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posted a comment on Haustor - Treći Svijet. over 6 years ago
one of the new wave/reggae/funk masterpieces!!! in my opinion it is, together with 1985's "bolero", haustor's best album! shame on croatia records for not launching it on CD!:-(
posted a review of The Fall - The Light User Syndrome. over 6 years ago
it's my fav album ever and fav fall album so far. awesome songs, great production, best line-up. here you hace all that you can love (or hate) fall for!
posted a review of Luna (22) - Nestvarne Stvari. over 6 years ago
god (rather bale) thanks for this re-release! new wave and goth rock with punk approach and pop sensibility in the same time! if you like bauhaus or christian death, this cd is a must!
posted a review of Heroina (2) - Heroina. over 6 years ago
long lost masterpiece of new wave with strong funk attitude. something between early a certain ratio, talking heads and.... spandau ballet! it's a shame that this underrated (so what?) LP weren't put on CD:-(
posted a review of Avtomobili - Mjesec Je Opet Pun. over 6 years ago
avtomobili's first LP is a true new wave masterpiece and not a simple relic of its time - it still sounds fresh and moving! if you like new wave with pop sensibility and melancholic atmosphere - you found it! this LP together with thier another one was ... See full review