Rotten Sound - Drain jlutes

July 23, 2019
I just bought this - it says RES-019 and the artwork is as shown, but the CD seems to have RES-018 (Under Pressure) on it instead!

Slang (6) - Skilled Rhythm Kills + Live At Klub Counter Action 2001.6.30 jlutes

November 8, 2018
I just bought this and it has only 25 tracks on the CD. I assume a few tracks are combined? Anybody know which ones?

Discharge - Toronto '83 jlutes

March 19, 2018
One made - and several people claim to have one.

Doom (2) - Europe 2016 jlutes

March 12, 2018
The tracks listed above are as listed on the cassette. But by my ear, they don't match the contents....Open Mind Surgery is the last track on side A, and Side B starts with Poem/Exploitation. I also think A Dream To Come True is in there between Life Lock and Suffering In Silence. 'Carcinogen Symptoms-Intro' is Carcinogen followed by Symptom Of The Universe.