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posted a review of Masabumi Kikuchi - Susto. 4 days ago
Awesome album, sounds a bit like a cross between Miles' Bitches Brew and Herbie's Thrust. Rhythmic, hypnotic and funky!
posted a comment on Monophonics - In Your Brain. 3 months ago
Well worth a listen. Don't be put off by the few mediocre tracks, there are also a few excellent ones.... The cover of "Bang Bang" is great, but "Mirage" is the real winner, part psychedelic, part Afrobeat and wholly epic.

Great stuff!
posted a review of Shirley Caesar With The Caesar Singers And The Voices Of The White Rock Baptist Choir - Millenial Reign (1000 Year Reign Of Jesus Christ). 3 months ago
Fantastic record, it's got a bit of everything, from slow and atmospheric to frenetic and uplifting. Highly recommended for anyone who likes soulful music.
posted a review of Cagedbaby / Grandadbob - 10 Inches Of Blue Eyed Soul. 5 months ago
I bought this when it was released but didn’t really like it so it sat on my shelf for years. I recently gave it another go and was surprised how good Strawberry Letter is.... fantastic mellow funky electro, well worth a few quid.
posted a comment on The Charmels / The Emotions - As Long As I've Got You. 5 months ago
Someone has obviously pressed up a load of these bootlegs, seems strange that they’re so expensive.
posted a review of Eric Delaney - Eric Delaney. 5 months ago
A very poor LP that really hasn't aged well.... but contains an amazing, heavy, version of "Watermelon Man". Given the incredibly cheap price I'd highly recommend it for that track alone.
posted a comment on Gary Byrd - Every Brother Ain't A Brother / Are You Really Ready For Black Power. 8 months ago
I got hold of another copy (cheap)..... Yep, it is a common fault. I was only after “Black Power” and unfortunately I can’t listen to it avoid this 7”. Luckily I got it on a compilation LP but I’d always prefer the original release.
posted a review of Atmosfear - Invasion. 10 months ago
Invasion's good but the fantastic alternative mix (if that's what Alternative 2 is) is the best track on here. Much deeper and dubbier!
posted a comment on Idris Muhammad, Grover Washington, Jr., Bob James, Ralph MacDonald, Joe Beck, Gary King, Randy Brecker - Power Of Soul. about 1 year ago
I've only given it a quick listen, and can't compare it to any other versions, but first impressions were that it sounded great.
posted a comment on Sweet Charles* - For Sweet People. about 1 year ago
I had the same trouble.... it's bloody awful. However it is a fantastic LP and "Yes It's You" is possibly my favourite funk/soul song
so I bought the Urban version instead which is clear as a bell and has none of the issues of this waste of vinyl.

I ... See full review
submitted Rochereau*, Orchestre African Fiesta - Mwanke / Micheline. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Dickie Goodman - Watergrate / Friends. over 2 years ago
For the money this is well worth buying, forget the 'comedy' A side though, Side B has a great slice of early 70's instrumental funk.... I wonder who the band were.
posted a comment on Gary Byrd - Every Brother Ain't A Brother / Are You Really Ready For Black Power. over 2 years ago
Great funky music with a message! On my copy "Are you really ready for black power" only plays through one channel though, is this a common fault?
posted a review of Shawn Phillips (2) - Spaced. over 3 years ago
I've only skimmed through most of this LP, it didn't really appeal to my funk sensibilities to be honest. It has got a hidden gem on it though... and what a gem! The instrumental "I Don't Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Good-Bye" is an incredible ... See full review