Profession: Media and information services specialist (information and documentation).
Uses Discogs for: Organising my collection, searching for and buying records, discovering new music, gaining information.
Preferred Styles: All kinds of electronics, mostly old-timey trance (Frankfurt, Belgium & UK style!), tech- or progressive trance, ambient & downtempo.

Mainly CD collector, if there's no CD release, Vinyl and/or mp3.
First record bought in 1995, aged 11.

Dear ogger, my collection list is accessible for you to give you a possibility to talk and ask questions about these releases in order to give you information and/or help you to improve the database - thanks to those, who already did :-)!

Please, don't ask me about sales or sending you mp3s! Such mails will be ignored!

If I have anything for sale that's in your sales-/wantlist, I'll contact you.

All-time top tracks:
(magicians Oliver Lieb and RMB are ahead of competition =D)

Tomcraft - Prosac (Original Version)
Talla vs. Taucher - Together
Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Original)
Sasha - Xpander
Resistance D - Human '98
Taucher - Nautilus
Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred
CP & Pole Folder - Apollo Vibes
Breeder - Twilo Thunder
Planisphere - NYE
Pacific Link - Your Destination
HH - Planetary
Elisir - The Top (Alan Dexter Mix)
Solid Globe - Sahara
Filterheadz - Yimanya
BT - Flaming June (BBE Remix 1)
Blackmaster - Faith Forever

Some cool downtempo/ambient artists everbody should know:

Röyksopp | AIR | Alphawezen | Genlog | Ulrich Schnauss | Dominic Woosey | Koan (3)

Notes for references:
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submitted Multiplicity - Multiply EP. 3 months ago
submitted Spicelab - 2000 EP. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Depeche Mode. 4 months ago
Not on split releases. Appearances on singles or albums usually indicate guest artists etc.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
submitted Oliver Lieb Presents Smoked - Metro/Polis. 5 months ago
submitted Spicelab - Oscillator EP. 5 months ago
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submitted Tom Wax - Flashback. 11 months ago
submitted L.S.G. - Double Vision. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Grum - Anjunabeats Worldwide 07. 11 months ago
Being mixed is the actual point of a DJ-mix series. I'm afraid you'll have to look for the tracks individually...
submitted L.S.G. - Netherworld Remixes Part 1. 12 months ago
posted a comment on Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400. about 1 year ago
DJ Mellow-D aka Mellow Trax made a remix that was turned down by ZN. As he's basically the only owner of the only ever played copy, it is very rare but might be caught recorded from his DJ-gigs or radio gigs of '99/'00. It was at least one time fully ... See full review
posted a comment on Yves Deruyter - IV. about 1 year ago
Total Recall really did their best to exploit the shit off their license.
posted a comment on EMI Group. about 1 year ago
Sad that EMI is gone, as, being one of the majors, it was more wiling to publish/distribute all kinds of electronic music and experimental stuff than the others.
posted a review of Dream Dance. about 1 year ago
pretty artwork + useless radio edits = pretty useless (=/)
posted a review of DuMonde - Kalt. about 1 year ago
Could easily have been a massive track, but they chose to totally destroy it by adding nonsensical, obviously random vocals.
posted a comment on Phenomania - Caramelle EP. about 1 year ago
more than 11 years later, re-uncovered by the producers themself for a one-hour NRR history lesson. some things should never be forgotten!
submitted Ulrich Schnauss - MOARRR Mix. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Sasha - Xpander EP. about 1 year ago
Heard Xpander for the first time when Taucher mixed it into Bedrock's Heaven Scent on Tillmann Uhrmacher's MaxiMal show. Both tracks were a revelation; but as UK progressive house wasn't marketed in Germany, the EP was hard to get. Got my hands on the CD ... See full review
submitted Marcin Przybyłowicz & Mikolai Stroinski - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack. about 1 year ago
submitted P.Błaszczak* & A.Skorupa* - The Witcher - Original Soundtrack. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on BMG Ufa. about 1 year ago
Should actually be BMG-UFA (in caps), as UFA stands for "Universum Film AG"
posted a review of DJ Sen@d* Avec C.O.P.* - Startime. over 2 years ago
Mainly consists of Novy vs. Eniac's "Superstar", their own single Don't Go and the overused "It's Startime!" vocal sample. Hardly any difference between the Vocal Club Mix and the Pumpin' Mix. The weakest C.O.P. production, but at least it#s a groovy ... See full review
posted a comment on Energy 52 - Café Del Mar ('99 Remixes). over 2 years ago
Fun fact: all "'99 Remixes" were actually already released before 1999
posted a comment on Various - Work It Baby 10th Anniversary. over 2 years ago
It's a known and marked booklet or back cover typo and credited like Discogs guidelines demand it. Typographical errors are treated as artist name variations (ANV) and are linked to the correctly written artist.
submitted Various - Overwatch Collector's Edition Soundtrack. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Solieb Digital. over 2 years ago
Just trying to do vinyl rips from The Omega EP, and they sound horrid - so,I'd be happy to buy some professional Phoolish remasters =)
posted a review of Groove Solution - Magic Melody (New Vocal Remix & Merlyn Remix). over 2 years ago
The Vocal Remix and its edit are truly awful! Not the key change is the bad thing, but the vocals, the only real new feature. The lyrics are "Lalalalalalala, this is a magic melody, a magic melody." Painful!
You can have the fairly good Merlyn & Chuck ... See full review
submitted The Dust Brothers - Fight Club - Original Motion Picture Score. over 2 years ago
submitted Talla 2XLC calls Moguai - Into Another. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Raver's Nature. over 2 years ago
Trademark of early releases (1992 - 1995) was an additional hall effect, that I believe was supposed to sound cool/big room-club-ish, but hasn't dated very well. Hearing those old productions today, you wish you had a re-mastered, non-hall-effect version ... See full review
submitted BRKFST & Naden - Nemorosa. over 2 years ago
submitted Kylexi - Sunburn. over 2 years ago
submitted Naden - Mountains / Illusions. over 2 years ago
submitted Zoo Brazil - Raveline Mix Sessions 051. over 2 years ago
submitted Rolf Maier Bode* - Foundation. over 2 years ago
submitted Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Gigamesh Remixes). over 2 years ago
posted a review of Blank & Jones Feat. Elles* - Mind Of The Wonderful. over 2 years ago
Elles de Graaf always seems to scream in agony. Bought this because of the RMB remix, but it didn't help: This record sucks.
submitted Oliver Lieb Presents L.S.G. - Volpe. over 2 years ago
submitted Jason Hayes, Mike Patti*, Neal Acree & Glenn Stafford - Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void Soundtrack. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on [rmb]* - Widescreen. over 2 years ago
Maybe the extended number of tracks and shorter versions were supposed to give a feeling of a DJ(?)-album? Many of the tracks towards the end show us that RMB aimed at a different direction of style they chose for themselves, as their following releases ... See full review
submitted York With Ayla & Taucher - Kings & Queens (Stoneface & Terminal Rmx). over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Filth - Music From The Original Motion Picture. over 3 years ago
there's enough space to include mr. vain (from the photocopier scene) but sadly, it's missing =(
submitted Black State Highway - Black State Highway. over 3 years ago