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Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby (Jon Doe Remixes)
posted a review of Love Revolution - Give It To Me Baby (Jon Doe Remixes). over 2 years ago
These remixes are awful. They ruined an amazing tune.
Unknown Artist - Feel What U Feel
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Feel What U Feel. over 2 years ago
If you do a Google image search of the phone number listed on the record, you see a couple of late 90s rave flyers with "DJ Paul-O" as one of the featured performers. I bet he did this remix.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Sangwara - Killing Me Softly
posted a comment on Sangwara - Killing Me Softly. over 6 years ago
The law of supply and demand, one of the most fundamental basics concepts of commerce.
Various - Best Of House Music: Volume 7: Funky Breaks
posted a review of Various - Best Of House Music: Volume 7: Funky Breaks. over 6 years ago
This says "compilation" but the tracks are somewhat mixed together. Useless for DJs.
Bourgeois Tagg - Bourgeois Tagg
submitted Bourgeois Tagg - Bourgeois Tagg. over 6 years ago
Tom Real - Functional's Finest Moments
posted a comment on Tom Real - Functional's Finest Moments. over 9 years ago
This CD is sort of mixed. DJs won't be able to use the tracks in their own sets.
BT - Remember
posted a comment on BT - Remember. over 12 years ago
Possible mix names as referenced by track lengths from other releases of "Remember" on CD format:

A - Remember (Mood II Swing Remix)
B1 - Remember (Paul Van Dyk's Recollected Remix)
B2 - Remember (Untitled Mix 3)
Revelution - The Beast
posted a comment on Revelution - The Beast. over 12 years ago
Personally, I find the A-side to be too noisy. The track that was preferred here in Orlando - played by Kimball Collins at the world-famous Aahz - was Planet.
Tom Tom Club - You Sexy Thing
posted a comment on Tom Tom Club - You Sexy Thing. over 12 years ago
The "Lost In Bass" mix is very tripped out with female vocals singing "you're keeping me in ecstacy",smooth, chugging break beats, loads of bleeps, blips and wooshes. This amazing version sounds nothing like the original.
Shakespears Sister* - Goodbye Cruel World
posted a comment on Shakespears Sister* - Goodbye Cruel World. over 12 years ago
The Pete Tong "Black Dub" remix is wicked with its dark synths and nasty break beat.
Freak Sisters - The Freak Boutique
posted a comment on Freak Sisters - The Freak Boutique. over 13 years ago
I believe that the sides are mislabeled. The A side has the female vocals singing "We've got to come together" but is titled "The Freak Boutique". While the B side has a very pronounced male vocal saying "freak" and another vocal singing "together"... See full review
Anoesis - The Anoesis EP
posted a review of Anoesis - The Anoesis EP. over 18 years ago
Thick slices of analogue synth sweeps, chugging bass lines, deep house beats with a nice layer of funky breaks underneath, and 303s all over the place. This EP could be defined as funky trance.
Tainted Two - This Is Not A Dream Song
posted a review of Tainted Two - This Is Not A Dream Song. over 18 years ago
This classic song uses plenty of old-school elements. Hardhouse/new beat drums, a Speak & Spell vocoder voice, and deep "LFO" type basslines. The keyboard hook is from The Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This.
Various - The Sperm Bank
posted a review of Various - The Sperm Bank. over 18 years ago
A nice big heaping portion of spaced-out trance with 303 acid squiggles layered over the various tunes. Lots of nifty little bleeps and blips, some scattered vocals and well-timed breakdowns create a lush sonic landscape. This was considered solid... See full review
Evolution - Metropolis
posted a review of Evolution - Metropolis. over 18 years ago
A moment of pure clarity from Sasha. Done over a decade ago, it still has the right ingredients to move a crowd. The breakdowns are lengthy, filled with body-chilling pianos. The four-on-the-floor beat chugs along with a nice snapping snare. If... See full review
Erasure - Chorus
posted a review of Erasure - Chorus. over 18 years ago
Please don't mistake this for a synth-POP record. Nice production all around by innovative producers made this a very big record. A sporadic use of Andy Bell's vocals certainly helped these feel more like late-night club tracks than radio-friendly... See full review
Headrillaz - Shoeshine
posted a review of Headrillaz - Shoeshine. over 18 years ago
A collage of funk and house beats, synths with a pop feel and disco vocals, this is more of a filler track from the 'Drillaz. The original mix is good, but it doesn't impress me as much as some of the other releases from them. The Jacknife Lee mix... See full review
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold: The Remixes
posted a review of The Stone Roses - Fools Gold: The Remixes. over 18 years ago
An awesome set of remixes of an original rave classic!

Rabbit In The Moon turn in another incredible performance smashing tribal, deep house, trance and breakbeats together to create two completely unique versions. The famous bass line is still... See full review
Hamel* - Close (Evolution Remixes)
posted a review of Hamel* - Close (Evolution Remixes). over 18 years ago
Another slice of fine progressive trance from Hamel, touched up by Evolution. Floating along with smooth strings and a whispery vocal, this song is an excellent example of the type material to be found on the Sunkissed label.

The Evolution mix is... See full review
General Base - In Trance
posted a review of General Base - In Trance. over 18 years ago
A typical, mid-90's techno/trance track. Boring 4 on the floor drums, repetitive and really uninspired. A symphony of arpeggiated synths, pipe-organ pianos, acid squiggles and a Yello-ish male vocal saying the title. I think the term "generic" can... See full review
A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd* - Work It Out (Remix)
posted a review of A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd* - Work It Out (Remix). over 18 years ago
Old school HHFD at their best! From the first Indian woop, this song pumps with classic early 90's rave sounds.

Air raid sirens are lightly layered under hip house raps with a positive message. A clever Zsa Zsa Gabor sample highlights the... See full review
Havana - Ethnic Prayer
posted a review of Havana - Ethnic Prayer. over 18 years ago
Having heard it far too many times in other tracks, I have to admit that Havana used, with great effect, the BELL/CHIME sample from "Change" by Tears For Fears. Melodic sweeps, a dirty acid-washed synth and a gated male vocal push this excellent... See full review
Happy Mondays - Loose Fix
posted a review of Happy Mondays - Loose Fix. over 18 years ago
This record absolutely summed up the Mondays' groundbreaking, soulful, & psychedelic.

Loose Fit has such a heavy, deep vibe, it sounds like it was recorded, then slowed down on the final mix. With its spacey guitar lead layered over a... See full review
TCX (2) - All We Can Do
posted a review of TCX (2) - All We Can Do. over 18 years ago
The Windy Remix seems to have been recorded too hot. There is a very noticeable loss of clarity. The track gets very crunchy and noisy. Some of the static-filled sections really make this banging version lose its punch. Flipping the record over... See full review
Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
posted a review of Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul). over 19 years ago
After 20 years, almost every tune sounds dated, not just electronica. Now, throw this on the decks and listen to it...I'll wait...Can you believe your ears? Without a doubt, one of the TOP 10 all time electro songs. This song established the future... See full review
Unknown Artist - Remixes Anonymous Vol. #1
posted a review of Unknown Artist - Remixes Anonymous Vol. #1. over 19 years ago
This release uses LISA STANSFIELD's "People Hold On" accapella nicely mixed over a deep, grinding synth house track with a hint of a breakbeat buried underneath it all. A simple, but effective, use of these classic vocals which makes for an instant... See full review
Tara Kemp - Hold You Tight
posted a review of Tara Kemp - Hold You Tight. over 19 years ago
The SHAW & JONES remix is dark, deep and brooding...Very unusual approach on this mostly pop-synth record.