pressing is not the best.some dim crackling here and there... still very happy to got it finally!
posted a comment on The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965 - 1969. about 1 month ago
Why so limited? makes no sense :( Why so limited? makes no sense :( Why so limited? makes no sense :(
posted a comment on E.S.T. - Retrospective - The Very Best Of E.S.T.. about 1 month ago
There is no anything. Matrix and barcode etc all a perfect match.
posted a comment on E.S.T. - Retrospective - The Very Best Of E.S.T.. about 1 month ago
There is no need for this release because barcodes and matrix etc information are a 100% match in the rerun of the release
posted a comment on Tohru Aizawa Quartet - Tachibana Vol. 1 . 2 months ago
Quality pressing ! Very nice cover also - would like to order all these just because the covers are so cool :) No problems with records, straight flat and good sound!
posted a review of Janko Nilovic - Rythmes Contemporains . 2 months ago
Perfect quality pressing and cool insert of the Giant cover!
posted a review of Esbjörn Svensson Trio* - From Gagarin's Point Of View. 2 months ago
Original pressing from 2014 was limited to 2.000 and there is no pressing quality problems. There has been done a "re-run" of the same pressing in 2018, don't know the quality of that and the amounts either.
posted a comment on Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche (Outtakes & Extras From The Illinois Album). 2 months ago
Perfect pressing !! No problems at all! Color wax looks and sounds good this time.
posted a comment on Sufjan Stevens - Mystery Of Love. 2 months ago
I GOT it 20.10.2018 from without the MOV shrink (and sticker) 19€ inc. shipping to Finland, pressing is a bit bad on side B start.. same crystal clear wax. Don't pay 20-30€ extra for sticker on shrink.
posted a comment on Joki Freund Sextet - Yogi Jazz. 3 months ago
Perfect pressing quality, cover could have been the original 3-P, but with this price I can live with out it. Recommended.
posted a comment on Jesse Sharps Quintet & P.A.P.A* - Sharps And Flats. 5 months ago
D on vinyl? Or download code? Or what? How? Amazing album
posted a review of Tarika Blue - The Blue Path. 5 months ago
Sounds very good and looks also, official reissue.. recommended. Backcover has a glued paper print and the glue seems to dry easily.. cover is thick card board.
posted a review of Duke Ellington - The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (A Suite In Eight Parts). 5 months ago
I bought this stereo usa F-9498 with brown labels, only difference is the stereo text on labels.. with this record there was a folded local newspaper from 5/1999. So i think this press is from the 1998-1999 period
submitted Duke Ellington - The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (A Suite In Eight Parts). 5 months ago
posted a comment on Kamasi Washington - Heaven And Earth. 6 months ago
Very stupid idea the glue the fragile paper/card board.. and you have use a knife for new 60€ vinyl set.. of course there is damage inside the 5 disc slot.. not even a inner sleeve on it..
posted a comment on Nick Drake - Bryter Layter. 7 months ago
Sounds very good! And looks good.. there is a proper matrix also so I did not know this is a unofficial one when bought long time ago..
posted a review of Kent (2) - Hagnesta Hill. 7 months ago
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Misprint, Reissue has only misprinted sleeve, there never was anything misprinted on labels? I have both of the covers, misprinted and the corrected one.
posted a review of Hiroshi Fukumura Quintet* - Morning Flight. 7 months ago
This record is in a tight shrink and the record might be bend / convex (is that the right word) Le Très Jazz Club ‎– LTJC004
posted a comment on Hank Mobley - A Slice Of The Top. 8 months ago
What does that mean? Scorpio? Is the sound quality poor?
posted a comment on Sigur Rós - Route One. 9 months ago
...Soap_Creatives February 25, 2018 comment confirms that Sigur Ros vinyl releases still - this date.. have lots of clicks and pops here and there.. for example route one... Liminal remixes clicks all the time also.. pressing quality is very poor..
posted a comment on Unida - Coping With The Urban Coyote. 9 months ago
Sold it already.. didn't hear any problems on it.. sounded and looked good
posted a comment on AIR - Moon Safari. 9 months ago
Some flashlight to it and total darkness and it glows nicely
posted a review of Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane. 9 months ago
I don't have problems with this..opened from shrink 6.4.2018 .. I changed my waxtime for this.. happier with this
posted a review of The Miles Davis Sextet - Someday My Prince Will Come. 9 months ago
I have this release: Columbia ‎– CL 1656, Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP745. There is no any numbering in MOV plastic or anywhere else either..
posted a review of The Diamond Five - Brilliant!. 10 months ago
black issue bougth 2 days ago, sounds perfect ! dead quiet press
submitted The Diamond Five - Brilliant!. 10 months ago
posted a review of Mankunku Quartet - Yakhal' Inkomo. about 1 year ago
Amazing press ! perfect / cover / record ! !
posted a review of Neil Young - Harvest Moon. about 1 year ago
so it is limited for 5000 eu and 5000 usa ? 10 000?
posted a comment on Beck - Mutations. about 1 year ago
there is a booklet also with cool art & stuff.. perfect quiet pressing ! perfect !
posted a review of Sigur Rós - In A Frozen Sea: A Year With Sigur Rós. about 1 year ago
Smaskifa has 3 versions issued on vinyl in Untitled #1 (Vaka) 10" so this set does not give you anything new to pay for. IF you don't have all these records.. then you could consider this as a compilation .. but for a compilation this only carries 3 ... See full review
posted a comment on Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters - Burn !. about 1 year ago
This reissue is red .. just opened one from shrink. Good album. Red ok quality pressing
posted a comment on The Jazz Crusaders* - Freedom Sound / Lookin' Ahead . about 1 year ago
Very good quality pressing ! Happy I got this one, and not the new repress of their 1st album ! go for this..
posted a review of Helmut Brandt Orchestra - Spree Coast Jazz. about 1 year ago
Very good modern Europe sound !! I hope people buy this
posted a comment on Tingvall Trio. about 1 year ago
Skip records? name doomed the Trio to be skipped by jazz listeners? ? I think they should get more recognition - if ecm for example - this would have been big name
posted a comment on Beck - Colors. about 1 year ago
Did not get any slipmats :( :( ok album
posted a comment on Booker Little - Booker Little. about 1 year ago
Has to be near 2010 .. because can still be ordered in new from stock
posted a comment on C418 - Minecraft - Volume Alpha. about 1 year ago
No noise at all.. dead quiet but a few clicks per side
posted a comment on The Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet* - Now Jazz Ramwong. about 1 year ago
These issues Bellaphon ‎records are placed in very hard and poor black inner sleeves, so records has little hairlines when in new condition ! Just ordered Now Jazz Ramwong and Tension and you really can't say these are MINT condition.. but sounds good ... See full review
posted a comment on Jukka Nousiainen - Jukka Nousiainen. about 1 year ago
Joo se oli ihan eka erä jossa oli mustaa joukossa ja muutoinkin viallinen.. ne roudattiin takaisin kauppaan ja sai sitten vaihtaa uuteen erään puhasta oranssia ja soundia :)
posted a comment on Tony Allen - The Source. about 1 year ago
Best Allen so far, Without vocal guests makes it SOLID
posted a comment on Jan Garbarek - I Took Up The Runes. about 1 year ago
0042284385015 / NAX-LP23314-19 / 03-01-2011 / Ecm / 180g , is missing
posted a comment on Alice Coltrane - Ptah, The El Daoud. about 1 year ago
Sorry to say but the cover is sharp enough, not gatefold and sound is good and pressing is good also; no background crackling, distortion or pops or anything..
posted a comment on The National - Sleep Well Beast. about 1 year ago
Good pressing. Did not find any noise or distortion.. if there is some, go change to a new one
posted a comment on Michael Naura Quintet* - European Jazz Sounds. about 1 year ago
Cover is sharp and the pressing quality is perfect .. sounds/chords of vibraphone can easily sound distorted when pressing is bad, but not in this issue!