There's Only One Power, The Power Of Music

Styles I Hate: R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop and all the music styles that are related to those three. And I also hate Jumpstyle,J-Pop and Eurobeat.

Edit: new style I hate is Dubstep. Sorry, but if I wanna hear Midi or Wave files, I'll just turn on my GBC and turn up the Volume or I'll watch some vids from people playing a SNES game on Youtube.


Also, no engrish, please! It works on my nerves.

Due to the fact that most of the users here STILL ignore what's written here, I decided to put my wantlist on "private" (it finally worked ^^).

And again, I decide WHAT and WHEN I will buy some stuff. So NO PM's!!

And from now on, I only give feedback AFTER I received mine(sick and tired of giving feedback first, and hardly getting any back).

MP3's that I'm searchng for (can't find the CD/Singles in Belgium nor The Netherlands):

1. Aqualoop - Voices
2. XXX Teens - Who Da Nurse? (Mix 2)
3. Laboratoires Techniques - Pioneers In Space
4. Nad's Lab - Deepalized II
5. Astrospider - Save The Robots
6. Stuka DJ - Galactic Orgazmz
7. 2 Hard 2 Handle - The Successor (Hard Luck Version)
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