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Previously reasonably active user since since V2, who tried to keep upto date with all rule changes/updates when they occur, but got fed-up with new users badly voting against older more experienced ones, hence now retired. Still maintain collection though!



My collection in storage:

(click each photo for FULL-SIZE version).

My (temporary) setup:

^Photo taken December 2006^
(with the Jap re-ish of Ronnie Ross's-"Cleopatra's Needle" LP on the decks, my Norman Cook New Year's Day 2007 Brighton beach concert tickets, Nujabes sampling here the classic Yusef Lateef-"Love Theme From Spartacus" awaiting a playing, Kuni's terrific CD on standby, and a show on Pete & Dud --the geniuses they were-- on the telly) ...yummy-yummy

My future project:
Sometime in late 2009/beginning of 2010, I'm *very seriously* considering starting a resource for the Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1) AND Patrick Forge (Kiss 100 London) radio shows. I have a stack of tapes/DVD's with these shows on which I record every week, that I would really love to digitize to share with others via the power of the internet. It will have both audio recordings & full tracklistings, which will get linked to Discogs database of releases, post-Master Release, in some way.

If you can help or know someone that can, call the A-team (...or email me if they are otherwise engaged). Anyone with past radio shows, or especially those who are technology minded, PLEASE get in touch. Hosting is probably gonna be the biggest issue, so any advice very greatfully received :-)


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A few things on here ...more to come shortly!


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② In cases of lost/stolen packages:
--- Insured orders will be refunded (inc. postage).
--- Uninsured orders will NOT be.

③ Payment:
--- I charge NO paypal fee!
--- Within 3 days for payment please.
--- Via BANK TRANSFER (prefered) / PAYPAL / CASH* (GB£/US$/EU€) in post (*recorded delivery STRONGLY advised).

④ Grading:
--- Discogs uses the Goldmine Standard. I grade fairly & do NOT over-grade.

⑤ Packaging & Dispatch:
--- Items packed properly (lots of card).
--- Posted immediately I receive cleared payment.

My Ebay feedback is 100% since I have been a member (joined: 29-Apr-03 — 9+ years now!), so trust is NOT going to be an issue when buying/selling with me.

I'm very open & honest, and expect this in all my dealings with others.
(Any problems/questions, please contact me first!)
Many Thanks.
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Recent Activity

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Happy Mondays - Twenty Four Hour Party People
posted a comment on Happy Mondays - Twenty Four Hour Party People. over 14 years ago
A humorous semi-fictional feature film called eponymously "24 Hour Party People" was made in 2002 about Anthony H. Wilson, Factory records, and the labels bands; it was titled after this Happy Mondays track from 1987, with "Jon Carter's Main Vocal"... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 14 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 14 years ago
4 Hero - Extensions
posted a comment on 4 Hero - Extensions. over 14 years ago
Album features 4Hero tracks, as covered by other artists.
posted a comment on Bama. over 14 years ago
"Ghettos Of The Mind" is a poetry album which loop diggers often look for.
The Visitors (10) - Neptune
posted a comment on The Visitors (10) - Neptune. over 14 years ago
The duo 4hero originally covered this version of John Coltrane's "Naima", track A2, on the various artists compilation album "The Good Good" originally released on their own label "2000 Black" in 2000.

Very soulful jazz piece, as many versions of... See full review
posted a review of Vaughan Williams. over 15 years ago
I am not wholly sure this was deliberate in any way, but perhaps this duo of independent psy-trance artists Benji Vaughan and Joe Williams, in naming themselves simply as "Vaughan Williams", had a certain famous English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams... See full review
East Of Underground - East Of Underground
posted a review of East Of Underground - East Of Underground. over 15 years ago
In 1971, America was in the throes of cultural revolution at home and military conflict abroad. While stationed in Germany, some soldiers hailing from all corners of America battled it out in an army stage-band competition. Runners-up East Of... See full review
The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger
posted a review of The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger. over 15 years ago
The Police song "Wrapped Around Your Finger", taken from their 1983 album "Synchronicity", contains the line 'you consider me the young apprentice, caught between the Scylla and Charybdis'. What or who were "Scylla and Charybdis" you may ask?

Well... See full review
Grand High Priest - Mary St. Mary (Sacred Rhythm Mix)
posted a review of Grand High Priest - Mary St. Mary (Sacred Rhythm Mix). over 15 years ago
There are three releases all with slightly differing versions of this track under different names, making four versions altogether. All of them take their sample from Aretha Franklin's gospel track "Mary Don't You Weep", written by Inez Andrews, and... See full review
Róisín Murphy
posted a review of Róisín Murphy. over 16 years ago
Don't know if anyone has ever noticed this, but Róisín Murphy has recently during September/October 2007 covered --or perhaps that should be re-used-- a most excellent Tracy Weber track called "Sure Shot" from 1981, under Róisín's track titled "Let Me... See full review
Tracy Weber
posted a review of Tracy Weber. over 16 years ago
Don't know if anyone has ever noticed, but Tracy Weber's most excellent track "Sure Shot" has been covered or should that be re-used by Róisín Murphy recently during September/October 2007 under her track titled "Let Me Know" released on Echo/EMI... See full review
Donald D - Let The Horns Blow
posted a review of Donald D - Let The Horns Blow. over 16 years ago
Seems funny that Joshua Milan and Kevin Hedge, the two main members of the renowned house music production group Blaze, appeared as recording engineers on this hip-hop artist's record...

On further investigation via good old Google, it seems that... See full review
Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender
posted a review of Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender. over 16 years ago
This album garnered much attention in the UK after arguably the best, or should that be most sweet, track from it, "This Side Of The Blue", was featured in an award-wining advertising campaign from ad-agency Mother for mobile phone operator Orange,... See full review
Domu - Worldwide EP
posted a review of Domu - Worldwide EP. over 17 years ago
This release by Domu gives reference --and presumably praise-- to the most important radio show for the underground jazz-lovers who like to have an eye to the future as well as on the past; Gilles Peterson's 'Worldwide' show on BBC Radio 1.

The... See full review
posted a review of Sylvester. over 17 years ago
Just hearing the name "Sylvester" always brings to mind the music of the flamboyant disco-boogie-funk-meister, Sylvester James.

As I sit here watching a light-hearted TV disco-mentary on BBC Four, "Queens Of Disco", narrated by the ever present... See full review
Ugly Edits
posted a review of Ugly Edits. over 17 years ago
I think this is interesting -- illegitimate activity or artistic creative licence?
(I'm talking outside of the legal vs. illegal as given under the law of any specific country and the question of whether you are allowed to use the original artists... See full review
Eternal Sun / DJ Venom (2) / Urban Species - Talkin' Inside The Beat
posted a review of Eternal Sun / DJ Venom (2) / Urban Species - Talkin' Inside The Beat. over 17 years ago
To be quite honest, this record was in my box for a serious amount of time when it was first put-out. Why, you may ask?

Could it be because of the A-side track, ETERNAL SUN - "6/8 DRUMS" ('Yoru-Pean Drumz Remix' by PATHLESS; aka Stefan Leisering &... See full review
Deadbeats - Funky For You
posted a review of Deadbeats - Funky For You. over 17 years ago
I personally found this tune after picking-up the "Rae & Christian - Blazing The Crop" DJ mix CD many a year ago now.
Obviously the way they put the Spacehopper version into their mix was part of the reason for me to catch-on to its rather expansive... See full review
Koop - Waltz For Koop
posted a review of Koop - Waltz For Koop. over 17 years ago
This LP may have turned into a 'coffee table classic', much in the same vein that Sade's "Diamond Life" did in the mid-eighties, but this shouldn't be taken as an excuse for instant turn-off by listeners.

The main aim of Koop on this album is to... See full review
Ashford & Simpson - Love Don't Make It Right / Bourgie Bourgie
posted a review of Ashford & Simpson - Love Don't Make It Right / Bourgie Bourgie. over 18 years ago
Most copies of this classic UK only pressed single contain a speeded-up section in the middle of the B-side for about 30 seconds. However a few copies were also available without this fault, but are much harder to come across.

Usually attributed... See full review
Stan Tracey
posted a review of Stan Tracey. over 18 years ago
Mr Stan Tracey, a definite genius of our time.
Give this man a crown; truly a man deserving of praise for his efforts in all things 'British Jazz' and beyond.

Many have compared him with Thelonius Monk, and an easy comparison of talents can... See full review
Jean-Luc Ponty - Storytelling
posted a review of Jean-Luc Ponty - Storytelling. over 18 years ago
Rare as hell. The track "In The Fast Lane" is the jazz-fusion composition that the term 'Acid Jazz' was first coined by Gilles Peterson/Paul Murphy that fateful early morning in spring 1989 when after going on after the acid house DJ, Gilles & Murphy... See full review
Working Week - Venceremos (We Will Win)
posted a review of Working Week - Venceremos (We Will Win). over 18 years ago
The band Working Week cut a version on this 12inch of the until recently unknown artist classic from Baaska & Scavelli "The Bottom End" (aka official title "Get Off The Ground").

Strangely enough the composition managed to get credited to one of... See full review
Kyoto Jazz Massive - K.J.M. E.P.
posted a review of Kyoto Jazz Massive - K.J.M. E.P.. over 18 years ago
The track "The View From Her Room" is almost like THE missing track from the Kyoto Jazz Massive.

Originally, just so you know, "The View From Her Room" was never given a full release on a vinyl version apart from here on this promo piece (I also... See full review
Kuniyuki* - Precious Hall
posted a review of Kuniyuki* - Precious Hall. over 18 years ago
This release gives reference to & takes inspiration from the 'supposed' best sound system in the world, at least upto the time of writing this (mid-2005), which just happens to be at a club in the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido in Japan called... See full review
The Bayara Citizens / Mental Remedy - Mafungo (Afrikan Force)
posted a review of The Bayara Citizens / Mental Remedy - Mafungo (Afrikan Force). over 18 years ago
As the release notes say, track B2 was recorded live @ club night Beyond in Sapporo, Japan.
Club night Beyond (very much in the vein of Body & Soul, NYC) is held in a venue called Precious Hall in Sapporo. Which is supposedly to contain the BEST... See full review
Nicola Conte
posted a review of Nicola Conte. over 18 years ago
Genius is not a word I like to use lightly, but I could almost certainly say this freely about this man without seeming disingenuous or over-the-top.

There is a good reason why so many people have had him either remix or reversion their own tracks,... See full review
Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Version)
posted a review of Bobby Hughes Combination - Kerma Elastica (Nicola Conte Version). over 18 years ago
To say Nicola Conte kills it on his version on this release is probably a timid representation of praise for the king of 1960's bossa reinventionism.

He turns what is already a beautiful song-based track on the original, into an almost instrumental... See full review
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
posted a review of Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car. over 18 years ago
This release is probably one of the 'pusher's best releases in my humble opinion, from a dancefloor point of view at least.
When it first came out I heard it being played by so many DJ's accross many genres, from Laurent Garnier to Gilles Peterson... See full review
Snowboy & The G.L. Band - Bring On The Beat
posted a review of Snowboy & The G.L. Band - Bring On The Beat. over 18 years ago
From Snowboy:
"My first single was a project put together by my friend BILL BAILEY and additional funding by another, ALLEN BURRELL. BILL just wanted to release a single as a project to see how it gets made and distributed etc. and so he asked me to... See full review
Moodymann - Shattered Dreams
posted a review of Moodymann - Shattered Dreams. over 18 years ago
I actually found this twice in a week, OUTSIDE London (4 shops in London apparently being the only ones that were given them!), and kept both cause I like it that much.

The reason, so I'm led to believe, why it was released on a so-called 'private... See full review
Sleepwalker* - The Voyage / Into The Sun
posted a review of Sleepwalker* - The Voyage / Into The Sun. over 18 years ago
These tracks are truly amazing...
After you hear the wonder of "The Voyage" with Pharoah Sanders on sax duty --playing his heart out as ever-- you then have the second wonder of "Into The Sun" featuring Bembe Segue on vocals, scatting along... See full review
Stan Tracey, Donald Houston - Under Milk Wood
posted a review of Stan Tracey, Donald Houston - Under Milk Wood. over 18 years ago
Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' masterpiece formed Tracey's inspiration for this revisit of his classic original recording of Milkwood from 1966 --itself regarded as a masterpiece in it's own right.

This 1976 version contains narration over the music.
Tunng - A Tale From Black / Pool Beneath The Pond
posted a review of Tunng - A Tale From Black / Pool Beneath The Pond. over 18 years ago
Tunng (pronounced 'tongue'), bring reminiscences of Wickerman & old English pagan times out in their music.

This single has two tracks, both of which revolve around simple music ideas, but twisted with an electronic touch that gives hidden depths to... See full review
4 Hero - Two Pages
posted a review of 4 Hero - Two Pages. over 18 years ago
Yes, we all have our personal 'classic' LP's, but this one really is worthy of this statement.

Before it came out in 1998, after a couple of the tracks had previously been put out on promo's and on the EP "Earth Pioneers", the anticipation for the... See full review
posted a review of Snowboy. over 18 years ago
His first single "Bring On The Beat" (released in September 1985, limited pressing of only 750 on Arc Records [cat.#: CRAX 001]; a really rare record!) was released in 1985 but it was the legendary Acid Jazz label that provided Snowboy with a platform... See full review
The New Rotary Connection* - Hey, Love
posted a review of The New Rotary Connection* - Hey, Love. over 19 years ago
Part soul, part funk, part west-coast psych. This LP is worth every penny (even if you had to fork-out $$$$ for the original issue!). The RC really personify the Chess records sound, especially with a certain Charles Stepney producing many, if not... See full review
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Reaching For The Stars (Masters At Work Remixes)
posted a review of Fantastic Plastic Machine - Reaching For The Stars (Masters At Work Remixes). over 19 years ago
A secret call back to Kitsune Love compilation; ahh, memories of lighter days...
This sinuous melting dancefloor beast will warm hearts in the onset of spring. It features a remix from legends Masters At Work, and was licenced from label... See full review
Banda Black Rio - Magia Do Prazer / Tomorrow
posted a review of Banda Black Rio - Magia Do Prazer / Tomorrow. over 19 years ago
The legendary brasilian version of Earth Wind & Fire deliver their first single for 20 years. And what a single (with accompaning LP) it really is!
The Faze Action brothers bring some old 70's disco magic to the mix on the flip. They really do have... See full review
Blue States / John Murphy (2) - Season Song / Taxi (Ave Maria)
posted a review of Blue States / John Murphy (2) - Season Song / Taxi (Ave Maria). over 19 years ago
The original mix, starring a motley choir of East-London & Essex school children singing their hearts out with Tahita 'Ty' Bulmer's cool, clear soprano soaring on top, the effect is immense. Quite a good LP sampler for the film "28 Days Later".
Chieko Kinbara Featuring Liliana Chachian - A Espera (The Remixes)
posted a review of Chieko Kinbara Featuring Liliana Chachian - A Espera (The Remixes). over 19 years ago
The heaviest mix to date from Osunlade. Bass heavy four/four action. While Tokyo's Bayaka take Chieko's string arrangement into a pulsating 13 minute workout.
Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow EP
posted a review of Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow EP. over 19 years ago
Husky Rescue's single clearly marks him out as an artist to watch in the future. Drawing on a personal cultural melting pop which includes Johnny Cash, Erik Satie, & Lalo Schifrin along side the visual inspiration of David Lynch, Lukas Moodyson, &... See full review
Patrick Forge
posted a review of Patrick Forge. over 19 years ago
Patrick Forge (with Gilles Peterson), doing the Dingwalls club's Jazz-dance sessions on a Sunday afternoon in London's Camden. Probably THE most important London DJ's of high importance to the Jazz-Dance scene, following after the early guys like Paul... See full review
posted a review of Batu. over 19 years ago
Both Chris Franck & Patrick Forge are doing Da Lata project together now.
ie. This band name is redundant (unless they start using it again of course, unlikely after the Da Lata project took-off)
'Niceness !' Patrick likes to say on his... See full review
Hajime Yoshizawa
posted a review of Hajime Yoshizawa. over 19 years ago
Not only is he one of Japan's best electronic producers, but like Ryota Nozaki (aka Jazztronik), hear him playing piano on any of his Sleep Walker releases and you will truely understand just why he can get the likes of Pharoah Sanders to play sax... See full review