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posted a comment on cv313 - The Other Side. over 2 years ago
if it is so incredible and original, why only 2 stars...
posted a comment on Blank & Jones. over 2 years ago
Well it was pretty obvious that blank was always in control in the beginning. Blank was the visionaire and the one responsible for the uptempo music, but then Jones stepped in at a certain point of their career and took over. Story goes that Jones ... See full review
posted a comment on Markus Guentner - 1981. over 4 years ago
Like adam01 said, this is a tru ambient gem, the sounds are very lush and mysterious. But im still confused why the track Hi-Jacked is on this album... doesnt belong here.
posted a comment on Pulled Apart By Horses - Blood. over 4 years ago
OH Gee, this music sounds like the sound of ripping bodies apart.
posted a comment on DeepChord Presents Echospace - Silent World. over 5 years ago
because all versions deserve a 5 star rating
posted a review of The Flytraps - She-Freak. over 5 years ago
this album sounds like they made music with those catched flies
posted a comment on Akademisches Orchester Russischer Volksinstrumente Des Staatsrundfunks Der UdSSR* - Kalinka - Russische Volksweisen. over 5 years ago
haha that title is fucking insane
posted a comment on Various - Wired Thoughts. over 6 years ago
P.Laoss' track Dub Class Five is byfar the best track of the whole compilation, drift away in tranquility.
posted a comment on Mikrokristal - 526. over 7 years ago
thanks for the tip