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posted a comment on Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On. 15 days ago
I’ve had many versions of this album and this one is up there with the best pressings. Certainly better than the 1973 US pressing I had.
posted a comment on Astral Sounds - Space Drive. about 1 month ago
Agree ... amazing album. Great mix of ambient and Pink Floyd rock instrumentals. Recommended!
posted a comment on Cantoma - Out Of Town. about 1 month ago
Amazing album. The true Balearic sound. And the pressing is top quality.
posted a comment on Erland Cooper - Solan Goose. about 1 month ago
Mine just needed a good clean and then it was fine. The sleeve needs replacing with a proper paper sleeve to avoid static though.
posted a comment on Smith & Mudd - 24/7. 2 months ago
Wonderful record, about ten million times better than most of the so-called big money “Balearic” rarities.
posted a comment on Cock Robin - When Your Heart Is Weak. 3 months ago
Balearic af. Tops off at The Saint. Produced by Steve Hillage. What more can you say?
posted a comment on The Hawksworth Big Band And Strings - The Best Of Johnny Hawksworth. 3 months ago
Great punchy brassy library music including the brilliant Man About The House theme “Up To Date”. Cracking.
posted a comment on Gurdjieff* / de Hartmann* - The Music Of Gurdjieff / De Hartmann. 4 months ago
My pressing is fine. The box is nice and sturdy and the recordings are clear. Haunting, introspective music.
posted a comment on The Durutti Column - Tomorrow. 4 months ago
Amazing record - both sides. Great pressing and cheap as chips.
posted a comment on Ensemble 0* - Elpmas (Moondog) Revisité/Revisited. 4 months ago
Beautifully packaged, lovely pressing, gorgeous music. One small flaw is some distortion in track 1, which could be a pressing fault or the live recording. A shame but the rest of the album is superb.
posted a comment on B:dum B:dum Sound - B-Dum B-Dum. 4 months ago
This EP was produced by Steve Gears. My copy comes with a handwritten letter!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Tribute. 4 months ago
Beautiful cover versions of beautiful songs, beautifully mastered, pressed and packaged. What more could you ask for?
posted a comment on The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965 - 1969. 5 months ago
Same thing happened to me. It's incredibly frustrating. And then seeing people who have obviously bought multiple copies flipping them on discogs...
posted a comment on The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - The Complete Lansdowne Recordings 1965 - 1969. 5 months ago
A special place in jazz hell needs to be reserved for the selfish berks who bought multiple copies to sell on eBay and discogs at inflated prices and so denying many other people the chance of buying at release.
posted a comment on Sebestyén Márta* - Szörényi Levente* - Szerelmeslemez. 6 months ago
Agree with every word. Fantastic record that’s well worth seeking out.
posted a comment on The Michael Garrick Sextet With Don Rendell And Ian Carr - Prelude To Heart Is A Lotus. 6 months ago
Beautiful album, beautiful mastering, beautiful pressing. A genius at work. Buy it.
posted a comment on Beethoven* - Jacqueline Du Pré, Stephen Bishop-Kovacevich - Cello Sonatas No 3 In A Major, Op 69 And No 5 In D Major, Op 102 No 2. 6 months ago
This pressing is excellent and the recording is remastered at Abbey Road. Sounds great. Crazy how cheaply it sells for compared to other Du Pre albums which often don’t even sound as good.
posted a comment on Dan Gibson - Solitudes II - Opus One - Land Of The Loon. 6 months ago
— Heavily B A L E A R I C —
posted a comment on Various - Rob Olson's Chicago Jack Beat - The True Picture Of House. 7 months ago
Totally agree ... someone must know who made this track!

Impossible to understand now but this album was hugely important to the UK scene - simply the only way to hear most of these records at the time. And who was Rob Olsen?!
posted a comment on Kevin Irving - Children Of The Night. 7 months ago
Someone who knew Kevin Irving told me that two versions were recorded - one by Kevin and another by Jermaine Stewart. The latter is the radio mix. It does sound a different vocalist to me.
posted a comment on York Schools Music Association - The Worldmakers. 8 months ago
Haunting musical performed by school children, produced by the legendary music educationalist John Paynter and written by future Peter Gabriel producer David Lord.
posted a comment on Orchestre Syd Dale* - Untitled. 8 months ago
Marching There and Back was used as the theme tune to the BBC children’s television programme “Screen Test”.
posted a comment on Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Blade Runner 2049 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. 8 months ago
This pressing sucks. Pops and crackles on quiet passages, static sounds and inconsistent mastering. A really poor job. Very disappointing.
posted a comment on The Bosnians - The Manchester Rap. 8 months ago
“ Lend us a fag Maxine - I’m gasping “
posted a comment on 4am (8) - 4am. 9 months ago
Curious private press album. Not sure if it was supposed to be a synthpop album or a dance album. Strip out the vocals and you’d have a really good early UK House album.
posted a comment on Bill Evans Trio* With Scott LaFaro, Paul Motian - Waltz For Debby. 9 months ago
Yeah, totally agree - great pressing. . . . . .
posted a comment on Escape From New York (2) - Fire In My Heart. 9 months ago
Just how reissues should be done: ask persmission, master properly, use a good pressing plant. Top job.
posted a comment on Master H - Magic K. 10 months ago
Does anyone know the Italo tune this samples? Heard it once but can’t rmember the name.
posted a comment on Land Of Light - Land Of Light. 11 months ago
A masterpiece. Great pressing too. Put it on and float away...
posted a comment on Alain Delon - Comme Au Cinema. 11 months ago
Play the vocal side for maximum Balearic points. Instrumental version for lightweights.
posted a comment on Adioa - Toubab Bile. 11 months ago
Great record ... this is best version (longer than the euro release with nice dubbed out second half)
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas. about 1 year ago
I have an original pressing and it sounds very poorly mastered. The CD sounds better ...
posted a comment on Hemanta Mukherjee - Bengali Modern Songs. about 1 year ago
Hangsa Mithun Chole is top chill out material. Sunset vibes.
posted a comment on Brandon Green (3) - Now & Then . about 1 year ago
Amazing versions of Bright Eyes and Killing Me Softly. For fans of the Langley Schools Project LP.
posted a comment on Midas Touch - Heavy Group Activity / Light Group Activity. about 1 year ago
Dad’s A Peregrinator and Harvey are both featured on the 70s porn film “Debbie Does Dallas”.
posted a comment on Various - Light Industry. about 1 year ago
Not sure why this one goes so cheaply .. some absolutely top library tracks including another Brian Bennett chill out monster “Electric Rainbow”
posted a comment on Stanley Myers / Tony Kinsey - Lifestyles. about 1 year ago
Passion Punch was used by the BBC TV show “Take Hart” as its theme in the early 1980s.
posted a comment on Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet - N° 4. about 1 year ago
As used by ITV Schools programme “Picture Box” . X
posted a comment on Alberto Pomeranz - La Bellissima Estate. about 1 year ago
Contains the theme tune to Curb Your Enthusiasm .. also known for some reason as “Frolic”.
posted a comment on John Rocca - The River Must Flow. about 1 year ago
Great abstract deep house, way ahead of its time. .
posted a comment on Charles Hayward / Gigi Masin - Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2. about 1 year ago
How can the people who reissued this have even listened to the vinyl? It’s so bad and completely ruins the listening experience.
posted a comment on Dream Warriors - Day In Day Out. about 1 year ago
The Shanai mix contains a sample from Rattling Ghosts by C Cat Trance.
posted a comment on John Martyn - One World. about 1 year ago
The tracks are in a different order to the way they appear on the label
posted a comment on Funk Fusion Band - Can You Feel It. about 1 year ago
What a record ... perfection. Great Pressing too. Buy it!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Walter Carlos - Walter Carlos' Clockwork Orange. over 2 years ago
This is the best pressing I've heard and I've had about five or six versions over the years.
posted a comment on K. Leimer - Music For Land And Water. over 2 years ago
Beautiful music - - - - - - - -
posted a review of Johnny Johnston Orchestra* - Mood Cool. over 2 years ago
Side B is quite simply a brassy easy listening masterpiece.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago