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Kenny Dorham - Kenny Dorham/1959
posted a review of Kenny Dorham - Kenny Dorham/1959. 5 months ago
Got a copy of this cheap recently. Only thing I have to compare it to is the recent craft? ojc pressing not the rsd mono or analogue productions stereo pressing. Curious how others would rate sound of this 70s prestige pressing. One of my favorite... See full review
Freddie Hubbard - The Artistry Of Freddie Hubbard
posted a review of Freddie Hubbard - The Artistry Of Freddie Hubbard. 7 months ago
Based on below wouldn’t this version be the 1st pressing since it has am par on the label? Or is there some other information I’m missing? See full review
Miles Davis Quintet* = マイルス・デイビス* - Miles Smiles = マイルス・スマイルズ
posted a review of Miles Davis Quintet* = マイルス・デイビス* - Miles Smiles = マイルス・スマイルズ. 7 months ago
Bought this without realizing it was a Japanese reissue. Usually prefer the Columbia 70 reissues if I am looking for a miles Davis album on the cheap. Sound is pretty good on this one on my system though
Billy Harper - Black Saint
posted a review of Billy Harper - Black Saint. 7 months ago
Adding to what others have said this pressing sounds surprisingly good to me. No idea about source or mastering but for the price hard to do better than this if you don’t have means or ability to track down an original.
Hank Mobley - No Room For Squares
posted a review of Hank Mobley - No Room For Squares. 8 months ago
Just got a copy of this and to echo other comments it sounds great. Maybe just in my head about the van gelder stamp on one side but to my ears side a does sound a little louder and clearer than side b. Same sessions so should be the same? Anyone... See full review
Hank Mobley - Roll Call
posted a review of Hank Mobley - Roll Call. 8 months ago
Have this copy and this is the comment you should listen to. Randomly this is a really good knockoff pressing. Really loud and at times the Blakey drum solos sound like a 90s noise project they are so loud and echoing in the mix. At the price this is... See full review
Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton - Katanga!
posted a review of Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton - Katanga!. 8 months ago
Curious how this one sounds compared to the tone poet. Has anyone listened to both?
The Beatles - The Beatles
posted a review of The Beatles - The Beatles. 10 months ago
I have this pressing as well as this one: Have a decent system and can’t tell much difference sound quality-wise. Both sound good to me.
Lê Almeida - Paraleloplasmos
posted a review of Lê Almeida - Paraleloplasmos. 11 months ago
Crazy you can get this for cheap. Great lofi indie rock with dinosaur Jr. Influences
Harold Land - The Fox
posted a review of Harold Land - The Fox. 12 months ago
Confirming this LP sounds pretty good for a 80s reissue all things considered
Mal Waldron With Eric Dolphy And Booker Ervin - The Quest
posted a review of Mal Waldron With Eric Dolphy And Booker Ervin - The Quest. about 1 year ago
Plays pretty thin and quiet but fine for the price point vs trying to get a US og
Silver Jews - The Natural Bridge
posted a review of Silver Jews - The Natural Bridge. about 1 year ago
No help here but have the same copy. Also interested if anyone knows if this is 1996 original or 2013 reissue. Bought mine second hand in 2018 so could be either.