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posted a comment on S-Express* - Theme From S-Express. 2 months ago
Ive known that since the record came out, it's noted on the back of the record cover. Mind blowing when I read that and thats all I think of when I hear the song.
posted a comment on Julie Brown. 3 months ago
she was not known as Downtown Julie Brown. Different person
posted a comment on Kraftwerk. 4 months ago
As my ex wife once said. The lyrics are simple, the music is complex (as in the way it was created)
posted a comment on Kraftwerk. 4 months ago
This I acknowledge completely. Even hip hop has origins in Kraftwerk
posted a comment on DJ Icey - Beats & Tracks Volume 8. about 1 year ago
The BOC Beats is the very reason I bought this record
posted a comment on Envision (6), Vision (13) - Lucifer's Friend. about 1 year ago
I'm going to guess this is a version that played on the air live from Detour nightclub here in Houston. John Gray who went by Kid Cannon was with KKBQ-FM at the time and hosted the live broadcast on Friday and Saturday nights back in 1991. Tiger Jones ... See full review
posted a comment on Jimmy Somerville with Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1991 Remix). about 1 year ago
I have this release. Thankfully this was nothing other than the original mix. I wouldn't have been happy with any other version
submitted Various - Pa' La Raza - Puro Exito Norteño . over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Prince. over 2 years ago
You talking about Billy the manager of the club? When he's watching in tears and nods in approval because he's so moved by Kids performance of Purple Rain
posted a comment on Prince. over 2 years ago
yeah it's pretty disgusting how they've jack up the prices on his stuff to profit off of his passing. Just sad
posted a comment on Prince. over 2 years ago
I've been doing the same, first with listening to all of the tributes on the radio in the days following, now I'm playing my own collection. It's all I want to hear. I became a fan with Purple Rain in 1984, and delved further back from there and followed ... See full review
posted a comment on Kidd Cannon. over 3 years ago
I can easily say these remixes were played at Club Detour in Houston back in 1990-91. The producers on this were DJ's here at that club, Tiger Jones worked there during that time and Kidd Cannon (John Grey) was a disc jockey at KKBQ FM. KKBQ (93Q) did ... See full review
submitted English Boy On The Loveranch - The Man In Your Life. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Cetu Javu - Situations. over 3 years ago
Interesting... the label reads that the track is 6m20s but I just made 2 attempts at making a digital copy of this record (twice to make sure the duration was right) and after both tries the song is clocking at almost 5m35s
posted a comment on Eon - Spice. over 4 years ago
I lost this record a couple of years ago so I can't look at the credits/liner notes on it but I recently heard Love Action by Human League. It seems there are samples from it on Spice. Anyone else catch that?
posted a comment on Ehab - Shirley, You Can't Be Serious. over 4 years ago
This was produced by Houston DJ Ehab Elsaadi in 1988. The song was debuted by his longtime friend DJ Tim Flanigan on KRBE Houston's live mix show "The Saturday Night Power Mix Live from The Ocean Club" It was a local hit receiving regular airplay on KRBE ... See full review