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posted a comment on Oh•Bonic - Power Surge. 1 day ago
In Ful Efx (Eliminator Mix) and Cybex are both edited versions as the 12" versions are 1:30 longer aproximately each.
posted a comment on GTO - Tip Of The Iceberg. 19 days ago
Pure (Energy), Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Trance Machine Mix) and Elevation (Troll Mix) are faster mixes than the original 12"s so these mixes here are 15-25 seconds shorter,
posted a comment on Simple Minds. about 1 month ago
stop including the bloody transcriptions under the album category ffs!!!!!
submitted Various - Essential 80's - CD2. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Andromeda - Gazza. 4 months ago
The "Original Mix" here does not have the intro (the first 20 seconds) of the IGE20T edition so it's an edited version of the original mix.
posted a comment on Grand Master L&M - Rock Steady. 4 months ago
does anybody know where the lyrics at 2:20 aprox (Take it to the max...) come from originally? I vaguely remember a hip-house tune 90-91 ish with that rap on it. I'm talking about the Extended Free Version.
posted a comment on DJ Seduction - Back To 91-93. 5 months ago
what's the point in keeping this music so limited? I guess fans who don't want to overpay for new music do not have the right to buy this at sensible prices? some oldskool artists are really greedy.
according to the youtube mix, the tunes are ok (not... See full review
posted a comment on Killerhertz (2) - EP#2. 5 months ago
Superb ep, this producer is a must for oldskool collectors. I was one of the nutters who asked for the Love Byte Demo repress for years. Glad he's making tunes on a regular basis again providing us with unreleased stuff from the early 90's.
posted a comment on Nu-Matic - Body Fusion. 5 months ago
Underrated EP, one of my favourites from 1992, had it been a white label everybody would been after it
submitted Leftfield - Release The Pressure. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Opus III - Megatrax. 7 months ago
Is this b side "It's A Fine Day" or is it "Evolution Rush" (Urban Shakedown Mix)? I can't find an Urban Shakedown mix of "It's A Fine Day" anywhere on the net.
posted a comment on Blame - Feel The Energy. 8 months ago
This cd is fuc*ed, the last time I played it tracks 8 and 9 sounded awfully bad
posted a comment on Sound Corp.* - Regentime Part II. 8 months ago
good track but after comparing both "parts II" I'd rather stick to "The Sequel" from the "Spirit EP", the last 2:30 minutes of that mix are pure evil
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Kaotic Chemistry. 8 months ago
more facts about this release: Tribal Revival is actually the 2 Bad Mice Remix that was released on the 8" and 10" remix ep. Mass Confusion is not Rufige Kru Remix nor the Test Press Mix from the ultralimited Shadow 26 test press but a different mix... See full review
posted a comment on Mesopotamia (2) - Vaffanculo. 10 months ago
menuda basura por dios jajajaja more words words words words
posted a comment on Urban Shakedown - Bass-Speaker. 10 months ago
This is the pressing with the first version of Analogue (basically the same mix but rougher in terms of production)
posted a comment on Clocks (3) - Clocks. 11 months ago
Outstanding album, it should have been released. I remember chatting with one of these guys via myspace back in 2007, I told him I was going to buy their album but then everything went quiet. They remind me of Dodgy but he didn't know who they were!
posted a comment on Various - Lights Out E.P.. 11 months ago
why did you stop the label mate? it was the best of its genre
posted a comment on Rhythm Section (2) - 1990-1992 Remastered. 11 months ago
to my ears this mix is exactly the same as the Original Mix on RSR 01...where do you spot any difference?
posted a comment on Todd Terry Presents Sax - This Will Be Mine. 11 months ago
The Journey (Part 2) is a nice breakbeat hardcore tune. Now, the question is, does a "Part 1" exist anywhere?
posted a comment on Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Remixed. 11 months ago
Cornelius Remix is one of the worst things ever perpetraded by a human being.
posted a comment on Various - Christmas Selection Box Volume Two. 12 months ago
some of the tracks featured on this compilation are different mixes although they are all uncredited; Drums Of Doom has a different arrangement and it's much faster than the ep version,
Beware Of The Bassline (Macka Brown Remix), on the other hand,... See full review
posted a comment on Coldplay - Moses. 12 months ago
Important question: is this the studio version (as far as I know it does not exist) or just the same live version from the 2003 live dvd-cd?
submitted Various - Scarred For The Life E.P.. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Return To The Past E.P.. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Terrorize - It's Just A Feeling. about 1 year ago
Warning: if you are going to buy this promo just because of "It's Just A Feeling (Hardcore Rhythm Team Remix Part II)", that is, an apparently exclusive mix only available on this promo, don't do it. This is exactly the same as " It's Just A Feeling... See full review
posted a comment on Two 2 A Groove - Window Of Life. about 1 year ago
The Savage Groove Mix has some nice instrumental parts but the vocals ruin the track completely. I can't believe this was even recorded that way. The Garage Mix is just a boring example of how irrelevant garage music can be.
posted a comment on Omni Trio - Vol 3 - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix). about 1 year ago
This version of Feel Good, even though it is named as the original mix, is significantly faster than the Candidate Records version
posted a comment on Groove Doctor (2) - Take A Trip With The Doctor. about 1 year ago
The "Deep Bass Dub Plate Mix" might be interesting for those who like (slow) breakbeats with dub influences, it's the only interesting mix of this boring pack
posted a comment on Greed - Love. about 1 year ago
The "Love Mix" in this release is exactly the same as the "Italiano Mix" from DANCE011R whereas the "Amore Mix" is very similar to the "Balearic Mix" but with some differences including some vocals in english and italian, the bass and some synths as well.
posted a comment on Shaft (2) - Monkey. about 1 year ago
Track B2 is Dr.Trip (from the Stole The Show EP) in a slightly different mix. It's basically the same tune but with some extra synths in some parts.
posted a comment on DJ Mayhem - Damage. about 1 year ago
does anybody know wheter Metrix (original mix) actually exist? word
posted a comment on DJ Hype - The Trooper (Remixes). about 1 year ago
it's the same tune (enter more words here here here)
posted a comment on M♦D♦Emm²* - Move Your Feet. about 1 year ago
Track 1 is a short version of the 12" version aka "Keep Your Hands Up And Stop Buying All That Crap Pop Music Mix" which is track 2 by the way (although the mix name has been shortened a bit). Track 3 is similar to the "Radio Club Edit" from the 12"... See full review
posted a comment on Delirium* - Days Of Our Lives. about 1 year ago
is there an original mix of this tune somewhere? These 4 mixes are done by other artists
posted a comment on Various - Deep Heat II. about 1 year ago
Beware: I bought this cd for that 4 Hero remix of Ferrari and it's just the original mix. I guess the 4 Hero Remix as such does not exist and it must had been a mistake back then.
posted a comment on 2 For Joy - Mainstream E.P.. about 1 year ago
this copy for 60 pounds that is being sold by zoomvinyl (april 2020) is a BOOTLEG. His former username was imi92, known for selling loads of fake copies of sought after records. Buy at your own risk.
posted a comment on G Double E - Asylum Seeker. about 1 year ago
This version of Fire When Ready should be labelled as a remix to avoid confusions
posted a comment on Doo Lally "D" Featuring Hibrid - Floorquake / Twisted Tambourine. about 1 year ago
The King Of The Beats Mix is the best of all the Twisted Tambourine mixes in my humble opinion. This mix was played by Liam Howlett himself at Sunset FM, Manchester in 1991. He knew the score back then.
posted a comment on Doc Scott - The NHS EP. about 1 year ago
Info for nerds: The fifth track of these NHS promos named here as "Untitled" was "The Terminator", the b side of Surgery (Remix). This version cuts the final fade of the tune so it 15 seconds shorter.
posted a comment on Lighthouse Family - Blue Sky In Your Head. about 1 year ago
this album is as good as Postcards From Heaven, what a return after 18 years!
posted a comment on Wishdokta - Bannana Sausage. about 1 year ago
Tracks 2 and 3 are exclusive to this release. 4 and 5 are changed in order from the vinyl release, the Mysterious Munch here is actually Basepeal (Raggananna Mix) and vice versa.
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on MC Lethal - The Rave Digger. about 1 year ago
I've just checked the Original Mix here (A side) and it's also slightly different from the Network version...some parts are changed and the production is a little bit less polished. There's also a vocal sample exclusive to this mix at the very... See full review
posted a comment on Nexus & Blowback - Boomin Tunes Volume 1. about 1 year ago
After listening to AA1 this track happens to be a remix of Dinky Dink...it took my years to notice this indeed :)
posted a comment on Sound Corp.* - Regentime Part II. about 1 year ago
was this mix also featured on the Spirit EP afterwards?
posted a comment on D.J. Seduction* - Bleep Bleep Mash Mash. over 2 years ago
great story mate, thanks for sharing this...don't you keep the original recording somewhere?
posted a comment on Ariel - T-Baby. over 2 years ago
underrrated ep for those who love The Chemical Brothers' output from 94 to 99
posted a comment on Various - Old Skool Breakz. over 2 years ago
Evil Surrounds Us is approximately 18 seconds shorter than the original 12" version due to not having the electric guitar sample part.
posted a comment on Mental Cube - Chile Of The Bass Generation. over 2 years ago
I have this vinyl and it lasts 4:53 so it's longer than the audio you linked but shorter than the 6:25 version that appeared on the Jumpin' & Pumpin' compilation.