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posted a comment on Jon Hassell - Vernal Equinox. 8 months ago
This pressing is just perfection. I don't think there is any way it could be improved upon.
posted a comment on Faith No More - Sol Invictus. about 1 year ago
My pressing is very poor. Muddy and smashed sounding.
posted a comment on Maxwell - blackSUMMERS'night. over 3 years ago
First of all ordinary-joe, I noticed you changed the subject away from revolutions-per-minute and onto record weight, which no one was discussing. You are correct in fact, about record weight. A thicker record does not sound better because of it's... See full review
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. over 3 years ago
A record store acquaintance of mine told me they don't always start at 0001 - so a 6000 pressing run could have higher numbers.
posted a review of King's X - Ear Candy. over 3 years ago
Not sure what release Maksel is reviewing, but all of these Metal Blade reissues of King's X are very nice. The gatefold jacket is perfectly normal weight, and there is no "foil" anywhere to crack or fold or anything else. This is the first time... See full review
posted a comment on Bill Evans Trio* Featuring Scott La Faro* - Sunday At The Village Vanguard. over 3 years ago
Better dynamic range and amplitude. In other words, increased fidelity.
posted a comment on Fiona Apple - Tidal. over 3 years ago
MOV does not "opt to digitally remaster even if given analog sources." This is categorically untrue.
posted a comment on Anthony Williams - Spring. over 3 years ago
On this pressing, "DMM" is on the label itself and printed twice with the DMM logo and "DMM trademark of TELDEC" on the back of the sleeve... along with "by EMI France" in very small type at the bottom. I'm not sure what version you have there actually... See full review
posted a comment on Stone Temple Pilots - Purple. over 3 years ago
Wow. I agree with this reviewer. My copy is pretty poor. Low volume, compressed. Thin. Glad you enjoy yours though!
posted a review of Stone Temple Pilots - Purple. over 3 years ago
A disappointing pressing. Some seem to be happy with it, so perhaps something is wrong with mine. It's not that it's particularly noisy, it's just pressed at such a low volume you have to really crank it up and this raises the noise floor... See full review
posted a comment on Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott* - Supa Dupa Fly. over 3 years ago
Perhaps some unfortuantely received a poor pressing, but I own both a black copy and a yellow club edition, and they both sound absolutely outstanding. I've been able to audition both of them on two different and nice systems and they are... See full review
posted a comment on Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain. over 3 years ago
Yes - I may be mistaken about the vinyl-specific remastering. The brick wall mess looks like it may be the CD version only, and that they went ahead and just used the 2009 version that Gray did.
posted a comment on Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain. over 3 years ago
Josh Welton, husband of Hannah Welton, drummer of Prince’s backing band, 3RDEYEGIRL. It's a brickwalled, ear-fatiguing disaster.
submitted Oval - Dok. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Atom Heart - Milagro EP. over 4 years ago
Black is an added color just like any other. Raw vinyl isn't black. And no, color doesn't affect sound quality. The vinyl mastering, the lacquer cut, and the pressing itself affects the sound quality. Good and bad pressings can be found in any color.
posted a review of Fiona Apple - Tidal. over 4 years ago
What a wonderful decision VMP made to cut this as a double 45. All that added detail, amplitude and dynamic range you can really feel. Simply stunning. AAA audiophile release all the way. VMP - please give us more in this format!
posted a comment on Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor. over 4 years ago
That's how they are supposed to look and feel. My copies are the same right out of the sealed package.
posted a comment on Arcadia (3) - So Red The Rose. over 4 years ago
Is Pat Metheny uncredited on this record? I can't find any indication he played on this one...
posted a comment on Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross , And Bobby Krlic - Almost Holy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 4 years ago
For what it's worth, mine is gold. Just like in the picture.
posted a review of Kane Ikin - Sensory Memory. over 4 years ago
I'm not sure how this qualifies as a "mini-album" at 40 minutes long, but ok. It's absolutely *excellent*
posted a review of Anthony Williams - Spring. over 4 years ago
aaieeeahgrr is incorrect. DMM does not mean "employing digital metal mastering" - DMM stands for Direct Metal Mastering. The cutting lathe for DMM engraves the audio signal directly onto a copper-plated master disc, instead of engraving the groove... See full review
posted a comment on Vince Staples - Prima Donna. over 4 years ago
I've seen this white vinyl sitting on shelves in THREE local record stores, while my pre-order from August is still unfulfilled and the distributor "thanking me for my patience" as they "wait for more to arrive." That is just an unbelievable... See full review
posted a comment on Gas - Box. over 4 years ago
I feel fortunate that my box and vinyl arrived in wonderful shape and feel bad for those that had a different experience. No smudges or scratches or any issues at all with the vinyl itself, they all play perfectly quiet. I love that they chose to... See full review
posted a comment on Califone - Roomsound. over 4 years ago
My copy sounds wonderful, but I've had a great experience with the 5 or so Dead Oceans pressings I've got.
posted a comment on Ahmad Jamal. over 4 years ago
"Real Name" is the place on discogs where the artists birth name (Frederick Russell Jones) is entered.
posted a comment on David Bowie - Dublin: I'm In Clover. over 4 years ago
Yes, the disc has been repressed with the correct tracks and has been sent out to customers.
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posted a comment on Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit. over 4 years ago
None whatsoever. This is one of the best sounding records I've ever heard.
posted a comment on Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered.. over 4 years ago
This music is unmastered. That is the reason you are hearing what you are hearing. It's a raw peak behind the curtain.
submitted Ricardo Donoso - Quintesence. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Peter Gabriel - Us. over 4 years ago
Some records aren't mastered very well in the first place, so putting it on vinyl isn't going to help. Garbage in, garbage out as it were. Some records get a vinyl-specific master, a mastering job specifically for the format that works wonders.... See full review
posted a comment on Maxwell - blackSUMMERS'night. over 4 years ago
Better sound quality. Wider grooves allow for increased dynamic range and greater amplitude. It's strictly a choice to provide higher quality output out of the medium.
posted a comment on David Sylvian - Manafon. over 4 years ago
Very, very nice. The entire package is really well done.
submitted AUME - Agere Urendum Mentis Epode. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Ricardo Donoso - Machine To Machine. over 4 years ago
My copy says 45rpm right on both of the center labels.
submitted David Toop - Entities Inertias Faint Beings. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on David Bowie - ChangesOneBowie. over 5 years ago
Different colors get different listings on discogs. They are separate pressings technically.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue. over 5 years ago
According to the RSD website, 6000 were pressed.
posted a comment on Red Red Meat - Red Red Meat. over 5 years ago
I found exactly the same as you describe on my copy...
posted a comment on Atoms For Peace (2) - Amok. over 5 years ago
Ha! That "noodling line" - the guitar part in the right channel is arguably my favorite instrumental passage on the entire record. Slippery brilliance.
added Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up to their collection. over 5 years ago
submitted Johann Sebastian Bach, Orchestre De Chambre Adolf Busch*, Adolph Busch* - Brandenburg Concertos 1 - 2 - 6. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on ZZ Top - Tres Hombres. over 5 years ago
"The two tracks "Waitin' for the Bus" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago" segue into each other, but not by design: the album's engineer was splicing tape and cut too much, so a song in 4/4 time and one in 6/8 time ended up on the album without any gap... See full review
posted a review of Stephan Mathieu and David Sylvian - Wandermüde. over 5 years ago
This record is absolutely gorgeous. Stephan Mathieu has had an impressive career in his specific style of sound design, and what he does with Sylvian's raw material is breathtaking. A wash of beautiful textures and drone, as Sylvian continues to... See full review
posted a comment on Nada Surf - High / Low. over 5 years ago
Well, for what it's worth, mine is definitely NOT yellow. Mine matches the "nada surf" text color on the front of the jacket. I can clearly see some folks did get yellow by looking at the pictures, but mine sure isn't.
posted a comment on Alessandro Cortini - Risveglio . over 5 years ago
I'm comparing the digital version and the vinyl version. The vinyl pressing is far noisier overall, with significant inner groove distortion on 3 of the 4 sides. Unless you have knowledge that there was a vinyl mix done by the artist with extra... See full review
posted a comment on Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters. over 5 years ago
I simply cannot imagine this record sounding any better than what this pressing delivers. Unbelievably good sound.
posted a comment on Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Masterpieces By Ellington. over 5 years ago
Absolutely incredible. I was shocked that this sort of fidelity in a recording from this time period was even possible. Analogue Productions is possibly the best in the industry at what they do, and their pressings are expensive because of that, but... See full review
posted a review of Fripp & Eno - Evening Star. over 5 years ago
Oh my. Well this is completely disappointing. I'm sitting here sort of stunned at how much surface noise is here. Side One was *not* good at all, and now that I'm hearing side two... this is very, very close to unlistenable. Looking this up... See full review