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posted a review of David Torn, Mick Karn, Terry Bozzio - Polytown. 11 days ago
Musicianship is phenomenal; atmospheric and layered and very much of the East.
posted a review of John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer, Jack De Johnette* - Timeless. about 1 month ago
The title says it all. Music to rouse the spirit.
posted a review of Edward Vesala - Satu. about 1 month ago
What a classic album!! All of Vesala's compositions so intricate, thoughtful, with
space for all interpreters in this stellar line-up.
submitted Jason Roebke - In The Interval. 2 months ago
posted a review of Hession / Wilkinson / Fell - Bogey's. 3 months ago
An absolute BLOW-OUT !!
Wilkinson - and his two henchmen in this onslaught - have rarely been recorded in better form.
Worth 10x the price of admission ...
submitted Takashi Itani - Somehow, Dreamlike. 4 months ago
submitted Szilard Mezei Piano Quartet - Live In Magyarkanizsa (2006). 4 months ago
submitted Szilard Mezei Piano Quartet - Maszkok/Masks Vol 1 (2005). 4 months ago
submitted Szilard Mezei Piano Quartet - Maszkok/Masks Vol 2 (2005). 4 months ago
submitted Pascal Niggenkemper - Sound Within Sound/ Wuppertal Diary . 5 months ago
submitted Edward Perraud - Prehistoire(s). 5 months ago
posted a review of Circulasione Totale Orchestra - Accent. 5 months ago
Quite a Nordic free jazz/fusion/funkfest blow-out !!
Spotlight on Stevens, with ensemble compositions by a 1988 Gjerstad.
submitted Joe Morris/ Rob Oxoby - Dancing With Penguins. 5 months ago
submitted Tetsu Saitoh - InvitAtion - Contrabass Solo. 5 months ago
submitted Mark Weaver, Tatsuya Nakatani - Weaver Nakatani. 5 months ago
submitted Georg Hofmann, Lucas Niggli - Mute Songs & Drumscapes. 5 months ago
submitted Equilibrium (16) - Liquid Light. 6 months ago
submitted Handslang - Handslang. 6 months ago
submitted Steve Hubback - The Quest. 8 months ago
submitted Mezei Szilárd Trió* - A Kölyökkutya Reszketése = Trembling Of The Puppy. 9 months ago
submitted Szilárd Mezei Septet - Cet. 9 months ago
submitted Szilárd Mezei, Máté Pozsár, Ernő Hock - Nut. 9 months ago
posted a review of Herb Robertson, Dave Kaczorowski, Adrian Valosin - Party Enders. 9 months ago
Quelle surprise !
I have never heard HR so free-wheeling and unrestrained as on this live recording in Baltimore, with exceptional support on bass and drums.
Rousing and exuberant stuff.
posted a review of Ircha Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quartet* - Black Bones. 10 months ago
Some of the most heart-rendering and soulful playing you'll hear on this or any other planet....
posted a review of Marcin Oleś & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś* - Chamber Quintet. 10 months ago
Highly endorsed !! Engrossing compositions and arrangements by the Brothers Oles here.
posted a review of Tetsu Saitoh - Travessia. about 1 year ago
This is intense... and easily one of the top 3 solo bass performances I have ever heard on record. Ever!
Long live Tetsu !
posted a review of The Apophonics - On Air. about 1 year ago
Wow, are you kidding me ?!? Astounding, telepathic, extraordinary trio-ism.
posted a review of Frode Gjerstad Trio - Steam In The Casa. about 1 year ago
C'est incroyable !! Truly steamin' it up.....check this in and out!
submitted Human - Being Human. about 1 year ago
submitted Michael Snow, Jesse Stewart - Live at the National Gallery. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Jan Garbarek / Miroslav Vitous / Peter Erskine - Star. about 1 year ago
One of the very best releases ever on ECM; all three players subtly in sync here, never better.
submitted Gaetano Liguori - Un Pianoforte Per I Giusti. about 1 year ago
submitted Gaetano Liguori Idea Trio - Noi Credevamo (E crediamo ancora). about 1 year ago
submitted Peregrine Falls - Peregrine Falls. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Don Cherry - John Tchicai - Irène Schweizer*, Léon Francioli - Pierre Favre - Musical Monsters. about 1 year ago
A genuine unearthing - as in the mining of a gem - of a decades-long-past encounter between 4 European masters and one worldly demi-god of free jazz. Let's heap worthy praise on Troxler and Schweizer for the dedication to release it !
submitted Michael Snow & Jesse Stewart - Live At The National Gallery. about 1 year ago
submitted Harris Eisenstadt - Recent Developments. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Mikołaj Trzaska - Danziger Straßenmusik. about 1 year ago
Simply outstanding !!
Trzaska at his soulful best on bass clarinet.
submitted Éric Normand - Mattempa. about 1 year ago
submitted William Hooker Strings 3 - A Postcard From The Road. about 1 year ago
submitted Arthur Bull, Adam Linson, John Heward - Trio. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Balanescu* / Kaučič* / Girotto* - East West Daydreams. about 1 year ago
Fascinating stuff! Balanescu is renowned (not so much in this wildly free form), Girotto's paying here is awe-inspiring (who is this guy?), and Kaucic is...well......Kaucic. That is to say, scintillating and pitch perfect. This CD is one of the best-kept ... See full review
posted a review of Matthew Shipp's New Orbit - Matthew Shipp's New Orbit. about 1 year ago
This is easily Shipp's masterpiece featuring some of his most inspiring compositions with brilliant ensemble playing. Pitch perfect.
posted a review of Hera - Hera. over 2 years ago
What a powerhouse !
Quite the duo in Zimpel and Posteremczak.
Soulful stuff....
posted a review of Stefano Battaglia, Paolino Dalla Porta, Tony Oxley - Sulphur. over 2 years ago
One of the many, many early Battaglia titles worth seeking out. All three musicians at the apex
of the musical moment.
posted a comment on Gaetano Liguori Idea Trio - Cile Libero, Cile Rosso. over 2 years ago
A seminal impassioned work of art.
As fresh and fiery as the day it was released.
posted a comment on The Paul Plimley/Lisle Ellis Duo - Both Sides Of The Same Mirror. over 2 years ago
One of the Top Ten of All Time in my 'LLCRL (Library of Lost Classics of Required Listening)'.
posted a comment on Wacław Zimpel To Tu Orchestra - Nature Moves. over 2 years ago
An all-around feast of a listening experience, replicating the innate musicality of Nature's ebbs and flows.
posted a comment on Xavier Charles / Ivar Grydeland / Christian Wallumrød / Ingar Zach : Dans Les Arbres - Dans Les Arbres. over 2 years ago
The depth of pure listening going on amidst the musical interaction is stunning on this recording, and not all on a strictly minimalist level.
posted a comment on William Parker / Conny Bauer* / Hamid Drake - Tender Exploration. over 2 years ago
Wow! Bauer at his best... the music flows as naturally as the tide.