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Andy C - Sour Mash E.P.
posted a comment on Andy C - Sour Mash E.P.. about 1 month ago
Andy C's dad is Mick Clarke from The Rubettes who I imagine had some gear in the house. The Rubettes recorded in the studio where Ant Miles worked, and this is how him and Andy met.
Baby D - Take Me To Heaven
posted a review of Baby D - Take Me To Heaven. 4 months ago
It was actually released as a promo on the 'So Pure' jungle remixes 12, and not too rare or expensive either
DJ Peshay* - Protegé E.P
posted a review of DJ Peshay* - Protegé E.P. 4 months ago
The amen in Gangster with the unique little scratch seems to be sampled from the opening bars of Dominant Force – Taking Over Ragga Hip Hop.
DJ Marky & XRS Featuring Stamina MC - LK 'Carolina Carol Bela'
posted a comment on DJ Marky & XRS Featuring Stamina MC - LK 'Carolina Carol Bela'. 8 months ago
LK stands for Liquid Kitchen. six seven eight nine ten
Production House
posted a comment on Production House. about 1 year ago
Who was behind the Production House artwork? They had some lovely artwork, especially with the later releases that broke with the earlier disco sleeves. It looks to be the same artist that did the sleeve for Floyd Dice's first band Proton Plus:... See full review
Various - Anti-Matter
posted a comment on Various - Anti-Matter. about 1 year ago
It's mentioned in this interview: There was actually a second LP being recorded in 1996, but the band broke up due to differences in the studio, and Better was the only track... See full review
Acen - Trip II The Moon Part.. 2
posted a comment on Acen - Trip II The Moon Part.. 2. about 1 year ago
Dutch DJ Ruffneck was such a fan of 'Life And Times' that he named himself and his label, Ruffneck Records, after it.
Dillinja / Lemon D - Violent Killa / 12.01
posted a comment on Dillinja / Lemon D - Violent Killa / 12.01. about 1 year ago
Was this Blue Note March 96? It's up on YouTube with Goldie shouting 'DON'T GO THERE RIDER!'.
Sheila - Acid Kiss
posted a comment on Sheila - Acid Kiss. about 1 year ago
The Belgian R&S release does have a really cool sleeve.
BFC - Evolution
posted a comment on BFC - Evolution. over 2 years ago
'Spliffhead' by SUAD also sampled the pads from Galaxy and was released in the later half of 1990.
Various - London Underground
posted a comment on Various - London Underground. over 2 years ago
Why the sales ban on Discogs, does anyone know the reason?
Various - Torque
posted a comment on Various - Torque. over 2 years ago
I agree, I feel Torque was really the peak of what was being called 'Techstep' - it sounded genuinely futuristic and thrilling, but 98-00, the rhythm and atmosphere was gone, plodding two step beats, and two-note mid-range basslines that had more in... See full review
Confetti's - The Sound Of C...
posted a comment on Confetti's - The Sound Of C.... over 2 years ago
The leading synth motif was pilfered from Imperial Brothers ‎– We Come To Rock.
Manix - Rainbow People
posted a comment on Manix - Rainbow People. over 2 years ago
The story behind the 'Hardcore Junglism!' sample can be read here:
Goldie - INCredible Sound Of Drum'n'Bass Mixed By Goldie
posted a comment on Goldie - INCredible Sound Of Drum'n'Bass Mixed By Goldie. over 3 years ago
It's now been released via the Odysee Recordings Bandcamp: The track was actually entitled Freestyle and never previously released.
Jigsaw (10) - Hardlife / Rapture
posted a comment on Jigsaw (10) - Hardlife / Rapture. over 3 years ago
Colin Favor played this on his Kiss show (17th March 1992), announcing it as being from 'DJ Ramjam and DJ CD'.
posted a comment on Mistabishi. over 3 years ago
The miming story was featured in a Drum And Bass Arena forum post, in which Mistabishi personally responded. It was his response that also sealed his downfall - basically 'who cares, they're all on drugs anyway'. The explicitly racist remarks that he... See full review
V Recordings
posted a comment on V Recordings. over 3 years ago
Anyone know why V Recordings became V Records for a few years before switching back to being V Recordings again?
Allen & Blewitt - Chip Shop Wrapping
posted a comment on Allen & Blewitt - Chip Shop Wrapping. over 3 years ago
According to the Discogs filter, this appears to be the first British Hip Hop record.
Intrigue (3) - I Like It
posted a comment on Intrigue (3) - I Like It. over 3 years ago
He was in this other group called Intrigue: .
Various - Acid Masters - Legends Of House
posted a comment on Various - Acid Masters - Legends Of House. over 3 years ago
Beware if buying from Amazon or someone similar - this shares the same barcode as VA - 100 Love Songs - I ended up with two copies before I got the CD I wanted. Highly recommended BTW.
Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer
posted a comment on Teengirl Fantasy - Tracer. over 3 years ago
Agreed - the tune itself is alright, but the 'party tonight, feel alright' vocals sounds like some horrible Swedish House Mafia leftover.
posted a comment on Rachid. over 4 years ago
And I am now a lucky and happy owner :)
Rhythem Divice* - Acid Rock
posted a comment on Rhythem Divice* - Acid Rock. over 4 years ago
'Acid Rock' was used in an 1989 promo vid for the new Cherry Moon Club in Lokeren, Belgium, featuring a lip-sync performance by three macho dudes in bandanas that appear to have stepped in off Streets Of Rage. It's become a bit of a YouTube classic,... See full review
Tom And Jerry
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry. over 4 years ago
Marc Mac's Facebook post from May '19: "Well not tall tales but a little myth busting:, Myself and Dego produced the Tom and Jerry records as a little fun side project from the usual Reinforced output. We channeled both our Manix and TEK9 monikers... See full review
Various - Street Beats Volume 2
posted a comment on Various - Street Beats Volume 2. over 4 years ago
Why is this listed as a Cdr and not a CD?
24 Karat
posted a comment on 24 Karat. over 5 years ago
Many of the early 24k releases are compiled on this:
Calibre - Mystic / Feelin
posted a comment on Calibre - Mystic / Feelin. over 5 years ago
I remember visiting all the record shops in Bristol on the day of release, and this was playing in every single one. Something about Mystic just seemed to resonate with everyone and it was a real game changer. Everyone was fed up with techstep and... See full review
Corky & Yaka - Livin Love E.P.
posted a comment on Corky & Yaka - Livin Love E.P.. over 5 years ago
Is this an alias for Orca? It sounds quite similar and has references to whales.
Various - Hicks From The Sticks
posted a comment on Various - Hicks From The Sticks. over 5 years ago
According to the book 'Good Night and Good Riddance', he did work his way through the entire album over several shows.
posted a comment on Mistabishi. over 5 years ago
I think his DJing and production career is on hiatus now unless there's a market out there for white power dnb.
Lemon D - B Boyz Revenge / Why?
posted a comment on Lemon D - B Boyz Revenge / Why?. over 5 years ago
Anyone know what happened with the LP that was forthcoming on R&S?
Marcus Intalex
posted a comment on Marcus Intalex. over 6 years ago
Whatever his age, he was still on point, and showed no signs of slipping in both his productivity and quality, and has left behind an untouchable back catalogue and reputation with those that enjoyed his music and those who knew him personally.
Rubberman (5) - Rubberman Rock Da House
posted a comment on Rubberman (5) - Rubberman Rock Da House. over 6 years ago
If I'm correct, this is an alias of Jon Moss from Culture Club.
Uncle 22 & Navigator - 6 Million Ways To Die - Choose One (DJ Hype & Uncle 22 Remixes)
posted a comment on Uncle 22 & Navigator - 6 Million Ways To Die - Choose One (DJ Hype & Uncle 22 Remixes). over 6 years ago
Of all the remixes, the Uncle 22 remix on this release is the weakest. I far prefer the original on Pure Energy.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
X-Ray (9) - To The Heartbeat
posted a comment on X-Ray (9) - To The Heartbeat. over 6 years ago
I picked up a mint copy for a quid in one of the Vinyl Exchange stores in London - I had a shock when I was offered 50 for my copy and quickly sold it. Judging by recent prices that buyer got a bargain.
Liaisons D - Future F.J.P.
posted a comment on Liaisons D - Future F.J.P.. over 6 years ago
Sounds heavily influenced by Frankie Bones ‎– Call It Techno also.
A Number Of Names - Sharevari
posted a comment on A Number Of Names - Sharevari. over 6 years ago
A pioneering tune by all means, but there is a MAJOR resemblance between this and Telex - Moskow Diskow that was released two years earlier.
Tom And Jerry
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry. over 6 years ago
I've never had a problem with represses, and I spent a fortune myself getting the originals. Obviously not everything can be repressed, but it's a shame that those who would love to own the music are shut out because they can't afford the collector's... See full review
Flex Camp - The Pledge / Style Warz
posted a comment on Flex Camp - The Pledge / Style Warz. over 6 years ago
Sounds pretty similar to Moving Fusion - Turbulence - which was released first?
Skinnyman - No Big Ting / Council Estate Of Mind
posted a comment on Skinnyman - No Big Ting / Council Estate Of Mind. over 7 years ago
The main sample used in 'Council Estate Of Mind' was from British soundtrack producer Graham De Wilde's 'Fashion International', which was used in Bergerac S02E06 - Fall of a Birdman.
Mala (4) - Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)
posted a comment on Mala (4) - Changes (James Blake Harmonimix). over 7 years ago
It's not there any longer. Neither is Chemical actually.
Octave One (2) - Technology / Chillin' Out ('94)
posted a comment on Octave One (2) - Technology / Chillin' Out ('94). over 7 years ago
The robotic 'Technology' voice features also in Disco Biscuits ‎– Disco Biscuit, the same as the NHS piano loop.
Tyranny - Innate / Beyond Reality
posted a comment on Tyranny - Innate / Beyond Reality. over 7 years ago
Would be the same track as Zinc - Innate, that was released on Ganja?
Babylon Timewarp - I Come In Peace / Durban Poison (Remixes)
posted a comment on Babylon Timewarp - I Come In Peace / Durban Poison (Remixes). over 8 years ago
The film had two titles, and this iss the trailer with the sample in: 13 year old me loved the film, but I think I'd feel a little different if I watched it now.
Deep Blue - Helicopter (Remix 1)
posted a comment on Deep Blue - Helicopter (Remix 1). over 9 years ago
Although she remains uncredited, Goldie mentioned during a recent 6 Music show that the 'sometimes I feel like crying' vocal sample in the Rufige Kru remix was from Diane Charlemagne, a leftover salvaged from a Reinforced recording session.
Roni Size - 26 Bass / Snapshot
posted a comment on Roni Size - 26 Bass / Snapshot. over 9 years ago
You'll have to track down one of the first press and then pick the sticker off to find out!! I used to walk past his house on the way to college and I'd see a flash car parked outside and the curtains drawn, no sign of Roni!
Fast Floor (2) - On A Quest For Intelligence
posted a comment on Fast Floor (2) - On A Quest For Intelligence. over 9 years ago
'Intelligent' was just a term that got used a little bit after Warp did their Intelligent Techno compilation, separating their new style of headphones friendly techno from the frenetic dancefloor techno. Jungle used it a bit as there was clearly a... See full review
Elevation (4) - Elevate EP
posted a comment on Elevation (4) - Elevate EP. over 9 years ago
According to the Resident Advisor interview with Andy C, Elevation were actually the guys who ran the Elevation raves at Roller Express in London.