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posted a review of Lalli Köyliö. over 13 years ago
This is another hilarious pseudonyme used on FCQ records. According to a legend a finnish peasant named Lalli killed bishop Henrik on the ice of Lake Köyliö somewhere in the 12th century and this is where the name comes from.
posted a review of Various - Sao Benitez Elemental EP Two (Air & Water). over 13 years ago
This is my first acquaintance with Ben Mitchell's other works than Mr. Hermano and I can only say wow!

The first track "Toda Menina Baiana" knocks you off, being not only up-to-date but still preserving a respect to the batucada. "Que Alegria" is more ... See full review
posted a review of Gerardo Frisina - Ad Lib. over 13 years ago
Even though the cover don't say so, the track "Friendly Night" is actually a version of Cal Tjader's "Triste", a nice one though. "Descarga" is IMHO the true gem on this record, very traditional latin jazz with a housy scent.
posted a review of Gerardo Frisina - Gerardo Frisina Blends Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab. over 13 years ago
By far the finest mashup-like stuff I've ever heard. Gerardo Frisina gives Sabu Martinez' unreleased track a perfect treatment sampling Sahib Shihab's "Seed". Especially the B-side is as groovy as can be.
posted a review of The Five Corners Quintet - Trading Eights. over 13 years ago
The first 10" by Five Corners Quintet. Actually this is not 100% live (the same thing with Devil Kicks / Three Corners), the drums and basses are sampled and the names of the drummer and the bassist printed on the record are fictious.