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Lewis Lovebump - Mallorca
posted a review of Lewis Lovebump - Mallorca. 2 months ago
These four mixes are different (although pretty similar) to these featured on ZZB 007 and that includes the Radio Mix which is not the same as the other Radio Mix...I wonder if anyone really cares about this stuff...
On A High - Golden Brown
posted a review of On A High - Golden Brown. 2 months ago
The instrumental is not a bad track, moreover, it can be even pleasant but the other mixes are so bad, terribly awful due to the vocals that I cannot believe how this record was recorded and released...
Rough Tone Recordings
posted a review of Rough Tone Recordings. 6 months ago
What was the first release of this label? I can't see it here
Various - Illegal Rave II 1992-1993 (Back To The Underground Scene)
posted a review of Various - Illegal Rave II 1992-1993 (Back To The Underground Scene). 6 months ago
Time Syndicate - Rave Generator (Addiction Remix) and Unity (8) – Make My Body Move (Pirate Radio Rules Mix) were exclusive to this release whereas Caught With A Spliff (We Are Drug Squad Officers Mix) is an edited version of the 12" version and Time... See full review
Ree-Venge - Dreams Of Life
posted a review of Ree-Venge - Dreams Of Life. 7 months ago
I do have this 12" and the tracklisting taken from the digital ep on bandcamp is not correct. This vinyl has the same tracks on both sides (as the promo with N-R-Gee - Themes had)... See full review
Third Mind - Beans And Barley
posted a review of Third Mind - Beans And Barley. 7 months ago
Top tune this one, the landlord stab section is pure bliss
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die Remixes +
posted a review of The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die Remixes +. 7 months ago
Top review mate, I completely agree with your thoughts, sadly, I'm a long-time collector and I'll have to buy this (and it's not getting cheaper at the time of writing this)
Turntable Symphony - The Mini CD
posted a review of Turntable Symphony - The Mini CD. 7 months ago
There's a mistake on the tracklisting of this cd. Track 3 is actually Instructions Of Life (Blapps Posse Remix) whereas track 9 is Remix Of Life. I can confirm because I do have the 12" singles
posted a review that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
N-Trance - Happy Hour
posted a review of N-Trance - Happy Hour. 10 months ago
The only reason for buying this album is "Amadeus" which was released as Kleptomania in 1992. The version on this cd is based on the "Martini Mix" but this one doesn't have the female vocals and a few parts are slightly changed so this is a plus for... See full review
Various - Drum & Bass Selection 1 (16 Of The Most Requested Rewinds)
posted a review of Various - Drum & Bass Selection 1 (16 Of The Most Requested Rewinds). 10 months ago
Strangely, this cd version of Gun Connection (Rewind Remix) has a short vocal sample at 15 seconds which is not present on the official vinyl version. I thought it was a cd glitch at first but it is actually a low female vocal sample
Optrex & Mint Sauce - Bright Eyes Part II
posted a review of Optrex & Mint Sauce - Bright Eyes Part II. 11 months ago
Where is Bright Eyes part 1? No more tracks by these artists can be found (at least under this pseudonym)
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War
posted a review of Dance Conspiracy - Dub War. 11 months ago
Does anybody have more info about this strange vocal version of Chapter 4? Was this made in 92 (I guess so) and never released for a reason?
The vocals are not very nice though...
Project One - Project One Are Back
posted a review of Project One - Project One Are Back. 11 months ago
Does the full length version of A Great Day (9:03) exist on vinyl? My original press copy is only 7:33 long
posted a comment on U2. 12 months ago
This crap again. Put the transcription records inside your ass!!!
K.L.A.M.* - Funky 4
posted a review of K.L.A.M.* - Funky 4. 12 months ago
The interesting track here, in my opinion, is South London A1 Sound. Funky 4, on the other hand, is absolutely forgettable.
Various - Peermusic Picks. The Best Of New And Upcoming Releases Vol.2
posted a review of Various - Peermusic Picks. The Best Of New And Upcoming Releases Vol.2. 12 months ago
All the tracks from this cd were released in 2004 so this promo cd must be from that year (early 2004 is my guess).
Messiah - I Feel Love
posted a review of Messiah - I Feel Love. about 1 year ago
This version of 20.000 Hardcore Members is not the original 1991 mix but the Program 2 Remix 1 which was available on Kick 24 (There Is No Law (Equinox Remixes) / 20.000 Hardcore Members (Program 2 Remixes).
Rozalla - Love Breakdown
posted a review of Rozalla - Love Breakdown. about 1 year ago
The Kreator Mix is a cool breakbeat hardcore version of this house track. The Baktrax mix is the instrumental mix, I can't understand why it's called like that in this spanish release.
NJOI* - Hidden Gems Vol 1
posted a review of NJOI* - Hidden Gems Vol 1. about 1 year ago
Two questions:
1- Is this going to be released on vinyl or has it been cancelled for some reason?
2- Is one of these songs one with a landlord stab melody (Part 2, 1:25) which was featured on the "Live In Manchester" 12" but never came out back in the... See full review
N-Trance - Set You Free
posted a review of N-Trance - Set You Free. about 1 year ago
The Hyper Go Go Remix uses a melody taken (stolen?) from Just Like Heaven by The Cure at the beginning of the track. I've been thinking about this sample for years but I never realised what it was until today...
Messiah - There Is No Law / Temple Of Dreams (Foreplay)
posted a review of Messiah - There Is No Law / Temple Of Dreams (Foreplay). about 1 year ago
This promo has the first version of Temple Of Dreams which is really interesting and has a few elements that were no present in later versions, however, I do not think that this 12" was a limited edition of 50 copies at all since its availability is... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Droid Bishop - Electric Love
posted a review of Droid Bishop - Electric Love. about 1 year ago
I'd love to buy this on vinyl. Nightland is awesome
Underground Frequency - The Take Control Remixes
posted a review of Underground Frequency - The Take Control Remixes. about 1 year ago
Track B2 on this vinyl is actually the Club Mix (A2) here
not the original mix unless the youtube links are messed up (I don't have the physical copy og... See full review
Lionrock - City Delirious
posted a review of Lionrock - City Delirious. about 1 year ago
Very interesting release for collectors where we can find 6 tracks which are only available here: Chewing Gum Weekend, Supacop, My Hair, The Liquidator, Dark Day and Spray The Walls.

Besides, A Cellar Full Of Noise and Wet Roads Glisten are offered... See full review
Various - Noise
posted a review of Various - Noise. about 1 year ago
Danse City - Midi Overflow, TRIP - Feel So Good and Parkhill - Word Of Mouth were exclusive tracks for this release.
Various - Against The Grain
posted a review of Various - Against The Grain. about 1 year ago
I think the same thing can be said about Breakbeat Era's "Rancid" here which has sounds less polished than the album version.
Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres
posted a review of Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres. about 1 year ago
Comparar este disco de Coldplay con los 4 primeros resulta una broma de mal gusto.
Ace Of Base - Happy Nation (U.S. Version)
posted a comment on Ace Of Base - Happy Nation (U.S. Version). about 1 year ago
La calidad de sonido del cd de Happy Nation (el que tiene 15 temas) es realmente mala, llama muchísimo la atención esto
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Holy Noise - Organoised Crime
posted a comment on Holy Noise - Organoised Crime. about 1 year ago
I think the track "Holy Noise" was only available on this lp as the rest of the tracks were taken from their singles
Manix - Bad Attitude 12
posted a comment on Manix - Bad Attitude 12". about 1 year ago
as you mention this, I put my headphones and I also noticed this. Pressings back in the day were sub-standard production-wise, specially formation records and some weird white labels
E.C.A. (2) - How To Win Your Love / Warm Weather
submitted E.C.A. (2) - How To Win Your Love / Warm Weather. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
Oh•Bonic - Power Surge
posted a comment on Oh•Bonic - Power Surge. over 2 years ago
In Ful Efx (Eliminator Mix) and Cybex are both edited versions as the 12" versions are 1:30 longer aproximately each.
GTO - Tip Of The Iceberg
posted a comment on GTO - Tip Of The Iceberg. over 2 years ago
Pure (Energy), Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Trance Machine Mix) and Elevation (Troll Mix) are faster mixes than the original 12"s so these mixes here are 15-25 seconds shorter,
Simple Minds
posted a comment on Simple Minds. over 2 years ago
stop including the bloody transcriptions under the album category ffs!!!!!
Various - Essential 80's - CD2
submitted Various - Essential 80's - CD2. over 3 years ago
Andromeda - Gazza
posted a comment on Andromeda - Gazza. over 3 years ago
The "Original Mix" here does not have the intro (the first 20 seconds) of the IGE20T edition so it's an edited version of the original mix.
Grand Master L&M - Rock Steady
posted a comment on Grand Master L&M - Rock Steady. over 3 years ago
does anybody know where the lyrics at 2:20 aprox (Take it to the max...) come from originally? I vaguely remember a hip-house tune 90-91 ish with that rap on it. I'm talking about the Extended Free Version.
DJ Seduction - Back To 91-93
posted a comment on DJ Seduction - Back To 91-93. over 3 years ago
what's the point in keeping this music so limited? I guess fans who don't want to overpay for new music do not have the right to buy this at sensible prices? some oldskool artists are really greedy.
according to the youtube mix, the tunes are ok (not... See full review
Killerhertz (2) - EP#2
posted a comment on Killerhertz (2) - EP#2. over 3 years ago
Superb ep, this producer is a must for oldskool collectors. I was one of the nutters who asked for the Love Byte Demo repress for years. Glad he's making tunes on a regular basis again providing us with unreleased stuff from the early 90's.
Nu-Matic - Body Fusion
posted a comment on Nu-Matic - Body Fusion. over 3 years ago
Underrated EP, one of my favourites from 1992, had it been a white label everybody would have been after it
Leftfield - Release The Pressure
submitted Leftfield - Release The Pressure. over 3 years ago
Opus III - Megatrax
posted a comment on Opus III - Megatrax. over 3 years ago
Is this b side "It's A Fine Day" or is it "Evolution Rush" (Urban Shakedown Mix)? I can't find an Urban Shakedown mix of "It's A Fine Day" anywhere on the net.
Blame - Feel The Energy
posted a comment on Blame - Feel The Energy. over 3 years ago
This cd is fuc*ed, the last time I played it tracks 8 and 9 sounded awfully bad
Sound Corp.* - Regentime Part II
posted a comment on Sound Corp.* - Regentime Part II. over 3 years ago
good track but after comparing both "parts II" I'd rather stick to "The Sequel" from the "Spirit EP", the last 2:30 minutes of that mix are pure evil
2 Bad Mice - Kaotic Chemistry
posted a comment on 2 Bad Mice - Kaotic Chemistry. over 3 years ago
more facts about this release: Tribal Revival is actually the 2 Bad Mice Remix that was released on the 8" and 10" remix ep. Mass Confusion is not Rufige Kru Remix nor the Test Press Mix from the ultralimited Shadow 26 test press but a different mix... See full review
Mesopotamia (2) - Vaffanculo
posted a comment on Mesopotamia (2) - Vaffanculo. over 3 years ago
menuda basura por dios jajajaja more words words words words