Born in 1954 in Lisbon, studied music with a private teacher for some years. In the late 60's early 70'0 played in some bands. Since then and until recently just an "active" listener. Now has a small computer studio and is making his own electronic music.
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posted a comment on Madredeus Depois De Jah Wobble - Ambiente Pacífico. over 11 years ago
Track #1 (Pregão) also appears on the soundtrack (track #10) of 'One Eight Seven' (187) movie by Kevin Reynolds, 1997.
posted a comment on Kluster (3). over 12 years ago
It's funny that there's no trace of the mentioned original Kluster (1969-1971, Schnitzler, Moebius and Roedelius) in this database. This line-up is just a 2007 "ressurection", by Schnitzler, of that original Kluster. This only worths to be mentioned... See full review
posted a review of Wataru Shoji - Beethoven Likes Computer?. over 17 years ago
Like said on the notes box, it's just good old traditional Beethoven in GM format, based on the original scores. No further arrangements, nothing else. So, we lose the sound of a real grand and get nothing in return. A bit pointless record, I would say...
posted a review of Brian Eno - Before And After Science. over 18 years ago
This record still is mainly "glamour rock", but there are some bits there that announce Brian's next stage of ambient music.
posted a review of Brian Eno - :Neroli: (Thinking Music Part IV). over 18 years ago
Modal means that a tune is not based on a common major or minor chord, but on a 6th or 7th, for example. So the base notes are not 3 (triad) but 4. It's more or less this.
posted a review of Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen. over 18 years ago
I bought this CD in a store where it was laying among tons of sonic junk in the low-low-low-price section, after looking for it for years (I had the LP version as one of my collection's jewel). Even in Germany when I asked in some record shops all I... See full review
posted a review of Rodrigo Leão & Vox Ensemble - Ave Mundi Luminar. over 18 years ago
What is this about? Rodrigo Leão with the Roland Fantom, a string ensemble and a choir. The final result is somewhere between ambient, sacred XVIth century music and minimal. Interesting enough, many years before appeared a track based on the same... See full review
posted a review of Júlio Pereira - Miradouro. over 19 years ago
Until this record, Julio Pereira used to play only acoustic instruments, including some of the traditional portuguese string instruments (cavaquinho, braguesa, etc.). This record was the 1st one Julio Pereira made using electronic gear; the core of... See full review
posted a review of Da Vinci (3) - Caminhando. over 19 years ago
Life is funny: Pedro Luis started as keyboardist of a portuguese rock band from the late 70's, Tantra. João Heitor was a jazz drummer. Then they met the singer Iei Or and started a synth pop band. They had somme success, for example with "Lisboa Ano... See full review
posted a review of Virginia Astley - Hope In A Darkened Heart. over 19 years ago
Electronic keyboards (Sakamoto) and an ethereal voice. It's a very "Sakamoto" record, and neverthless Virginia plays no instrument here (and it's odd since "From Gardens Where We Feel Secure" was an instrumental record) it's also a very "Astley"... See full review
posted a review of Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells. over 19 years ago
This record raises one more time the neverending issue: what's "electronic music"? If the definition is based upon the gear used, this record doesn't belong here. If we consider that "electronic music" brought us and is mostly defined by specific... See full review
posted a review of Mike Oldfield - Platinum. over 19 years ago
For those looking for roots of House don't look any further: they are here. Specially in Platinum III and IV.
posted a review of New Order - Movement. over 19 years ago
The ghost of Ian Curtis was still obviously on this metamorphosis of Joy Division-New Order. Namely in the vocals and in the dark ambience.
posted a review of Opera Nova - Sonhos. over 19 years ago
This was an interesting start, but I never heard again about these guys. How did they sound? Just imagine Depeche Mode in Portuguese.
posted a review of Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear. over 19 years ago
This album made me start to like Tangerine Dream. By the time it was a real innovative path they were taking. Into a dead end it seems. Unfortunately!
posted a review of Daniel Lanois - Acadie. over 19 years ago
Daniel Lanois is well known for his collaborations with Brian Eno ("Apollo...", "On Land"). This is a strange and heteronegeous album. Some cajun music, some Ambient with or without spoken words... 'White Mustang II' could be in "Apollo..." and 'Ice'... See full review
posted a review of Brian Eno - :Neroli: (Thinking Music Part IV). over 19 years ago
":Neroli:" is a modal piece, like "Music for Airports", "The Plateaux of Mirror", "On Land", etc. The result is atmosphere, ambience... It seems this CD has been used during childbirth in some maternity hospitals.
posted a review of Laurie Anderson - Big Science. over 19 years ago
This album is what Laurie's performances are still about: storytelling, high-tech, minimalism.
posted a review of Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels. over 19 years ago
Impossible to understand this album while comparing it with "Big Science" or "Mister Heartbrak". We have to listen to "Home of the Brave" (first) and "Bright Red/Tigh Rope" (after). And "Life on a String" gives the final clue.
posted a review of Tangerine Dream - Destination Berlin (From The Original Motion Picture). over 19 years ago
Let's face it: the fact of being a pionner doesn't mean a artist is able to follow a certain quality/interest standard. This CD is a totally uninteresting work. Boring, boring, boring. Jean-Michel Jarre come back, all is forgiven!!!
posted a review of Laurie Anderson - Strange Angels. over 19 years ago
Maybe the "easiest" Laurie's album, but absolutely wonderful. Vocoders seem to be forgotten. The guitar on track 1 ("Strange Angels") sounds like Mark Knopfler's.