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Aleem Featuring Leroy Burgess - Love's On Fire
posted a comment on Aleem Featuring Leroy Burgess - Love's On Fire. over 13 years ago
Not as much a classic as Aleem's Release Yourself but a dancefloor filler nonetheless.
With the superb vocalist Leroy Burgess the Aleem twins managed to create another stomping clubtrack as they've did before. Thick bassline and killer beat. Sounds... See full review
Videeo - Closet Freak
posted a comment on Videeo - Closet Freak. over 14 years ago
This twelve inch is a must have for every electro/boogie lover. It's all about the 'Special Mix' as this mix is full of robot like voices and funks way more then the normal vocal version.
Romanelli* - Connecting Flight
posted a review of Romanelli* - Connecting Flight. over 17 years ago
Very nice Space Disco Tune from Romanelli who is also a member of the well known space disco band "Space" from France.
The Chain Reaction track is really nice track that completely sucks you into the beautifull melancholic chords and melodys and... See full review
Netzwerk Frankfurt - Hot Body
posted a review of Netzwerk Frankfurt - Hot Body. over 18 years ago
Very mean straigt 4 X 4 beat track by Anthony Rother & Berkan Gülen alias Netzwerk Frankfurt. The track is very dark with a lot of bass combined with cool voice samples consisting of a woman moaning followed by a sinister voice singin "Hot Body 24... See full review
I-f - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
posted a review of I-f - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass. over 19 years ago
The Zombie Nation remix of I-F his Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass is the only decent remix made of this track. It ofcourse doesn't sound as good as the original but comes way closer then other remixes that have been made. Different from the original... See full review
Kansas City Prophets - Ignition
posted a review of Kansas City Prophets - Ignition. over 19 years ago
This is Kansas City Prophets their debute on the Control tower label runned by Radioactive Man & The Dexorcist. The sound of the tracks are a kind of minimal compared with the rest of the releases on the Control Tower label. This ofcourse doesn't mean... See full review
Hypnosis* - Pulstar / End Title (Blade Runner)
posted a review of Hypnosis* - Pulstar / End Title (Blade Runner). over 19 years ago
This is a record is a must have for every electro/spacesynth music lover. It's a remake of the Vangelis End Title track of the famous science-fiction thriller Blade Runner.