Hi! I'm using some free time here to indulge in two of my passions: music and databases.

I'm into many different genres, but industrial is my favorite, especially post-industrial/IDM/rhythmic noise.

My rating rationale (all IMHO):

5: Good majority of tracks are exceptional, must have release.
4: Amount of exceptional and average tracks about equal, fine but not essential release.
3: Few exceptional tracks, would've been preferable to get any singles from the release.
2: Didn't care for release, but could see how someone else would (i.e., sold).
1: Didn't care for release, and couldn't see how anyone else would (i.e., recycled).

I give a release at least two listens before rating, unless it leaves a particularly strong impression, either positive or negative. I also don't include transitional, remix or bonus tracks in the equation (unless the release is just remix and/or bonus tracks).
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I suspect this release was strongly influential in the development of industrial music vocal styles. Take the Nivek Ogre style distortion on "Protection", or the Bill Leeb style grunts on "War of Nerves (T.E.S.)" -- it's probably not a coincidence that ... See full review