Well musik is my life! I love it, and i am interested in what other people think of certain artists and thats why i signed up here.
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posted a review of Richie Hawtin. over 16 years ago
Richie Hawtin is definatly a VERY talanted DJ and Producer.
His mixing is so unbelievaley clean and perfect and as for his production, well,..don't get me started!! hehe

I have always enjoyed this richie and he is definatly one of the true techno ... See full review
posted a review of . over 16 years ago
The Prodigy's first album - "The Experience"

This is by far the best album they have released out of all of them!

These guys are one of the few pioneers of electronic musik along side with other's such as aphex twin etc.
To think that this album ...
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 17 years ago
posted a review of BK & Rhythm Boy. over 17 years ago
These two guys together are more than just two dudes playing on tribal like drums, hearing these 2 guys perform together LIVE is unbelievable!
The bass, the pattern, seeing how much they enjoy and get into what they do live, definatley a good ... See full review
posted a review of John Thomas - Undisputed Life (Technasia Mixes). over 17 years ago
gotta love these remixes!! As always, coz i am a BIG tek fan, then naturally i'm gonna love the Technasia 2 remix!!
The Technasia 2 remix is very well set out and has a nice hard beat with a loud moving sound!

The Technasia 3 remix is very good also, ... See full review
posted a review of Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar. over 17 years ago
Three 'n' One Remix, by far the best remix hands down!
Nothing could possibly come close to beating it!
Althoguh the Nalin & Kane Remix is a beauty!!

Still, three 'n' one for me!
posted a review of Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar. over 17 years ago
This song has gone huge in the trance world!!! I promise you, when you are out at a club or nightclub and you hear this song go off, every1 will get off there arse and dance, and if they don't (most likely due to been fucked off there heads!) then they ... See full review
posted a review of The Age Of Love* - The Age Of Love. over 17 years ago
Great song this one! I'm a huge tek fan now but i always used to enjoy this track! gotta love the baby doc remix and/or the original mix most though! :)
posted a review of Simon Digby. over 17 years ago
Well Simon Digby is a very talented musician to start off with! he has been all over the world and dj'ed with so many popular dj's it's outstanding!

When your out for a nite and u witness this guys sets, you can always tell he takes his musik ... See full review
posted a review of Will E Tell. over 17 years ago
Will E tell, one of the 2 people who started Melbourne Record Label Wetmusik, runs his own DJ School, and his musik production is pretty good i must say! very tribal, hanrd bangin minimal! although i find his remix of mutation by alphraisc very good! not ... See full review
posted a review of Wetmusik. over 17 years ago
Wetmusik (Simon Digby & Will E Tell) Very talented musik producres and dj's. I enjoy there sets, there cd releases under the wetmusik mixup compilation and especially there prime time albums!
They are an inspiration on young producres such as myself and ... See full review